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   Chapter 29 You Are My Wife

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However, Stacie felt a tingle in her scalp and smiled bitterly. "No."

"Really?" Andrew asked indifferently. There was a hint of dizziness in his eyes, and he was unsteady on his feet. He then leaned against the wall lazily. The dark shirt accented his face more fair and delicate, like a painting.

However, such a handsome man finally tore off his disguise. He said coldly, "Stacie, don't worry. No matter who you go to see outside, I will never stop you now. After all, the marriage between us is just that I force you to do so from beginning to end. You just need to be my nominal wife. After you come back here, you are Mrs. Duan, but outside, we are strangers."

Stacie shuddered to hear that and was dumb with disbelief. He heard what she had said in the phone call just now, but she did not intend to explain. Otherwise, it looked like she was serious about this marriage. "Mr. Andrew, you are so open-minded. Does the 'freedom' you mentioned includes my private relationship?"

Andrew smiled with a slight sneer, which was as beautiful as flowers flouring in the spring, full of vitality. "Of course."

"Well, then thank you, Mr. Duan."

"You're welcome." He smiled as usual.

That night, after the two of them rested in the master bedroom, Stacie slept on the sofa and Andrew slept on the bed. Since Andrew said those words, he seemed to have lost his strength and fell asleep on the bed.

The night was cold. Stacie was lying on the sofa. The cold moonlight poured in, and a faint color added a hint of helplessness.

Her phone rang several times, and finally she muted it. She didn't know how long it had been ringing before it finally stopped. Stacie couldn't fall asleep all night and couldn't forget her first day of marriage.

On the second day, Andrew woke up very early. Stacie had already prepared breakfast. After freshening up himself, he walked out of the master bedroom and smelled the odors of food in the air. He was a little hungry.

Seeing him coming out, Stacie craned her head out of the kitchen. Her eyes were soft and gentle, as if the conversation last night had never happened. She asked him to come quickly. "Andrew, the breakfast is almost ready. Wait a moment."

He looked away. There were delicate dishes on the small table in the living room. The dishes were delicious, which aroused his appetite at a glance. His eyes narrowed, but he forced himself to look away. "No, thanks. I have something to deal with in the company. I'm leaving now."

"Have some breakfast first." But the man had changed his shoes and turned around to leave. Stacie stood rooted to the spot and sighed after a long time.

For the next few days, she hadn't seen Andrew, as if they were the most familiar strangers except for the two marriage certificates to prove the relationship between the two.

Fortunately, she received an interview notice from the company, asking her to go for an interview before Monday.

She then change into a professional suit that day and went straight to the TY International Group.

Coincidentally, it was a drizzle in the normally sunny Li City that day. Stacie knew that she was going to be late and rushed to the TY International Group with her briefcase.

When she was about to reach the gate of the company, a car suddenly rushed over from behind. The dirty water splashed on the dress of Stacie, but that car did not stop, heading to the parking lot of the TY International Group.

Stacie's face clouded over, but she didn't care about it. After entering the company, she called Amy and asked if she had any spare dresses. Fortunately, Amy often worked overtime these days, and the company had two sets of clothes prepared for the employees.

When Amy came downstairs to bring the clothes to Stacie, she saw her clothes and asked in surprise, "What happened? Did you fall down?"

"I ran into a reckless driver." Stacie picked up the clothes and was about to go to the bathroom to change. When she came out, Amy was still angry. She scolded, "You can't be so kind-hearted all the time. He stained your clothes. You should have asked for an explanation."

"It's okay. It's not a big deal. I'm going to be late for the interview. Bye." Stacie said casually, leaving a smiling face and running out. She couldn't be late for the interview today.

TY International Group had always been a famous enterprise in the Li City, and its welfare and treatment were very good. Many college students regarded the TY International Group as their best choices after graduation. Although Stacie had been mentally prepared, she was still shocked by the interview.

There were many applicants for only two positions of secretaries, and the competition was very fierce. And Stacie had to wait for her turn at the bottom of the long queue. By noon, Stacie hadn't had the interview, but she did not dare to leave, fearing that she would miss the interview after coming back.

She cherished this opportunity very much and didn't want to miss it. But even if she didn't have meals, it didn't mean that the main interviewers didn't have to eat. Stacie had been waiting outside the door. At this time, the door suddenly opened and a group of people came out.

When someone in the group saw Stacie, he was stunned and asked, "Why is there still a interviewee?"

Hearing this, Stacie pressed her lips and greeted, "Hello, I'm Stacie Tong, the last interviewee for the secretary

. Please give me five minutes. I need this job."

