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   Chapter 25 She Likes This Man From The First Sight

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Outside the door, Evelyn's low voice came, "Brother-in-law, it's me!"

"What's up?" Andrew breathed a sigh of relief and calmed himself down.

"Brother-in-law, my phone is out of power. Can I borrow your phone?" Evelyn's voice was soft and light with a hint of seduction.

After hesitating for two seconds, Andrew got out of bed, opened the door and handed the phone to Evelyn. She still had to explain, and her voice was a little embarrassed. "Brother-in-law, I wanted to look for my sister, but she is asleep. It is inappropriate for me to wake her up. Thank you sir your help!"

"You are welcome!" When Andrew smelled the unique fragrance of women on Evelyn, his heart began to mess again. What was going on? He had an impulse while looking at Evelyn.

This was simply impossible. He must be crazy!

Andrew thought he had been repressing his desire for a long time, so he had such an illusion. So he had to let Evelyn go first and take a cold shower.

But why hasn't Evelyn left yet?

Andrew was going crazy. It was not appropriate to drive her away, but he could hardly bear it!

Evelyn was talking in the phone slowly, because she was discussing with a classmate about her thesis. Her speed almost made Andrew be on the verge of breaking down.

However, the cold fragrance on Evelyn's body made him lose his mind, making him restless. He looked at her red lips and wanted to kiss her. Looking at her dressing in pajamas, he wanted to pounce on her instantly.

He thought he was a little abnormal tonight.

He was a little slow in thinking. He hoped that Evelyn could go back as soon as possible, but his hand could not help but get out of his control. He then held her in his arms and kissed the woman's soft lips.

At that moment, he felt as if he had found a clear spring in the desert. It was so comfortable that all the desires in his heart were alleviated. The soft feeling was like being wrapped in honey.

He liked it so much. The man's hand unbuttoned the woman's clothes from behind, and even his eyes became dreamy. He said with a little satisfaction, "Stacie, it's good?"

Evelyn was shocked. She regained her composure and said, "Andrew, I'm Evelyn."

Evelyn's words flashed through Andrew's mind like a thunder. He pushed away Evelyn, and his handsome face turned a little red. His breathing was a little heavy, and there was still the cold fragrance of the girl in his nose. After taking two deep breaths, he felt that the commotion in his heart was even more intense, and his eyes were almost full of confusion. Then he said, "I'm sorry, I mistook you for someone else."

He couldn't touch Evelyn. She was Stacie's sister, so he couldn't touch her!

"Andrew?" Evelyn didn't tidy up her clothes, but reveal her fair skin. The girl was like a flower that had just bloomed, beautiful and amazing. Her eyes were dreamy, with grievance, expectation, and confusion.

"It's getting late. Go back to sleep!" After saying that, Andrew didn't pick up the phone that fell on the ground. Instead, he turned around and went back to his room. With a loud bang, he closed the door. The blush on Evelyn's face slowly faded away, and a touch of gloom appeared in her eyes.

She had done something to him, but why didn't he continue at the critical moment? She was not reconciled. She wanted to push the door open and continue, but she dared not.

This was Andrew's private villa, not to mention that Stacie was next door. Before it was done, she didn't want Stacie to know her thoughts and plans. She took a fancy to this man from the first sight.

He could marry Stacie, but Evelyn thought that if he had slept with her, he would definitely not ignore her in the future! However, all her efforts were in vain at the last moment. She was so cautious that she didn't even dare to use so much medicines in the drinks, since she was afraid that it would arouse his suspicion, but why didn't he fall into her trap?

When she caught a glimpse of Andrew's phone on the ground, she picked it up with a cold smile flashing in her eyes!

Andrew had been soaked in cold water for a whole night. On the second day, he got up with a heavy head. When he went downstairs, he almost fell down. It was Evelyn who quickly held him and asked, "Andrew, what's wrong with you?"

Andrew didn't want anything to happen between him and Evelyn. He tried to avoid her, but his body was so weak that he almost fell down the stairs. She held him up, and his lips were pale, like withered flowers. "It's okay. I just felt a little dizzy just now!"

Evelyn noticed that Stacie was about to go downstairs with the corner of her eyes. He held Andrew's arm and didn't intend to let go. Instead, she said with a smile, "Andrew, you didn't sleep well last night. Let me help you downstairs!"

Andrew felt a little dizzy. Before he could say anything, the girl's soft hand had passed through his waist. "By the way, Andrew, you forgot your phone last night."

It was obvious that her words contained a lot of information, and she intended to make Stacie misunderstand them.

Stacie stopped when she was about to go downstairs. 'You forgot your phone last night... In or outside the room?' Stacie thought to herself, but she then felt that she had overthought this. S

he then took a deep breath and held back her curiosity.

