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   Chapter 24 I Got The Wrong Person That Day

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After Louis left, Andrew gave a faint smile. With Louis's presence, he was in a much better mood. He stayed in the study for a while and dealt with some business. Then he stood up and went downstairs slowly.

Downstairs, the two sisters were sitting on the sofa and talking about something. He walked closer to them. He then heard Evelyn ask, "Stacie, Allen is back. Are you still going to marry him?"

It was not the first time that he had heard of this name. It sounded a little intimate and gentle when Evelyn said this name. But Stacie had never mentioned this name for even once. He couldn't help but wonder what kind of tone it would be when she called this name.

Was it sweet or shy? Or was it fill with affection?

He was curious about how Stacie would answer. He still remembered that when she just woke up that day, she proposed to break off the engagement with him for that man. Andrew was a proud man, how could he allow his woman to abandon him for another man?

He refused without hesitation. What was more, marrying Stacie was the necessary step in his plan. In other words, Stacie must be his wife!

Stacie was also stunned, as if she didn't expect that Evelyn would ask such a question. "Evelyn, why did you mention this?"

"Sister, I really want to know. At that time, Allen suddenly left. Now that he is back, are you willing to give him another chance?" Evelyn blinked, looking very curious.

Obviously, Stacie didn't want to answer this question. "I got the wrong person that day!"

If it was Allen, he wouldn't leave her alone and let her get into danger.

"Sister, I mean if he comes back now, will you still marry Andrew?" Evelyn's tone was a little anxious, as if she was determined to get a result from Stacie.

Andrew stood behind the two, waiting for the result.

"I don't know." The words spoke out her innate feelings. She had almost lost her virgin, and she didn't believe that Andrew didn't care about such shameful thing. For him, she was just a girl he helped out of kindness.

There was no need for Andrew to sacrifice his own happiness and marriage for her. If Andrew didn't want to marry her, she wouldn't pester him.

"Sister, how can you not know? Do you prefer Allen or Andrew?" Evelyn couldn't help asking, but Andrew didn't want to listen to this conversation any more. He was afraid that Stacie would give him the result he didn't want.

"Why haven't you slept yet?" Andrew said and walked to the kitchen. He took a can of coke from the fridge, opened it and raised it in his hand. "Do you want some drinks?"

"Brother-in-law, give me a can of coke, please." Evelyn pretended that nothing had happened. In fact, she had seen Andrew when he went downstairs, so she deliberately asked such a question. But unfortunately, in the end, Stacie said nothing.

Stacie couldn't have cold drinks, Andrew asked someone to warm a glass of milk for her. Then he clinked a cup of coke with Evelyn, and the two drank coke respectively. Stacie was a little embarrassed. What did Andrew hear just now? What would he think?

While she was thinking, someone suddenly sat down next to her. The sofa sank in and she asked, "Why don't you sleep?"

"I'll take a rest soon!" Stacie answered and felt uneasy for the man's intimacy. Andrew

didn't seem to feel the woman's awkwardness. He put his big hand on her shoulder and pulled her into his arms. "You are weak. Go to bed early."

"Okay." Stacie nodded and wanted to stand up. But the man's big palm was on her waist, as hot as fire. She tried her best to distract her attention. Seeing that Evelyn was drinking coke casually, she could not help saying, "Evelyn, it's too late. You can stay here tonight!"

Evelyn had stayed here for the night before, so Stacie didn't ask for Andrew's opinion. Andrew raised his eyebrows and took another sip of cola.

However, Evelyn held back her excitement and pretended to ask hesitantly, "Stacie, isn't it appropriate?"

Although she was asking Stacie, she turned to look at Andrew. The man was still indifferent, but he was so noble and charming that she couldn't take her eyes off him.

"It's okay. I'll go upstairs and clean up your room." Stacie had mentioned moving out, but Andrew didn't agree. He said that his villa was big enough for the two of them, and he was worried about her living outside alone.

Stacie stood up, and the butler came with a glass of milk. Andrew finally opened his mouth, "Drink the milk!"

Stacie's delicate face darkened. She really didn't like milk. She thought she could finally escape today, but she failed. She took the milk glass and said, "I'll drink it upstairs."

"Drink it now!" Andrew insisted. If he didn't look at her, the milk might be poured away again!

"I can't drink it now!" Stacie intimated that there was no room for a glass of milk in her stomach.

"Then you can go upstairs after you finish it!" Andrew didn't soften his attitude.

The daily conversation between the two made Evelyn's jealous. She looked a little similar to Stacie. Why did Andrew always turn a blind eye to her and treated Stacie so well? What's more, Stacie had a child with another man!

Thinking of this, Evelyn stood up and went back to the kitchen. When she came out again, she held a few glasses of juice in her hands, and the smell of the fresh fruit floated out. Seeing that Stacie was unwilling to drink milk, she smiled and said, "Stacie, I've made some juice. Have a taste."

Then she handed another cup to Andrew and said, "Brother-in-law, have a taste. I used to work in a milk tea shop, and the juice I made taste good!"

Andrew took a sip reluctantly and praised, "Not bad." He did it for the sake of Stacie.

"Brother-in-law, you must be thirsty after drinking cola. Drink more!" A dash of surprise flashed through Evelyn's eyes. She tried every means to persuade Andrew to drink a little more. The latter then took another two sips reluctantly, but stopped drinking after it.

Stacie didn't want to drink anything now, but she didn't want to embarrass Evelyn, so she said, "I'll drink it later!"

The three of them went back to their own rooms. After taking a shower, Andrew lay on the bed and felt something was wrong. There seemed to be a fire in his lower abdomen. He missed the woman's lips and kisses, and even wanted to touch them, wanting to cut himself loose tonight.

For some reason, a clear face of Stacie suddenly appeared in his mind.

Until a knock on the door interrupted his imagination, he pressed all the desires back and asked, "Who is it?"

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