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   Chapter 3 Showy Relationships Don't Last

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration By Diewu Pianpian Characters: 4231

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Esther held the money in her hands and played with it with her fingers. She stared at them with lazy eyes, without a trace of neither sorrow nor fear.

"By the way, your shaky past would make it hard for you to get a job. How about I ask Grandpa and Dad to let you work for our family company, sister? You won't have to worry about your living costs then," Erica said. Her generous offer only underlined Esther's current plight. That was exactly what she was trying to do, to humiliate Esther in any way.

"Oh? Really?" Esther replied. She wanted to hear what more Erica wanted to show off.

"Grandpa and Dad have been busy planning our wedding. Even though Grandpa's old, he still insisted on planning the wedding. Sweetie, isn't he? Dad has been busy looking for a photographer. I feel sorry for him -- losing weight for all the trouble he's doing for us," Erica said. She let out a sigh, feeling touched for what her Grandpa and Dad had been doing for her.

"Murphy, here, is also busy. He's supposed to be at work today, but the wedding dress was sent here today. It was made from France and he wanted to fetch it himself to check if the dress matches my figure. He wanted to make sure I'd look my best at our wedding," Erica added. She then stared at Murphy with a shy smile, and her eyes shone like a little girl talking her crush.

"It isn't good for your relationship that you always brag about it. It wouldn't last and you would get tired of each other really soon. Showy relationships don't last," Esther sneered. "I don't mind listening to all the nonsense you're saying. But if what I said comes true, I will feel really sorry," she added.

Murphy stared at Esther with a pained look on his face. Esther was no longer the kind and weak girl she used to be.

The shy smile got stuck on Erica's face. She glared at Esther as hatred filled her eyes. 'What a bitch! You just can't stand to see that Murphy is happy with me, right? It's not my fault that you can't keep him by your side. You're with him for four years, but so what? I'm the one he chooses in the end.'

At the thought how Esth

er was jealous of her, Erica's anger slowly started to disappear. She wore a proud smile on her face. So what if Esther was cursing her relationship with Murphy? She still had him on her side, and soon enough, he would be her husband.

"Ms. Erica, are you finished showing off?" How could Esther not see what Erica had in her mind?

"Ugh! I'm done!" Erica was an educated lady. No matter what Esther said to her, she would never admit that she was showing off on purpose. She bit her lip, looked back at Esther, and said, "Why are you calling me Ms. Erica? I'm your sister. Your very own sister."

"Well, my dear sister, it's because you are the kind of person who pretends to be innocent and chaste when you are really a bitch," Esther said as she stared at Erica. She had a smile on her face that looked both polite and callous. Her teeth were grinding because of her anger. Each of her word was like a knife, stabbed right through Erica's hypocrisy.

"Here, take your dirty money back! Take it as my advance congratulatory gift for your divorce!" Esther shouted.

She quickly threw the two stacks of banknotes on Erica's face. The money flew all over the place.

Erica felt a sharp pain on her nose as the banknotes hit it. Her beautiful face turned deadly pale.

"Esther, you've gone too far!" Murphy stepped in front of Erica, and gently rubbed her back to calm her down.

'I've gone too far?' Esther sneered in her heart. Esther laughed as she felt that there was no need to say anything more. The man beside Erica had betrayed her, falling in love with another woman--her own sister, even. And now that Murphy witnessed the conflict between her and Erica, he chose to comfort Erica instead. She was completely disappointed in him.

As Esther glared at Murphy, she sarcastically said, "Excuse me, sir. I'm leaving."

"Esther! What did you meant by saying that? Are you going to treat me like that? You're looking down on me, aren't you?" Coming back to her senses, Erica let out an earth-shaking scream. Her nose tilted a little as she had just received a micro plastic surgery last month.

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