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   Chapter 30 She And Andrew Will Never Be Together

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Andrew's words almost made Stacie blush in an instant. He and she were husband and wife, the closest person in the world, but this was the first time she heard him call her like this. "I know. Why are you so longwinded?"

Andrew thought he came back today could only cause him trouble. Stacie's attitude was bad and she only cooked a few noodles, and he didn't have it enough at all. As the precious son of Duan family, did she think that he would starve to death if he didn't have meals at home?

"Stacie, what's your attitude?"

"This is my attitude. Don't eat if you don't want to!" It was not until Stacie finished shouting that she realized what she had said. The man in front of her was her husband, her life savior who had gotten her out of the jail. Would her attitude be too rude?

But when she saw that there was no displeasure on the man's face, she could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. Then the man spoke again. But this time, he was not picky about food, but reported his schedule to her like a husband of an ordinary family. "I'm busy recently. If you have nothing to do, go to bed early. Don't wait for me. Hold more food in the fridge, and I'll come back for meals from time to time."

"Okay, Mr. Duan." Stacie curled her lips and answered smoothly.

"Stacie, are you looking for trouble for yourself?" Andrew suddenly said in a serious tone.

With her eyes wide open, Stacie jumped up from her seat, as if she was afraid that Andrew would really hit her. Andrew was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh, and there seemed to be a hint of affection in his eyes. "Why are you running so fast?"

"I'm afraid you'll hit me." Stacie said in an aggrieved tone.

He couldn't help laughing and snorted. A smile slowly appeared in his amber-colored eyes. "If you don't behave well, of course I will beat you!" Then he stood up, took his coat and said, "I have something else to do now. Go to bed early!"

"Be careful on the way." Stacie stood at the door, like a wife saying goodbye to her husband.

It was not until Andrew entered the elevator that Stacie looked away. After a long time, she sighed slightly. For a moment, she thought she and Andrew had really become a couple, but these were just her hopes that were beyond her reach. She and Andrew would never be a couple.

It was not until Stacie officially reported at the TY International Group that she found that the person in charge of the interview that day was her immediate boss, whose name was Carol Shen. She was a cold and rigorous person, and was known as a devil in the Secretary Office.

As soon as Stacie worked for her, she began to live a miserable life. She worked overtime until very late every day. After tidying up the things on the desk, Stacie stretched herself and was about to leave the company.

However, when she passed by Carol's office, the light was still on. She was curious, but she didn't want to get herself involved in other's affairs. During this period of time, everyone in the TY International Group was in an absolute busy state, including their entire Secretary Office.

And Stacie, as the newcomer to the office, of course was busier than others. However, she didn't complain anything and buried herself in work.

When Stacie was about to leave, there was a faint groan coming from the office. She stopped and listened carefully. Sure enough, there was a strange voice. She knocked on the door and asked, "Manager Shen, what's wrong with you?"

When she opened the door, she saw that Carol Shen was lying on the ground with sweat all over her face.

It took Stacie a lot of efforts to send her to the hospital. Carol Shen was suffering from acute gastroenteritis. Fortunately, she was sent to the hospital in time, or the consequences would be unimaginable. Stacie didn't go back until Carol

Shen's family arrived.

However, Stacie didn't expect that Andrew would come back home. He didn't turn on the light. So when the light was on, she was shocked to see the figure in the living room. The cold light fell on the man's charming face, which looked somewhat blurry and dreamy.

Hearing the slight noise, Andrew finally opened his eyes. When he saw the woman standing at the door, a cold light flashed in his eyes. "Mrs. Duan, I thought you wouldn't come back tonight."

"Something happened, so I came back late. Why did you come here tonight?" Stacie listened to the man's tone, which sounded a little cold and plaintive, like an annoyed husband who had stuck at home for a long time. Thinking of this possibility, Stacie felt weird.

"If I didn't come, I'm afraid Mrs. Duan won't be home all night!" Andrew sneered.

Stacie smiled bitterly. Although he was tired, she had a warm smile on her face. She put her briefcase on the sofa and sat beside him. "Andrew, I know you're joking. I'm really busy tonight. Are you hungry? Let me cook some noodles for you."

"I'm not hungry." The man pursed with pride. In fact, he had waited for a whole night and was hungry, but he was unwilling to make a compromise.

"Really? But I'm hungry. I'm going to get something to eat." She hadn't had dinner yet. She was so hungry that she almost fainted. She just wanted to eat something and get some rest.

Since Andrew said that he would come back for meals, Stacie prepared more food. In the past, there were very few things in the fridge, such as noodles, eggs and vegetable. If she bought food in bulk, she was afraid that it would not be fresh.

When Stacie suddenly saw the figure behind her, she was frightened. "Why do you follow me?"

"Just have a look." The man glanced at her and turned his head arrogantly again.

Judging from the sullen face of Andrew, Stacie knew that he must be hungry. This time, Stacie didn't dare to let him have the light noodle with eggs again. She should cook some noodles with nutritious soup for him, but Stacie knew that he was not easy to please.

The noodles were ready and smelt good. Stacie was so hungry that she had an urge to gobble down all the noodles, but she still had to maintain her good manners and invited him to have meals together. "Andrew, please have some with me. I can't eat it all by myself tonight."

The woman's words were pitiful, but unfortunately, Andrew raised his head, turned away his face and said indifferently, "No."

He turned on the TV and randomly switched the channels. Finally, he decided to watch some news. In less than one minute, he impatiently switched to the financial channel. With a bitter smile, Stacie stood up and came to him, looking at him eagerly. "Andrew, please. I can't eat all by myself. You can help me with some, or I would have a digestive problem and definitely get fat tomorrow if I had too much food. You know, it's not good for a woman's appearance to gain weight. Please, please."

The last two words were soft and pleasing, which really melted the man's bones. Unfortunately, the man did not move. He proudly turned his face away and said, "No."

"Have some, Andrew. The noodles are delicious. Have a try. They taste different from last time." But Stacie cursed him out in her heart. 'Why are you so arrogant? I don't want to please you anymore. You'd better eat it as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will thrust a bowl of noodles in your arms, ' she thought.

She said it poorly, but it was really pitiful. Andrew finally looked away and said reluctantly, "Since you are so pitiful, I can force myself to have some. Alas, Stacie, why am I so kind-hearted?"

'Dammit, ' Stacie thought and almost couldn't hold back her anger. But she then smiled fawningly and said, "Mr. Andrew, please have dinner!"

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