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   Chapter 12 He Is Plotting Against Her

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration By Diewu Pianpian Characters: 3501

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He strode forward, grabbed his collar and threw him out of the ward like throwing a chick. He slammed the door and said in a cold voice, "Spenser, kick him out of the hospital. If he dares to come in again, break his legs."

Spenser received the order and dragged Murphy away.

"Thank you, Mr. Quan." Esther looked at him gratefully.

"For the sake of helping you get rid of a trouble, call me Carl." He picked up the peeled apple and handed it to Esther, saying concisely, "Eat it."

"Oh, thank you." Esther took the apple uneasily. She hated his commanding tone most, but when she saw the sweet apple in his hand, she did not feel disgusted at all.

Carl sat down again, with his hands crossed over his chin, in a lazy and leisurely posture. Esther glanced at him, and found that there was such a kind of person in the world who was always the most shining and dazzling star even if he said nothing and did nothing, or was submerged in the crowd.

"Mr. Quan... Carl, may I ask if I have seen you before?" Esther took a bite of the apple and called his name uncomfortably. She wanted to ask him on the road earlier. The way he looked at her made her feel familiar, as if they had met before.

"Yes." Hearing that, the light in Carl's eyes darkened. He nodded under the curious gaze of Esther. After a pause, he added, "Maybe you've seen me in the newspaper."

He didn't want to help her recall what happened in the rainy night four years ago. He hoped that she could remember it by herself.

Newspaper? The prison had a regular free time in the yard every week, and they could also watch TV and newspapers. However, they could only watch CCTV news on TV, and read the local newspapers of A City.

Carl Quan... While she was recit

ing the name in her heart, she suddenly remembered something. "You are one of the big four in A city? The second son of the Quan family, Carl Quan?" In her impression, it was only in the past two years that Carl stood out. When she was the eldest daughter of the Li family, she had never heard of such a person. He was like a star that suddenly lit up. He was not eye-catching before, but suddenly lit up the whole star river, and became the most dazzling one.

It turned out to be the Quan family. Even the Li family was a noble family, they couldn't afford to offend the Quan family.

How could such a powerful man save her again and again? Did he really do it two times by accident or was he up to something? Esther believed in the latter, but on second thought, she was as poor as a beggar, who had been in jail. What did she have to be coveted?

The vigilance in her eyes was obvious to Carl. The reason why he didn't dare to get too close to her at once was that he was worried about this. He had thought that after he helped her two times, her vigilance against him would decrease, but he didn't expect that it would still be like this.

"Have a good rest. I have something to do. I'm leaving now." Knowing that it was not appropriate to get close to her now, the best way was to retreat for the sake of advancing. With no emotional fluctuation on his cold face, Carl stood up and left the ward after saying that.

His cold voice and expressionless handsome face were the same as the first time she saw him. The vigilance in her heart slowly decreased. Maybe he was really just being kind. She had nothing to do with him before, and now she had nothing. Why would the prominent figure of the powerful Quan family plot against her?

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