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   Chapter 93 You Are My Destiny

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Chang Du Characters: 9959

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Andrew's dark and thick eyelashes covered the emotions in his eyes, but his voice still revealed some ups and downs in his heart. "When you took this photo, I think you also noticed that the eyes of Stacie were actually scared and confused. She was at a loss about everything around her."

"Have you ever thought about why she was afraid and what kind of situation it was when you took these photos at that time?"

"You haven't verified it yet. It's unfair to convict her with just a few photos. You haven't considered what kind of environment it was back then. Was she voluntary to go that club or was she forced to do so?"

"You didn't think about all these, because you only care about the value of the news and your own profit. You even want to make the biggest sensation by taking advantage of these photos, so that your news will be more valuable, because the more people read the news, the more benefits you will have! Have you ever considered the impact on many people when you do this? It would even destroy a person!"

Speaking of this, he obviously felt a little excited, and there was a rising pain in his heart. He touched the middle of his eyebrows and secretly gritted his teeth, hinting himself to hold on!

When he raised his head again, he still looked cold, as if he had all the coldness in the world, but there were emotions surging in his eyes. "This photo was taken a year ago. You may ask me why I remember it so clearly. I am telling you the truth, because I was there at that time. I knew her at that time!"

Speaking of this, he might realized that he was too anxious. He paused for a moment, and his sexy Adam's Apple moved a little, and there was a trace of light in his charming eyes. He calmed down and continued, "Stacie has always been an excellent girl, both at work and at school. The teachers and colleagues around her will have the same opinion as mine."

"Her younger brother has always been in poor health since he was a child. As a girl, Stacie has been doing several part-time jobs since she was seventeen years old. She didn't take a day off in her work to support and raise her brother. Do you think it is possible for such a girl who is always independent and strong to do these dirty things for money?"

"If so, why didn't she do it five years ago? Her family suffered a major setback at that time, and her father died in an accident, and she and her brother became orphans overnight. But she didn't have such a plan to sell her body in the club at that time, so how could she do it now?"

"These photos were taken a year ago. At that time, her family sold her to the HY Club because of debts. As for who had sold her to the club, I won't point it out. I just want to prove that Stacie is not that kind of person."

"You may suspect what I said, but everyone present should know what kind of person I am. If you don't believe me, you can investigate. I have evidence to prove that Stacie was forced to do so. If you don't be

res on the market, but after a week, I will definitely take over all the shares!"

Andrew had always been a man of his word. One week was a limit. No matter what, he would prepare enough money. He was not worried about the stock, since TY International Group had been in this industry for so many years and had a firm foundation.

It was obviously unreasonable that such a small disturbance could destroy it.

No matter what the people behind the scenes wanted to do or what they did, he was not afraid. Just bring it on!

Margot was pissed off. Did Andrew discuss with her about this before making such important decisions? No. She was the chairman of the company, but he, as a president, spoke out these words without the approval of the chairman and the board of directors.

Moreover, he had indirectly offended the Qin Family by admitting his relationship with Stacie.

Did he ever think about what kind of problem the company would face? The company was working on a big project. If nothing went wrong, it would cost a large sum of money from the bank. What benefit would it bring to the company if they offended the Qin Family?

"How dare you! How dare you! Allen, go and ask Andrew to come here!" Margot shouted angrily. It was not a press conference, but the scene of Andrew's confession of love.

Margot didn't dare to answer the Qin Family's phone.

Of course, Allen had been watching from beginning to end. His eyes were as cold as ice. "I have something else to do!" He stood up, turned around and left the meeting room.

As soon as Margot saw Allen leave, she became more and more furious. She couldn't even control the two of them now!

Did these people take her as the chairman of the board seriously?

She took a deep breath to calm herself down and said, "Clay, go to the press conference right now. When Andrew comes out, ask him to come here. I'd like to see what he is going to do. Is he really not going to give up the TY International Group?"

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