Her voice was not loud, but enough to be heard by everyone present. The assistant interviewer behind the leader was a little embarrassed. "But Mr. Duan has said that we should submit the result immediately. I'm afraid it's not appropriate to delay it any longer..."

"But I think your company needs the best talents. Please give me a chance to prove that I am suitable for this job." Stacie didn't show an ounce of fear. She had prepared for today's interview for a long time and didn't want to lose.

"What do you think?" The assistant interviewer asked the leader.

"Since Miss Tong is so confident, we should give her ten minutes. I'll tell Mr. Duan in person." The main interviewer, who was silent for a long time, spoke in a respectful manner. His eyes turned deep behind his gold rimmed glasses.

The interview was a good chance for Stacie and there were many questions, but she dealt with them calmly. At last, the main interviewer finally opened his mouth, "Miss Tong, I want to ask the last question. There are so many companies in the Li City. Why do you come to the TY International Group?"

"First of all, I have heard of TY International Group for a long time. When I was very young, I hoped that one day I could work in the TY International Group. In the past few years, I have been working hard to fulfill my dream..."

Stacie said a lot, and finally felt that it might be a little inappropriate to say so, so she ended, "Sorry."

The main interviewer stared at Stacie's eyes and nodded approvingly, "Miss Stacie is a sentimental person. I know that your major is finance. Are you sure you want to be a little secretary in our company?"

"I'm still young. I know I still need to go through trials. No matter what my major is, I want to learn and apply my knowledge in the job. That's what I need to do now." Stacie said in a neither humble nor pushy tone.

"Okay, you go back first and wait for the notice. There will be a result in three days!" The main interviewer was satisfied.

After expressing her thanks, Stacie turned around and left without hesitation. After waiting for three days, Stacie didn't receive any phone call until she gave up and was about to find another way. At this time, a call from the TY International Group informed her to go to work tomorrow.

"Okay, thank you." After hanging up the phone, she couldn't hold back her excitement and dance in the room. Unexpectedly, Andrew suddenly came back at this time, and she just bumped into the man's arms.

The two bodies separated as soon as they touched each other for one second. However, Stacie's face slowly turned red and lowered her head, but heard the man's playful voice slowly with a smile. "We haven't seen each other for a few days. Why are you so anxious to throw yourself at me?"

"No, you misunderstood. It's not like that." The more she explained, the more confusing the situation would be. Andrew took a look at her deeply and said, "Even if it is true, so what? You are my wife, Stacie."

Stacie gave up her explanation and changed the subject. "Why do you come back all of a sudden? Are you hungry? I'm going to cook."

When Andrew was not at home, she didn't bother to cook by herself. She just cooked some noodles. When he suddenly came back, she didn't prepare anything, and she didn't even buy vegetables in the fridge.

"No, I have to go later." Andrew's tone was not as cold as that night.

"Oh..." She replied, showing a little unwillingness.

Looking at her depressed face, Andrew felt sorry for a moment. She must be waiting for him at home, but he was so indifferent to her when he was here. He thought for a while and said, "Forget it. You can prepare dinner. I'll eat at home."

"Ah!" She widened her eyes in surprise.

"Unhappy? Then I'll go out to have meals." Andrew raised his eyebrows.

"I'll cook for you now." Stacie almost ran into the kitchen. Looking at her receding figure, Andrew couldn't help smiling.

When the dishes were served on the table, Andrew was a little surprised. There were noodles, vegetables, one poached egg and no meat. How could this woman feed him this?

On second thought, he wondered if she had always eaten this. Thinking of this possibility, he was a little unhappy. This woman was so lazy that she could do such a thing. He picked up a piece of noodles with chopsticks and asked, "Stacie, do you usually eat this at home?"

It was hard to tell whether he was happy or angry. With a mouthful of noodles in her mouth, Stacie chewed it and nodded vaguely, "Yes."

"Cook more. I want to come back for meals." Andrew ordered, and began to eat noodles. The noodles didn't taste good, but it was tolerable. He forced himself to eat them. While disdaining, he said pickily, "The noodles are burnt, and the soup is salty..."

At the end of his sentence, Stacie's face was cold. She banged the bowl heavily on the table and said, "No one will force you if you don't like it."

Oh, his little wife was angry. Andrew looked up calmly and said vaguely, "I'm hungry."

"You..." Looking at his innocent face, Stacie glared at him.

In order to show that he was really hungry, Andrew drank up the soup and noodles. At last, he licked the corners of his mouth and said, "Next time, prepare more. Such a small amount is simply not enough for me. Stacie, are you going to starve your husband to death?"

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