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   Chapter 14 Pay The Price

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration By Diewu Pianpian Characters: 3614

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"How did you take care of Esther? Look at her wounds. You know that Erica is a bad woman, but you didn't send someone to protect her!" Tina stamped her feet and scolded him in a half coquettish and half reproachful tone. She pouted and looked like a cute little girl with reproachful eyes. She didn't look angry at all.

Esther knew how deep Tina loved Iwan. They grew up together and the two families had long wanted them to marry each other. However, Tina was too young in the past and Iwan didn't say anything about marriage, so they hadn't engaged until now.

"I'll be careful in the future." Iwan stared at Esther with a rare serious expression on his face.

They talked about Carl for a while. Esther didn't know anything about Carl. Seeing that she couldn't get the private secrets of Carl who was only heard in the rumors, Tina felt discouraged. Then she changed the subject and talked about Esther's future plan.

"Esther, what are you going to do? Will you find a job or start your own business? If you need money, just ask me." Tina patted her own chest.

Esther had just been released from prison, so she hadn't made a good plan for the future. She majored in fashion design when she was in the university. For a rich family like the Li family, what she studied was just an interest. She didn't need to be too serious about it.

Would she apply to be a fashion designer?

"If you don't mind, I have a company under my name that needs a design director. You can have a try." Iwan suddenly suggested, "I remember that you majored in fashion design, and your major is just right for that position. You can work there and accumulate your experience."

"Well..." It was not that Esther didn't want to accept this offer, but she didn't want to owe Iwan too much.

"Don't hesitate. Yo

u can pay him back when you get rich. Maybe he will ask you for help in the future." Tina hurriedly echoed. Esther had been in prison before. If she went to apply for a job seriously, she would definitely run into a brick wall and take a lot of detours.

Knowing that Tina said it on purpose to make her accept it, Esther was slightly moved. She held Tina's hand and said, "Thank you, Tina." Then she looked at Iwan and said, "Thank you too." She wouldn't talk big about repaying him. If she could really achieve something, it wouldn't be too late to repay him.

"Oh, Esther has become a strong woman in the workplace. Please take care of me in the future!" Tina cheered. She pouted and said with admiration, "I'm so jealous of you. I want to go to work, but my father doesn't agree at all. It's so humiliating."

"Are you 23 years old? You don't need to go to work. Just wait for your marriage." Esther smiled and glanced at Iwan meaningfully.

Hearing this, Tina blushed and cast a shy glance at handsome and gentle Iwan. Her heart almost jumped out of her throat.

The two families had long acquiesced in their relationship. The Zhuo family had also treated Tina as their daughter-in-law, and she was well prepared to become Iwan's wife.

Frowning, Iwan felt a little resistant in his heart. He only had brother and sister affection for Tina, and he didn't like the kind of girl who was pure and fragile and needed to be taken care of. His eyes moved slightly, and he looked at Esther. The next second, his chest suddenly became hot.

Esther decided to go to work in the company mentioned by Iwan after she recovered. She wanted to test her ability first and practice it slowly. Every dog has its day. One day, she would make Erica, Murphy and the Li family pay the price they deserved!

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