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   Chapter 4 Abuse

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How dare he mock her! Let's wait and see!

"You can scold me if you want. There is no reason." Esther shrugged her shoulders indifferently. Seeing that Murphy stood still, she frowned and squeezed out from his side, not touching a corner of his clothes.

She would rather have her bones broken than have any contact with this dirty and shameless man.

After walking a few steps, she suddenly heard Murphy's low voice calling her, "Esther, you..."

Ignoring his words, she went out without looking back. Standing in the sunny sky, she took a deep breath and felt that the depression piled up in her chest decreased a lot.

She walked a long way to the main street.

Her only best friend, Tina, was grounded at home, but she still cared about where she could stay. So she begged her brother's friend, Iwan Zhuo, to help Esther. As the successor of the Zhuo Group, when Iwan came to visit Esther, he gave her a key to his apartment and told her to stay as long as she liked.

There were so many people in the street, and there were always streams of people coming and going. Esther waited patiently for the red light to change. Just as she stepped on the zebra crossing, an Audi suddenly rushed to her before she took one more step!

The driver braked in a hurry and she dodged in panic, but the front of the car hit her waist. Her legs were unstable and she fell to the ground.

"Who are you! Are you in a hurry to be reincarnated! I've only seen a car hit people. It's the first time I've seen a person hit a car. If you want to die, just jump into the river or hang yourself. Don't hit my car. What a bad luck!" As soon as the car stopped, the owner of the car rolled down the window and poked his head out. He scolded Esther harshly.

"Sir, I think you are mistaken... Ouch..." With one hand on her waist and the other on the ground, she tried to stand up. The pain on her waist made her gasp. She explained, "The light is green now, and I'm standing on the zebra crossing. You ran the red light, so you hit me!"

"What are you talking about? When I drove over, the lig

ht in front of me was green. You tried to cross the road without looking around!" The driver was a fat man with a ferocious face. He broke out into curses and said all kinds of filthy words, "Get out of here as soon as possible, or I will ask you to pay for the repair. I am being kind to you!"

The farce attracted a lot of passers-by to watch. Everyone discussed about the fat man and Esther, and some people went to help Esther stand up and comforted her in a low voice, but most of them just wanted to watch the fun.

The impact was so heavy that Esther felt that her waist was almost broken. She felt a sharp pain as she pressed it with her hand. The accident had nothing to do with her. She couldn't bear it and argued, "I remember there are cameras here. If you don't admit it, let's go to the police station to reason. I believe the people's police will give me justice!"

"You are courting death!" The fat driver had something urgent to deal with. As soon as he drove over, the green light turned red. He gritted his teeth and rushed over. He didn't expect that Esther would cross the road and bump into his car!

In this world, the rich were always in control, and the poor could only suffer. The fat man stared at her with an unfriendly look, and ignored many people who were watching, blatantly threatening, "Get out of here, or I will make you suffer!"

Several kind-hearted people who supported Esther whispered in her ears, asking her to calm down. It was better to suffer a little than to get into big trouble.

Looking at the overt threat in the driver's eyes, Esther smiled bitterly. She suddenly realized that she was a single person who had no money and power and had been in jail. What could she do even if she reported this to the police? The final result of the matter was likely to be unsettled.

"In my opinion, it is you who got into trouble today!" At this time, a black off-road vehicle slowly stopped beside the Audi. The back window was only half rolled down, and a cold and emotionless male voice slowly floated into the ears of the fat driver.

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