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   Chapter 23 Do You Think It's Appropriate For Me To Be Your Boyfriend

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Speaking of this, he was a little angry. He took a deep breath and rubbed her little hands. Since Stacie went to the morgue once, her hands were always cold. No matter what he did, he could not relieve the coldness. "Stacie, for the sake of your brother, cheer up, okay?"

Andrew wanted to say something harsh, but he didn't want to. Since Stacie had been like this, he couldn't bear to irritate her again. "Stacie, I know you are sad, and so am I. I'm really sorry for the baby. It's my fault that I didn't protect the baby well. If I had arrived earlier, the baby might have been saved. Don't blame yourself. If you want to blame someone for it, just blame me!"

However, it seemed that Stacie had sealed herself in her own small world. She didn't eat, speak, and even sleep. Her eyes were wide open every day. She felt that her baby was not dead, or perhaps it had been taken away. Her baby had always been very healthy. She had done so many prenatal checks, and no matter what the doctor said, she would listen to him and follow his constructions.

The doctor said that she couldn't eat spicy food. If she ate too much spicy food, the baby would get inflamed after birth, so she quit spicy food and didn't have it for once. Occasionally, when she craved for the spicy food, she would tell herself to hold back her desire. She would do anything for the baby.

However, a negligence made her guilty for the rest of her life. Her child was gone, and she felt that her future was gloomy.

The door was pushed open again, and a girl came in. She had short hair to the ears, looking fresh and beautiful. She had a baby face, a little childish, but her eyes were full of charm.

She was wearing and elegant ankle-deep dress. The patterns on the hemline was delicate and beautiful, and the design of the dress accent her slender waist, adding her an air of sexiness. Her lips were pink like cheery.

Under her feet were black and golden high heels, and her bag and skirt were the same style. Such a girl was stunning no matter where she went. She casually threw her bag on the bed and glanced at Stacie.

When she heard what Andrew had said, she didn't think it was a big deal. But now she saw that Stacie was pale like a corpse, her heart ached a lot. She suddenly stepped forward and pulled the patient up from the bed with great strength.

Stacie was shocked. Her long hair swayed in the air. The baby faced girl raised her hand and slapped Stacie, the clear sound echoed in the room, but she said with some forbearance, "Stacie, don't pretend to be like this here. Are you ashamed?"

Andrew frowned. He had coaxed Stacie for a few days, but she didn't respond. How dare Amy slap her? The slap was clearly heard by him, and he wanted to stop her.

Amy's voice came over, "Mr. Duan, didn't you say that you would leave everything to me?"

"But how could you hit her?" Andrew reminded.

"Well, don't worry. Since she has locked herself in her own world, I will wake her up. Anyway, she doesn't care about anything now. Colin is crying at my home for his sister, but Stacie doesn't answer his phone. He wants to come to the hospital, but you don't allow him to do so. Stacie, I tell you, if anything happens to you, I won't help you take care of Colin!" Amy's voice was tough and firm, a little different from her appearance.

Seeing no response from Stacie, Amy smiled softly with a hint of contempt, "You used to try your best to keep Colin by your side. Now Colin is in good health, do you think you can forget your responsibility? You are such a selfish woman. How did you promise your father that you would take care of Colin for the rest of your life?

Now you are going to break your promise, aren't you? You are his sister, and you can be so cruel. Well, if you don't put yourself together now, I will send him to the orphanage tomorrow, so that he can experience the coldness of the world and be abused by others! Stacie, just wait and see!" When Amy was about to leave, a hand grabbed her swiftly. In a low and hoarse voice, Stacie said, "No..."

Amy felt something warm well up in her eyes. She took a deep breath and didn't turn around. She pretended to be indifferent and continued, "Stacie, since you don't care about Colin anymore, why should I take care of him? For me, taking care of a child is a burden. I'll send him to the orphanage now!"

She knew that Colin was Stacie's everything. If anything happened to Colin, Stacie would feel worse than death.

Stacie, who hadn't moved on the bed for a few days, suddenly stood up, and her eyes gradually brightened. She was anxious, but afraid. She grabbed Amy's arm, at first with a little strength, and finally used ten percent of her strength. "No, Amy!

I will be fine and live well. No matter what happens, I will be fine. I will never do that again!" Stacie kept silent for a long time, so her voice was dry and hoarse.

Amy finally turned around. Her eyes were slightly red, as if she had been greatly wronged. She held Stacie on the bed into her arms. Stacie was surprisingly thin, and her back was honey, which hurt Amy's hand.

Thinking of this, Amy scolded, "You bad girl, do you know that you scared

me to death?"