Without any doubt, Andrew took the phone from Evelyn and thanked her.

The breakfast was very quiet. After the meal, Andrew went to work. There were only Stacie and Evelyn left in the villa. The former looked indifferent, and the latter looked sweet. However, Stacie suddenly asked, "Evelyn, do you have someone you like?"

Evelyn was shocked and waved her hand. "No, sister, don't talk nonsense. I'm focusing on my study now!"

Evelyn was a junior in the college this year and would soon be a senior. In fact, it was time to consider to have a relationship. However, Evelyn had always been very sensitive and was reticent about her private affairs. Therefore, Stacie didn't know if Evelyn had a boyfriend.

Looking at her, Stacie smiled kindly. "Evelyn, what do you think of Andrew?"

"He is very good. He is handsome and elegant. Sister, you will be happy if you marry him!" Evelyn said without thinking, but her eyes were slowly filled with shyness.

"Do you like him?" Stacie asked slowly.

"How could it be possible? Sister, he is my brother-in-law!" Evelyn argued in a hurry, her face turning red.

'However, if he was not your brother-in-law, would you like him?' Stacie thought to herself. At the thought of this, she recalled that Andrew's phone was left in Evelyn's room. If they weren't so intimate, how could she had his phone? Was it just an accident?

Andrew didn't come back for two consecutive days. He didn't come back until the third night. Aunt Zhan had made some dessert, which was suitable for this season. And Stacie preferred the dessert she made.

When Aunt Zhan saw Andrew come back, her eyes were filled with surprise. "Sir, you're back! Miss Stacie is having some dessert. Would you like to have some with her?"

Andrew kept silent for a while. As if remembering something, he nodded and said, "Yes."

In the living room, Stacie was indeed having dessert, just like a little glutton. Although the dessert was very simple, she tasted it contentedly. At the end, there was a little red bean smoothie left at the corner of her mouth. She licked it, but she failed to reach it, and the red bean smoothie was sticky on her face.

She pouted and was a little unhappy. She ran her lips over her cheek, but the more anxious she was, the less she could reach it.

Until a hand gently wiped away the red bean smoothie on her face, and a sigh was heard. "There you go."

Only then did Stacie notice the presence of Andrew. Her face turned red and she almost didn't dare to look at the bowl of smoothie in front of her. She then smiled awkwardly and asked, "When did you come back?"

No matter when he came back, he had always seen all her embarrassment. How terrible!

Stacie was so upset that she wanted to hit her head against the wall. The man didn't seem to notice her abnormality and said lightly, "I just came back."

Soon, Aunt Zhan fetched a bowl of red bean smoothies from the kitchen for Andrew and asked, "Miss Stacie, do you want more?"

"No, thanks!" Stacie was embarrassed. With her head shaking like a rattle, her ears were flushed. She held the bowl and was about to run away. "Enjoy your smoothie. I'll go upstairs first!"

Andrew enjoyed the red bean smoothie unhurriedly. How could she not be tired of such sweet food? "Wait!"

Stacie stood rooted to the spot and didn't dare to look back. She turned her head timidly and looked at the man who was having the smoothie elegantly. No matter when, his dining manner was elegant. "What's up?"

"Have a seat." It was not until Andrew finished eating all the red bean smoothie that he raised his head. Stacie was sitting opposite to him, looked very serious, as if she was studying something. He then coughed to get her attention.

Stacie came to her senses. "I have something to discuss with you."

"Okay." Andrew put down the china bowl, looked at her lips for a second, and then took his eyes off her.

"Andrew, I want to move out. I have been living in your house for such a long time, which has caused you a lot of trouble. Amy just found a house and want to live with her." Stacie looked at Andrew coldly and lowered her voice.

How could Andrew not know what she meant by moving out? He rolled his eyes and said straightforwardly, "Stacie, you can not live here, but you can't live with Amy."

"Why?" His words puzzled Stacie.

"We are going to get married soon. Isn't it inappropriate for you to live with Amy?" He asked, with a snicker in his amber-colored eyes.

Stacie was stunned and murmured incredulously, "We are going to get married?" In fact, she almost forgot about it. Andrew had been very busy these days. Although the two lived in the same villa, they didn't meet each other often.

Andrew didn't seem to notice her reaction. The light in the room was a little warm, and when it fell on the man's charming face, he was so handsome that people couldn't take their eyes off him. Her amber-colored eyes were like a deep lake, peerless beauty, and even his lips were incomparably beautiful.

He asked word by word. His serious look was so handsome that people could not resist the temptation. "Yes, we are going to get married. Stacie, are you still willing to marry me?"

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