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   Chapter 7 How Dare You Touch My Woman

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After nearly an hour of massage and physical therapy, the doctor asked with concern whether Esther would like him to send her home. She shook her head and refused, but felt a little comforted in her heart. After walking out of the clinic, she leaned against the white poplar on the roadside. When she was about to get into the building, she glimpsed several fierce and strong men coming towards her. They were all wearing black vests and trousers. The leader had a scar on his face, and the tiger tattoo on his arm was lifelike.

Esther's heart beat faster. Her sixth sense told her that these people are coming for her. She wanted to run, but the sprained wound on her foot twitched. She screamed in pain and fell to the ground involuntarily.

A big piece of skin was rubbed on her palm, and more seriously, her calf seemed to be cracked. She fell to the ground, so painful that she had no strength to cry, and she groaned sorely.

After a while, those people quickly walked up to her and looked down at her. The leader looked at her up and down and said, "It's her! Beat her!"

Esther had no time to look up at the man, and then they swarmed up, punching and kicking her on the back, and someone directly hit her on the head.

As she cried for help, she covered her head with her hands. The pain overwhelmed her. Someone kicked her belly, and the smell of blood spread in her mouth. Her vision blurred, and the surrounding scenery gradually became unclear. She could not feel anything except pain.

Some passers-by stopped, but when they saw those men who were obviously lawbreakers, they were all timid and only looked at them in shock, not daring to stand out.

Esther spat out a mouthful of blood and thought sadly, 'if I was beaten to death here, would someone help me collect my corpse?'

When her consciousness was about to disappear, she seemed to see the familiar black off-road vehicle. She tried to blink her eyes and wanted to see it more clearly, but a warm liquid flowed down and blocked her sight.

As soon as the meeting was over, Carl simply dealt with the fatty's matter and rushed over. He didn't expect to see this scene.

Several men punched and kicked around a petite woman. If it weren't for the

white skirt corner, he would never have thought that the woman lying on the ground was Esther.

He immediately asked Spenser to stop the car. Before the car stopped, Carl rushed out, like a furious god, with cold malicious aura all over his body. He untied the two buttons at his collar as he walked. Spenser looked at furious Mr. Quan with concern, shook his head sympathetically, and dialed a number to find out who sent those people to beat Miss Li.

After working with Mr. Quan for a long time, Spenser could guess his thoughts.

"Brat, you'd better not meddle in what you shouldn't, or you will die without knowing how." One of the strong men who Esther found Carl. Perhaps it was because the murderous aura around his body was too terrifying that his threat was somewhat fierce in appearance but timid in nature.

A bloodthirsty smile appeared on the corners of Carl's mouth, and his black eyes were as deep as the bottom of hell. He stared at this fearless hooligan, and his cold voice sounded like the ice and snow in the cold winter. "Who gives you the courage to touch my woman? None of you can run away today!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Carl suddenly hit his chin with a left hook. The sound of bones breaking could be clearly heard, and the man had been knocked down to the ground while he was screaming.

Seeing this, the others immediately stopped beating Esther, and turned to Carl, waving their fists at him.

He kicked all of them away with great strength in a split second.

He raised his fist and punched them in rage. The wind of his fist was whistling.

Carl was taller than these men, and his perfect figure hidden under the shirt of suit pants contained an immeasurable explosive power. He had learned fighting and grappling skills since childhood, and in the past few years, he had been diligent in all kinds of fighting skills, so he made these hooligans unable to get up just with a few simple moves.

He didn't even bother to look at the people lying on the ground and groaning in pain. He walked to Esther, bent down and lifted her up. Seeing that her pale face was covered with blood, he took a few deep breaths and finally suppressed the idea of killing these people immediately.

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