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   Chapter 2 Show Off

Surrender To CEO's Pure Adoration By Diewu Pianpian Characters: 3946

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Esther instinctively turned around to see where the voice was coming from. It was from a man coming out of a sports car. She didn't hear another word from him, as her mind went blank.

Murphy was dressed in a white suit with a striped tie. He looked outstanding in that suit, along with his handsome face, sleek eyebrows, gentle eyes, and tall stature. His eyes looked full of surprise, pain, and other mixed emotions when he saw Esther.

"Esther, I'm really sorry that I couldn't marry you. I'm marrying Erica. And the wedding will be held soon," Murphy said with a somber tone. Deep down, Murphy felt really sorry for Esther, but he couldn't do anything to change what was happening. He held Erica's waist as he told Esther, "You understand me really well, Esther. You know that my love for you was true, but Erica is now my true love. I'm in love with her. And I would like to ask for your blessing."

Trying to fight her tears back, Esther bit her lip tightly. She couldn't let Murphy and Erica see her in such a mess. Even though she lost everything, she must maintain her dignity.

However, the pain in her heart couldn't stop but spread to every part of her body.

She once believed that Murphy was her one true love, but now, it all seemed gone in an instant.

Erica handed over a thick envelope as saying, "You just came out of prison, and you don't have money. Promise us you'll attend our meeting. I'll even lend you money, so you won't have to come to our wedding empty-handed. Think of it as a compensation. After all, I failed to persuade Dad and he even kicked you out of the family..." Even though her words seemed sincere and pleasant, Esther couldn't help but feel sick. She didn't like the feeling of becoming Erica's charity case.

"You'll lend me money just to come to your wedding? As compensation?" Esther opened the envelope with a bitter smile on her face. She grabbed the banknotes and estimated its weight using her fingers. "Wow, m

ore than twenty thousand. You're so kind, Erica!"

Over twenty thousand for all her grievances for the past three years?

Over twenty thousand to give up her place in the Li family?

Over twenty thousand to hand her fiance over to Erica?

Did everything she had only sum up to twenty thousand?

How ridiculous!

Seeing that Esther was staring at the money, Erica flashed a sinister smile and said, "If you still think that's not enough, I still have..." She paused and then leaned on Murphy's arm. She laughed and fiddled with the diamond necklace around her neck.

Esther calmed herself down and, with a smile on her face, she said, "Are you going to say that you have more money?" She stretched out her hand that was covered with small scars. "Didn't you say that you would make it up to me? Then give it to me. Let's see how much our sisterhood is really worth."

Murphy looked at Esther with pitiful eyes. But at this moment, Esther only viewed him as a hypocritical man, no matter what!

Erica snorted at Esther. 'What a greedy phony!' However, Esther stood her ground and acted indifferent. At the thought that the once proud Esther became such pathetic and miserable right now, Erica was so pleased. If it weren't for the noble image that Erica was maintaining, she would burst out laughing.

What a disgraceful day Esther had had!

With a smile on her face, Erica took out another stack of banknotes from her bag, about twenty or thirty thousand more. She raised her chin, feeling proud of herself, and gave the banknotes to Esther. She was looking forward to seeing Esther's face be filled with gratitude and happiness.

If Esther would become much more miserable, she would become more distant to Erica. That way, Erica would seem nobler than before. Esther didn't even deserve to be compared to her anymore.

Erica was in such a good mood. For her, there was nothing more enjoyable than watching Esther living a poor and pathetic life.

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