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   Chapter 9 Confusion

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After a short while, the doctor came out and said, "Mr. Quan, this lady is fine. There is only skin trauma on her body, but her head is broken. She needs stitches. Her shank is cracked, and she needs a cast."

Carl stubbed out the cigarette butt and said lightly, "Hurry up."

The doctor nodded, turned around and walked into the ward, starting to sew up the wound.

When Esther woke up, her eyes went blank and her brain was buzzing. She groaned. The nurse beside her quickly came over and greeted with concern, "Miss Li, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Am I in the hospital? Who sent me here?" Esther recognized her white gown.

The nurse nodded, "It's Mr. Quan who sent you here."

"Mr. Quan?" Esther frowned. She didn't remember this name, but there was a powerful Quan family in A City, which had been passed down for many years.

"Don't you know Mr. Quan?" The nurse asked curiously, "I think Mr. Quan is very nervous about you. He left after confirming that you are fine."

Esther shook her head. She pressed her temples, only to find that there was a bandage wrapped around her head. She asked in a daze, "Am I seriously injured?"

"There are bruises all over your body, but the back side of your head is broken, and there is even a slight fracture in your leg." The nurse replied.

Esther moved her leg and found that her left leg had been plastered and hung up. She was a little depressed. "How much is it in total? I'll pay the money later."

"No, you don't have to. Mr. Quan is one of the shareholders of this hospital. You can rest assured to recuperate." The nurse said enviously.

Esther felt a headache and was impatient to talk to her anymore. She nodded and closed her eyes. When Mr. Quan came, she would pay him back the medical fees.

Seeing that she didn't want to talk more, the nurse sat aside and read a magazine.

After closing her eyes and pretending to be asleep for a few minutes, an idea suddenly flashed through Esther's mind. The situation before she passed out rushed into her mind. She remembered that she seemed to see the black off-road vehicle. Was that mysterious man Mr. Quan that the nurse mentioned?

If it was a coincidence that she was hit, then why did Mr. Quan save her again? The first time was a coincidence, but what about the second time? And how did he know that she was beaten? Was he following her all the time?

Thinking too much, she felt a sharp pain in her head again. She frowned and tried to get rid of all the messy thoughts. She had a good rest without any distracting thoughts, so she fell asleep by accident.

As soon as Carl entered the ward, he saw that Esther was sleeping with her head tilted to one side. Her sleeping face was pure and beautiful, and the corners of her mouth were curled up. She was like a child, as if she was going to grasp something, stubborn and naive.

It was the Esther in his memory. Even though she had changed a lot after three years, she was still his Esther.

He tiptoed to the bed and gazed at her gentle and beautiful face. His eyes slowly moved down and fell on her pale lips. Somehow, he slowly lowered his head.

Esther had a dream. She knelt on the cold concrete ground, with a fierce female prisoner pressing her head, and another woman splashing cold water into her neck. Her body trembled violently, and she suddenly woke up from the dream with a scream.

Before Carl's lips touched hers, he saw her screaming and waking up, with cold sweat on her forehead and boundless fear and hatred in her eyes.

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