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   Chapter 6 What A Stubborn Girl!

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'Oh my God! My feet seem to have sprained.' After taking so many steps, Esther's forehead was full of sweat because of the pain.

Zoe quickly got out of the car to help her come over. Esther gritted her teeth and endured the pain. When she was about to thank the mysterious man in the off-road vehicle, the window was rolled down a little. She could see what was happening in the car, but no one else could see it.

In the car, there was a hint of imperceptible fluctuation on Carl's cold face.

Esther was taken aback. She looked at the man in front of her and felt that she might know him before. Although this man was so handsome that she had to be amazed, she knew many rich and handsome men before, and she also knew many famous stars. His features were not delicate and handsome, but very manly. He was sharp and hard, and his eyes were cold. There was an invisible pressure when he looked at people, which belonged to the people who occupied a high social position. He must be used to looking down upon others haughtily.

"You..." Esther was a little surprised and uncertain. She was sure that this person had a strong background. With a lot of thoughts, she put on a sincere and polite expression and thanked him with the most conventional two words, "thank you."

"Get in the car. I'll take you to the hospital." With his nose high, Carl pursed his thin lips and looked straight at Esther. He wanted to make his tone as gentle as possible, but his eternal arrogance was deep in his bones. Noticing the tension in her eyes, he was a little annoyed.

"No, thanks." There were too many things in the man's eyes that she couldn't understand, and naturally she didn't want to understand either. In particular, his non-negotiable tone gave her a strong sense of pressure. She just wanted to stay away from this dangerous man as soon as possible. "I can go to the hospital by myself."

Shaking his eyes, Carl estimated the time he had wasted here, so he didn't insist. He just nodded and said, "You're seriously injured. You'd better go to the hospital as soon as possible. The medical fees will be sent to your place later."

She was really so short of money, and it was not good to bother Iwan about this kind of thing. Naturally, she would not refuse him hypocritically. She thanked him again, "Than

k you very much."

Carl sighed. She was very close to him, but he felt that there was a wide gap between them. The reason why he didn't tell her his identity directly was that he didn't want to frighten her. He knew her past life very well, and he also knew how stubborn she was now. When he had the ability to help her get out of that living hell ahead of time, but she was so tough and refused.

Her heart had built a high wall, and it was impossible to break it overnight.

What a stubborn girl!

Enduring the pain, Esther slowly turned around and left. She didn't know that the moment she turned around, the emotions surged out from the eyes of Carl. He stared at her thin back with deep eyes, and felt inexplicable.

He had his way of conquering everyone, including his stubborn father. He could forcefully suppress him and finally let him recognize him. However, he didn't dare to be a little casual to Esther, fearing that he would only push her further and further if he was not careful.

"Mr. Quan, why don't you tell Miss Li what happened four years ago?" Spenser had never seen Mr. Quan so cautious, so he couldn't help but ask.

Esther's back was gradually invisible in the crowd, but Carl was reluctant to take his eyes back. He glanced at Spenser coldly with an expressionless face, and Spenser's heart trembled. He knew that he had crossed the line. How could he guess what Mr. Quan was thinking?

He had been working for Mr. Quan for nearly ten years. How could he make such a stupid mistake?

Esther didn't want to be the focus of public attention. She refused the help of several kind-hearted people and limped away. Since the man had said that the medical fees would be sent, in his identity, he disdained to break his promise.

She took a taxi casually. She remembered that Iwan had told her that there was a clinic not far from the apartment. She could go there to see a doctor.

When she arrived at the destination and paid the fare, she remembered that she didn't give the man her phone number and address. How could she get the medical fees? A bitter smile appeared on her face. Maybe it was because she had been humiliated for a long time that she was not used to contacting strangers and became ineloquent. Especially when there were too many people, she felt insecure.

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