Amy was there, and Stacie was no longer as lifeless as before. Her eyes began to shine, have hope and expectations. Amy said that she would take Colin to visit Stacie in the hospital, but Stacie shook her head and refused. Colin was doing great in the Song family.

But she still had a lot of things to do. Some things had to be done at any time!

Andrew was very busy every day, but he came to the hospital to see Stacie two times in the morning and night every day. As Stacie was getting better and better, she asked Andrew to go through the discharge formalities for her. On the day she went back, Evelyn, who had never appeared in the hospital, came with fruit in her hands.

It seemed that she hadn't slept well for several days. Looking at Evelyn's haggard face with obvious dark circles under her eyes, Stacie guessed that it should be because she hadn't slept well. "Evelyn, why are you here?"

"Sister, I'm sorry. I have been busy with my homework these days. I haven't had time to visit you. Are you okay?" Evelyn explained in a low voice, but she glanced at Louis, who was leisurely shelling walnuts, as if she was afraid something.

The walnuts were very hard to crack, but he didn't use much strength. With a slight push of his two fingers, he squeezed the walnuts open, revealing the nuts inside. He picked one and fed it to his mouth, enjoying it. Then he turned his head, and there was a trace of regret in his playful eyes. "Oh, I almost forget that there is a guest, Miss, would you like to have some walnuts?"

Evelyn shook her head. She felt that Louis's behavior had an implications. She said in a low voice, "No, thanks, Mr. Bai."

"You shouldn't be so formal with me. Just call me Louis like your sister." Louis said with a smirk.

"No, I dare not. I'd better call you Mr. Bai."

"Are you trying to embarrass me?" Although his tone was flat, it was a little bit mean.

Although Stacie didn't get along well with Evelyn, they were cousins. Hearing what Louis said, Stacie glared at Louis secretly, but Evelyn felt that Stacie was winking at Louis and intimated him something. Thinking of what had happened just now, Evelyn hated Stacie more.

At the same time, Andrew was packing up for Stacie. He turned his head to ask for her opinion, which made Evelyn even more sad!

On their way back, Louis wanted to take Evelyn to his car, but she refused. Andrew ignored Louis, who was obviously abnormal today, and directly took Stacie into the car and drove away.

Evelyn was stunned. She thought she would take the same car with Andrew. Why did this happen?

However, Louis came over all of a sudden. With an evil smile on his stunning face, he asked, "Evelyn, are you unhappy?"

With a wry smile, Evelyn replied respectfully, "No. It's my honor to take Mr. Bai's car."

"You can just call me Louis." Louis casually put his arm on Evelyn's shoulder. Evelyn was shocked. She didn't know what the man wanted to do, but Louis moved his arm away with a smile, as if nothing had happened.

After getting in the car, Louis still looked like a gentleman. He even took the initiative to fasten the seat belt for Evelyn. He raised his starry eyes and said, "To be honest, I think we are destined to be together."

"Do you think so?'" A cold sweat broke out on Evelyn's back. Of course, she had heard of Louis who had almost controlled all the underworld forces in the Li City.

"Evelyn, I guess you don't have a boyfriend yet, right?" He asked in a casual and frivolous tone.


"Do you think it's appropriate for me to be your boyfriend?" Louis still smiled exceedingly fascinating, and his perfect face, which paled all the other women with its own charms, looked even more exquisite and attractive in the faint light.

As soon as the car stopped, looking at Evelyn's receding figure, Louis wore an evil smile on his lips. This girl looked young and innocent.

Was it really not her who was behind all this? But if it wasn't her, how could the position he got be wrong that day?

After that, Andrew asked, "Louis, why did you frighten Evelyn like that?"

"I just think... She's funny." Louis said in a playful tone. Anyone who saw such a man would think he was a lad.

"Really?" Obviously, Andrew didn't believe what he said. He knew well about Louis. He didn't think Louis was such a boring person. Although Louis was a playboy, he had a very picky taste. It was impossible that he would take a fancy to such an ordinary woman like Evelyn.

"Of course, or you think I'm bored to death and have nothing to do in my life?"

"Yes, I do think you are a little bored recently!"

"Hey, are you really my best friend?" Upon seeing the fake smile on Andrew's face, Louis stomped on the floor. He shouldn't have come to Duan family for free meals! He deserved it.

"I don't mind if you want to make a pass at me." Andrew smiled.

Louis shivered, stared at Andrew and said with a dark face, "Don't even think about it!" Then he didn't have the mood to stretch himself. He'd better accompany his beauty. Why did he have to face a man like Andrew who was a little more handsome than him? It was really a masochistic behavior.

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