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   Chapter 10 Murphy's Visit

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration By Diewu Pianpian Characters: 3632

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Carl stopped and touched her cold forehead as if nothing had happened. He coughed and asked, "Did you have a nightmare?"

"…… It's you?" Esther recognized him. "Did you save me?"

Carl nodded without saying anything. He noticed the vigilance and doubt in her eyes. As expected, she would say thank you politely next.

"I'm sorry that you saved me again. I really don't know how to thank you." As expected, she said so. Carl was a little helpless.

Since he didn't say anything, and Esther didn't know how to continue. There was a weird and embarrassing atmosphere in the ward.

"Well... How did you happen to save me twice?" She couldn't stand him looking at her, so she forced herself to start another topic.

"I saw it on the way to send you the compensation fee." Carl's dark and deep eyes stared at her for a long time, and his throat was a little dry. The feeling that she was very close to him but felt that she was far away came back.

"I see." Esther nodded, but she didn't believe it. A man like him was so busy every day that he didn't even have time to rest. How could he specially come to her for the compensation fee?

"How much is the medical fee? I'll give it back to you." She didn't want to owe anyone, especially a stranger.

"I've already deducted it from your compensation fee. There's still some money left." Carl gave her a card and said, "The password is 000000."

There was still some money left? How much did this man extort from that fat man? Esther was surprised.

Since it was compensation for her, she accepted it with ease. She put the bank card under the pillow, looked up at Carl sincerely and thanked him, "Mr. Quan, thank you very much."

How many thanks did she say to him today? The expression on Carl's face didn't change, but he felt bitter in his heart.

Shaking his head, he sat on the sofa next to her, took an apple from the fruit plate and began to peel it.

His fingers were slender and powerful. A simple and ordinary movement of his was very beautiful and charming, like a vivid picture scroll, pleasing to the eyes.

Esther was in a daze staring at him. Suddenly, a knock on the door pulled her back to reality. She cleared her throat and said, "Come in, please."

The smile on her face disappeared as soon as she saw the person. She coldly stared at Murphy, who walked in with a bunch of lily flowers in his arms, and said in a cold voice like the cold wind, "Mr. Ye, you don't have to come in, in case of polluting the air."

"Esther, I'm here to check if you are fine." With a gentle smile on his handsome face, Murphy walked over affectionately as before and asked in a caring tone, "Are you feeling better?"

"You don't deserve to ask." Esther tried her best to suppress her anger. If she didn't know who sent people to beat her like this, she would be a complete fool.

Except for her narrow-minded, shameless and disgusting sister, who else could it be?

"I'm here to apologize to you on behalf of Erica." Murphy, in a beige suit with lily flowers in his arms, looked like a handsome hero on TV. He looked at the hanging legs of Esther and said painfully, "I really didn't know that Erica would do such a thing to you. Can you forgive her? Look, I've brought your favorite lily. Let me help you arrange it, okay?"

As he spoke, he took out the flowers from the vase on the bedside table and changed them into the lily he brought.

"Fuck off! Murphy, shame on you! I used to think you were dirty and shameless, but I didn't expect you to be so cheeky now!" Esther reached out her hand and swept the vase down, breaking it into pieces.

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