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   Chapter 94 She Is His Legitimate Wife

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Tangye Wanzi Characters: 10355

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Andrew asked the driver to pick up Colin and send her directly to Amy.

Amy lived alone. She had planned to live with Stacie, but Stacie refused because Andrew didn't allow her to. Later, Amy chose a smaller house alone.

It was a small house with one bedroom and one living room, but the decoration was great. It could be seen that this was a girl who was very optimistic about life.

In fact, the temperament of Stacie was really different from that of Amy. The two were totally different. Amy was high-spirited and decisive, while Stacie was always gentle, soft, but tough.

Stacie looked cold and aloof on the surface, but she was an enthusiastic girl in her heart.

Amy was a lively and cheerful person, and the two different people were best friends.

After Colin came back, even if Stacie was in a low mood, she still had dinner with her brother. After dinner, Amy turned on the TV and watched the live broadcast.

In fact, she didn't have so much confidence in Andrew, mainly because she was not familiar with this man.

But when the man's words touched her heart word by word, she suddenly felt lucky that Stacie had met Andrew.

If it weren't for Andrew, Stacie couldn't get rid of this trauma.

And with Andrew, Stacie's life seemed to turn over a new leaf.

The three of them didn't say anything. Although Colin was a child, he was a smart boy. He clenched his fists and his expression was tense, making them jittery. After all, he was a child, smart as he was, he would not hide his emotions.

However, Stacie didn't respond. She didn't say anything, but sometimes she was expressionless and her mind went blank.

Although Stacie didn't want anyone close to her to know these things, especially Colin, she didn't want these dirty things to affect Colin's pure heart, there were some things that she couldn't control.

Colin looked at it and didn't ask Stacie why. He didn't even ask about the cause, process, and result.

In fact, it was a child's kindness. Colin might not be able to help Stacie too much, but he also understood that his sister did not want to talk about it at the moment, nor did she want to talk about the past. She did not want to mention it herself, nor did she want her family to mention it.

What Colin cared about was whether his sister was happy or not, and he was also concerned about Stacie like an adult. He had tried every means to take care of her, and Stacie felt warm in her heart. At least, she had Colin beside her, at least he was with her.

After the press conference, Amy checked Stacie's expression, but there was still no expression on her face. "Stacie, are you tired? Do you want to sleep for a while?"

"It's okay. I'm not tired." Stacie shook his head.

"Well, shall we go downstairs for a walk?" It's not a good idea to stay in the room all the time, so Amy proposed.

But it was impossible for Stacie to go out. Today's news had spread all over Li City, and Stacie didn't want to see anyone now, even if Andrew had held the press conference.

Stacie was moved, but she was more afraid. She was afraid that

t calmly. Moreover, she had met this little girl last time in C City.

Maybe this girl and Andrew were old friends, so this girl asked where she lived and came to her.

But now that things had happened, it was impossible for Stacie to pretend that she knew nothing. Since Andrew was going to announce their marriage to the public, whether his purpose was to protect her or not, he had to be responsible for it.

Essie was stung by Stacie's words, but she bit the bullet and said, "You seduced Andrew, or he wouldn't have abandoned Gracia. He is her fiance!"

Hearing what she said, Stacie finally understood something. It turned out that this girl was not Andrew's fiancee. She just wanted to stand up for others. But did it mean that this girl didn't have a feeling for Andrew?

Some people, in fact, could be seen through at a glance, but Stacie was reluctant to expose this girl's lie since it would only cause more trouble. Stacie calmed down, reached out her hand and patted on the back of Colin before she said, "No matter what your relationship with Andrew used to be, from now on, I am his wife. If you have any complaints, you can tell him, instead of throwing tantrums in front of me!

It's late now. You'd better go back!" After saying that, Stacie was about to go upstairs with Colin in her arms.

Seeing that she couldn't get any benefit, Essie was so angry that she stamped her feet and finally ran away.

However, Amy was not reconciled. What the hell! A mistress came to provoke the legal wife? She thought that Stacie was too gentle. If it were her, she would definitely torture this girl and let her know that not everyone could bully her at will!

After the two of them went upstairs and put Colin back to the bedroom, Stacie walked out of the bedroom. To be honest, she was really tired today. From the early morning to now, she had not rested for a moment. There was always a pressure in her mind, which was very tense.

Seeing that Stacie came out, Amy couldn't help but ask, "You just let it go? You just let that woman go?"

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