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   Chapter 96 Substitute

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Davis went to buy food for the family every day, but today, Jean got up early and went to the market to buy vegetables. She said that Davis had been working hard these days and she would cook breakfast for him today.

Since Jean married into the Tong family, she had been a woman who didn't touch any housework at all. Hearing what Jean said, Davis was a little flattered. He refused her several times, but he had no other choice but accept it. He had to let her do whatever she wanted.

However, he had been very nervous. He was afraid that Jean would do something crazy again.

As expected, as soon as Jean entered the room, she threw the basket on the table and said with a long face, "What the hell? Didn't she come to flatter us when we are having a good life? Now, as soon as something happened to Stacie, all of them are acerbic. Even though I sold Stacie to the club, so what? She met Andrew because of this.

Now she is Andrew's wife, the wife of the CEO of the TY International Group. Speaking of this, I think she still has to thank me. Without me, she can't know Andrew, nor can she become a lady of a rich family. This heartless girl. She hasn't come back to visit us after getting married for so long. I have raised her for so many years! What an ungrateful girl!" The more Jean said, the angrier she became. At last, she shouted at her husband, "It's all your fault. Look at your niece. Is she ungrateful? I've raised her for several years. Now she's so rich, but she doesn't think of me at all!"

Davis didn't say anything. He had heard such words for many times. As time went by, he was used to it.

He habitually took out a box of cigarettes from his arms, lit one, and took a puff deeply. It seemed that only the smell of nicotine could relieve his sadness.

Over the years, Stacie had suffered a lot. Now that she married into the Duan family, but he really didn't know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. He hoped that God could help Stacie this time and stop making things difficult for her.

"You, look at me. We have been together for so many years, and we haven't had a day of happiness. Why are you so coward? Get up quickly and go to find Stacie. Tell her that you are short of money now and ask her to give you some money back!" Jean had planned to do so, but she didn't want to beat around the bush because of what happened to Stacie.

Davis raised his head and looked at Jean. Perhaps it was because she was old, or perhaps it was because she had been addicted to gambling for years, the woman became more and more unreasonable and strange. "Jean, Stacie might have her own difficulties to marry into the Duan Family. Why are you still asking for money from her?"

"Why should I feel embarrassed? All these years, she ate and drank for free in my house, and I took care of her brother. Why should I feel embarrassed? Besides, her father died, and her mother ran away with someone. Shouldn't she be filial to me?"

Davis was more and more disappointed with this woman. He stubbed out the cigarette and threw it into

o Stacie's mother. However, the eyes of Stacie were a little exotic and thick like ink, and Evelyn's eyes were lighter, which was the biggest reason why the two sisters looked different.

"Mom, I can help you this time, but I'm still a student!" Evelyn took a wad of money from her bag and gave it to her. Jean took the money with joy on her face, "Evelyn, I know it. You are my sweet girl."

Evelyn didn't know what kind of feeling was flowing slowly in her heart. The grievances she had suffered these two days were magnified infinitely at this moment, but there were some things she couldn't tell, even the closest person to her.

"You are not allowed to look for Stacie in the future. No matter how poor our family is, we don't need her fake kindness!" For some reason, Evelyn added this sentence with a slight coldness, and even her eyes were frozen.

Jean nodded and agreed.

After her daughter left, Jean took the large pile of money and grinned ear to ear. It was a fair deal to raise a daughter!

When Evelyn walked out of her house and out of the community, she saw an extremely low-key and somewhat mysterious commercial vehicle on the opposite side of the road. The black light attracted the attention of some nearby people.

Evelyn gritted her teeth. Some bad scenes flashed through her mind, and her face darkened. But she still obediently walked over.

As soon as she arrived at the car, the door opened automatically. A cold male voice said, "Get in the car!"

Evelyn got in the car obediently, but the man let her get out again. "Go forward, turn around and let me have a look!"

Evelyn had no choice but to obey. The man's eyes swept over her body like fire, and a greedy light flashed in his eyes. It was true. Only in this way could she look like Stacie, not Evelyn as he saw.

"Get in the car!" Finally, he had enough of it and said mercifully.

It was impossible for Evelyn not to know what had happened just now, so she hated Stacie to the core.

For this man, she was just a substitute of Stacie.

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