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   Chapter 97 Never Come Back To Li City Again

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Tangye Wanzi Characters: 10377

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As soon as Stacie opened the door and saw the person standing outside, her face suddenly changed. She had thought that Andrew forgot to bring something with him, so he returned to take it, but she didn't expect that it would be Margot.

After all, this place was inconspicuous. She didn't expect that one day, Margot would come to her.

After all, Stacie was too young to hide her emotions. At that time, many expressions were shown on her face, including surprise, astonishment, and many other expressions. But soon, she restrained her emotions and calmed herself down.

There seemed to be two emotions fighting in her heart, and in the end, one of them won. She calmed down, took a slight breath, and suppressed the surging in the bottom of her heart. She still looked indifferent, and her voice was cold but somewhat pleasant. "Mrs. Margot! Why are you here?"

In fact, Margot had wanted to come here yesterday, but she had talked a lot with Andrew last night. Andrew refused to break off the engagement with Stacie. Margot was an old woman now, except for the TY International Group, she would not care about anything else. As for the TY International Group, she had planned for many years, and it was impossible for it to fall short in the end.

Since Andrew didn't agree, she had to find Stacie.

"Miss Stacie, don't you invite me in?" Now that Margot had come to visit, but she was still arrogant. This time, she came with the housekeeper, Clay.

Margot didn't remember where she had seen Stacie for a while, but Clay recognized Stacie at a glance. She was Allen's fiancee five years ago.

At that time, for the sake of this woman, Allen was willing to sever their relationship and help the Tong family.

In the past, the Tong family was a shareholder of the TY International Group, and Stacie's father was the chief designer of the TY International Group.

It had been five years, Clay had never thought that he would meet Stacie here, let alone that she had married Andrew.

What did it mean? It was impossible for him not to have a sense of crisis. After what happened in the past, he could not still take a fluke.

On the contrary, his eyes were fixed on Stacie, and he didn't take his eyes off her at all. It was impossible for Stacie not to feel it. She took a look at this man. To be honest, Clay was not a very eye-catching man, at least he was not conspicuous in the crowd.

Even if he didn't make a sound, people could ignore his existence. But this kind of person was the most dangerous.

Although Stacie had never seen him or had any connections with him, she instinctively felt that this man was very dangerous.

Perhaps it was because the woman was vigilant innately, or perhaps it was something else, she didn't think too much. She leaned sideways and said, "Mrs. Margot, please!"

In fact, Stacie knew clearly that they came here with ulterior motives.

But she had no choice. She couldn't drive them out since they had come to visit her. Now that Andrew had decided to marry her and her real identity had been made public, she couldn't drive them out agai

y's face had been gloomy. He stared at Stacie for a long time without saying a word.

After a long time, although Margot was not calm, she was still a powerful woman in front of Stacie. Before everything was settled, Margot didn't want to be against with Stacie for the time being. Things would be worse if Stacie kept pestering Andrew.

The divorce must be solved as soon as possible without any delay.

When Stacie divorced Andrew, Margot would have more chances to deal with Stacie. Stacie was just a young girl. Margot didn't believe that Stacie could take on her. When Margot calmed down, her eyes flashed with a fierce light. "Then what do you think?"

She said slowly, as if every word had been weighted for a long time.

The atmosphere in the room was a little weird, as if it was suppressed by something.

However, Stacie's eyes were calm all the time. She looked at Margot boldly. After a while, she smiled again, which made her more stunning. "Is it possible for me to make any request?"

"As long as you are willing to leave Andrew and divorce him, I will try my best to satisfy you whatever you want!" Margot had boasted about what she could do this time. She was so anxious about what had happened in the past two days that her mouth was about to blister because of anxiousness.

The smile on Stacie's face disappeared. She was fiddling with the tea set, revealing the jade bracelet on her wrist. It was an extremely beautiful bracelet, beautiful and tight, revealing a corner, but it seemed to be of good quality. Moreover, with Stacie's family background, she couldn't afford such a bracelet, and the wrist set off by the bracelet was like a pure jade, beautiful and attractive.

She shook the teacup in her hand, and the tea in it fluctuated, like a life of ups and downs. She took a sip of the tea, and after the bitterness on the tip of her tongue dissipated, she opened her mouth. Her voice was clear and indifferent.

She glanced at Margot and said word by word, "I want all the shares of the TY International Group in your hand!"

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