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   Chapter 32 Change Her Fate One Day (Part Two)

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Tangye Wanzi Characters: 5483

Updated: 2020-07-23 00:03

It was said that the secretary for this selection was promoted from inside the company. It was said that the daughter of Mr. Fang was the president's secretary. It widely spread in the company, but Stacie didn't say anything. Amy got the news, and then asked Stacie about it. Stacie didn't say much, only said that she would go all out this time. She had mentally prepared for the worst and hoped for the best.

Amy applauded her good mentality.

When Stacie came back from the bathroom, she heard someone crying in the office. She then asked, "Iris, what's wrong? What happened?" She and Iris were colleagues and were hired by the company at the same time, so their relationship was better than others.

Iris was a straightforward girl. She didn't hide anything from Stacie. During the past two months in the Secretary Office, Iris had helped her a lot and sorted out a lot of useful gossip information. Therefore, Stacie was more concerned about Iris than others.

Iris' eyes turned red with tears. She looked pitiful and said, "Stacie, I'm going be fired!"

"What happened?" Stacie looked perturbed. Generally speaking, the TY International Group would not fire a new employee for no reason unless she made a serious mistake. Looking at her crying so pitifully, Stacie had a bad feeling.

It was not until Iris told her what had happened that she realized what had happened. Iris was in charge of an important document, but she had accidentally lost it and handed a wrong one to the sales department.

Today, the sales manager went to the factory to negotiate with the other party, but he found that the document was wrong, so h

er what methods she used, even if she had to crawl back to the company.

After hanging up the phone, Stacie was about to go crazy. She looked around and found that there was a traffic jam. Not to mention driving her car, even if it was a bike... Thinking of this, her eyes lit up. She remembered that there was a path for bike in Li City.

She had no choice but to run with her feet. She couldn't lose this opportunity. On the crowded road, such a wondrous scene appeared. A girl in power suit took off her high heels and rushed forward with bare feet.

She ran forward sincerely, and many people were moved by the scene and made them think about the old days. Many years ago, they had also run with all their strength like Stacie, perhaps for a dream, or for an impulse...

She ran very fast, full of youth, bringing out the heat from in her body. The girl was sweating a lot, but she did not care. Her eyes were as bright as stars. Not far away, someone saw this scene with a glint in eyes and dialed a number casually. "I want a bike, and you can send it to me within five minutes."

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