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   Chapter 5 Deterrence

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration By Diewu Pianpian Characters: 3802

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"Who are you? It was her who hit my car first. I should have asked her for the repair fee." The fatty took a look at the car and was secretly shocked. This car was obviously very expensive. His Audi was just a shabby car compared to it.

Realizing that the owner of the car was extraordinary, the fatty's tone softened a lot. Apparently, he did not dare to offend this man.

"The surveillance video can tell who is right and who is wrong." Completely ignoring his question, the man's voice was low and magnetic, but the coldness in his tone was inexplicably dangerous.

"But I'm going to take her to the hospital for examination now. I don't have time to watch the video with you. Later, the director of the Transportation Bureau and my lawyer will watch it with you slowly!" His casual and cold tone made everyone present take a deep breath.

"The director of the Transportation Bureau? Lawyer..." The fatty's face turned pale. This man was so arrogant. Who the hell was he?

The fatty was sweating heavily. He just ran the red light and ran into someone. If he followed the fact, he would not only be punished, but also be sent to jail!

"Do you know who I am? Knowing the director of the Transportation Bureau is nothing to brag about... I know even more important people!" No matter how frightened the fatty was, he didn't want to show his timidity in front of so many people. He still tried to threaten Carl Quan in the off-road vehicle.

"Haha." It seemed that Carl Quan had heard a joke. "Aren't you just an owner of a small nightclub? If your dirty business under the table is exposed, see if the big shots you know will protect you."

How could he know that he ran a night club? Did he also know about his bath centers and bars? He even knew the illegal activities he was involved...

The fatty was paralyzed in the car with a deathly pale face.

"Stay here, or I'll sue y

ou for hit-and-run!" Seeing through the car window that Esther's face was pale with pain, Carl Quan could not help but get angry.

The people around saw that the owner of the off-road vehicle just said a few words and the previous arrogant fat man was scared to death. They began to discuss in a low voice, guessing his identity.

"Mr. Quan, I'm afraid your identity will be exposed if you do so." The driver, Spenser Lin, didn't think it was appropriate. In his opinion, it was just a piece of cake for Mr. Quan to ask his people to punish an insignificant person. Why did he bother to do it himself?

"I'm not that kind of person who does good deeds without giving his name. I helped her without asking for return, but it's not too much to ask her to thank me." Gazing at Esther through the car window, Carl Quan said in a relatively warm voice.

Spenser Lin sighed in his heart. Mr. Quan could be cruel to anyone, and he didn't care about anyone. However, he couldn't be indifferent to Esther's matter. He guessed that Mr. Quan chose to speak immediately, probably because he didn't want Esther to suffer any more grievances, and he couldn't wait to help her out.

"Go and help her get in the car." He had to attend an important confidential meeting later. It was really inconvenient for him to show up in public now.

"Yes, sir."

The passers-by whispered to each other, and the fat driver's face was as pale as death. There were countless doubts in Esther's heart, but she quickly suppressed her curiosity. After three years of living at the bottom of the society, she understood that curiosity could kill the cat, especially when it came to such powerful people. If she got curious, she was even indirectly courting death.

Maybe it was just a whim. The man thought she was pitiful and did it out of sympathy... With one hand on her waist, she limped to the off-road vehicle.

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