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   Chapter 95 You Deserve Any Rich Clan

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Tangye Wanzi Characters: 9648

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It was very quiet in the room. Stacie turned on the light, and it was warm and harmonious. The shadow of the light fell on the woman's face. Her face was originally small, which made her more delicate and angular.

Her eyes were dark and bright. It was rare to see such bright eyes. She looked at Amy, and for a moment, her eyes were somewhat empty. "Or what?"

"Stacie, you should be tough now. You are the legitimate wife of Andrew. You should teach her a lesson when that girl comes to make trouble for you and let her know that she can't flirt with other people's men!" Amy said. Amy was really worried that the temperament of Stacie would make her suffer losses in the future. How could Amy allow others to bully Stacie?

Besides, Andrew has said that Stacie is his wife. He even said that if there is anything wrong, no one could bully Stacie, and he would be fully responsible for it. When Amy heard the last sentence, she felt moved and sweet in her heart.

She didn't believe that Stacie wasn't moved at all.

A smile flashed across Stacie's eyes, but it was very light. It flickered through her face and soon disappeared. "This girl must be closed with Andrew. I saw her last time when we went to C City."

"What?" Amy was speechless.

"And they have a good relationship. Although I'm Andrew's wife now, the Duan family doesn't admit it. You should know that as an ordinary woman, there is no way I can marry into such a rich family."

"Don't belittle yourself, Stacie. Money and fame are nothing. You are such a good girl. You deserve any rich family." Said Amy. In her heart, Stacie was the best, and no other daughter of rich family could compare with her.

Maybe Amy had seen too much. Wealth and power was just like bubbles which would burst anytime. she suppress her impulse to sigh, but she still looked confident on the surface. "In my heart, you are the best. Stacie, I have told you, you can't look down upon yourself. Although Duan family is rich, it doesn't matter if Duan family doesn't admit you,As long as Andrew treats you well! Don't give up. If Duan family comes to you, don't flinch before they say anything, I tell you, no matter whether Duan family comes to you or not, you should be more determined at that time. You should seize such a good man as Andrew and don't miss him!"

Amy comforted Stacie, and the latter moved. She hadn't heard such heartfelt words for a long time.

It was true that wealth and power would disappear all of a sudden. Five years ago, she was also the apple in her father's eyes, and she had been a pampered daughter of a rich family in the past, but it was all over.

Life had its ups and downs. Why should she feel inferior to others?

That night, Andrew came back very late. Amy had been worried about Stacie, so she slept with her on the big bed together. The two chatted a lot and fell asleep soon.


sn't belong to you. But I'm selfish in my heart. Let me have him for a second, and have such Andrew for a while. Even it was a short time, it's enough.'

The two of them didn't say a word. They just breathed together. It was so hot, warming their hearts. Andrew felt that the little woman in his arms was quiet. No matter how tired he was, it was worth it. As long as the Stacie was fine, it didn't matter if he suffered a lot.

After breakfast, Andrew was going to the company. The stock price of the company had fallen sharply yesterday, so it was impossible for him not to go to the company. Moreover, there were several cooperative projects that needed to be hammered out. Although the gossip yesterday was not good for the company, it was temporary and would pass soon. Andrew didn't believe that he couldn't go through it.

Stacie also wanted to go to work, but Andrew refused, "No, you can have a good rest at home these two days. Colin hasn't returned to school yet. You can stay at home and accompany your brother more."

Stacie was a little reluctant, and Andrew couldn't help touching her hair. He lowered his voice and looked at her with rare tenderness. "Be good. Don't make me worry!"

After all, the rumors was not over yet. He didn't want Stacie to be affected by this matter again.

Amy was too clear about the destructive power of this kind of news to a woman, so she echoed, "Yes, Stacie. Anyway, I have asked for a leave today. Just stay at home and accompany me for one more day!"

In the end, Stacie didn't go to the company with Andrew. The three of them stayed at home, bored. Amy was playing a game with Colin. The two of them kept fighting on the computer. Stacie was bored and flipped through a book.

When she was absorbed in the sight, the doorbell suddenly rang. Stacie had no choice but to stand up to open the door, but when she saw the person standing outside, she was stunned.

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