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   Chapter 22 It Was Her Seven Months Old Baby

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Tangye Wanzi Characters: 6650

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The nurse wanted to pull out her hand from Stacie's grasp, but she couldn't move. So she just let Stacie hold it. She looked at Andrew and said, "Miss Stacie, you are still young. You will have a child in the future."

But it was her seven months old baby.

She nourished it every day, just wanted him to be healthy and safe. When she was pregnant with the child, she knew that the child had nothing to do with her.

But at this moment, when she heard the news that her baby was gone, she felt that her heart was pinched hard into various shapes, and each shape made her feel painful. The pain as if tearing her soul made her feel as if she had been thrown into the burning magma.

She was about to be burn into ashes.

The eyes of Stacie were dull. Her hair fell loose around her shoulders and was divided into two parts, which made her face look smaller. Her lips were trembling, and her body was shuddering. She couldn't believe it, and she couldn't accept it.

Why she was still alive but her baby was gone?

"I don't believe it. It's not true!" She muttered and sighed softly, "My baby is very healthy. The doctor said that it would be a healthy baby. You are all lying to me. You liars, give the baby back to me!"

Stacie became crazy. She searched all over the room for her baby, but she couldn't find it anywhere. She didn't give up and went out to look for it. She didn't wear shoes, as if finding the child was her biggest goal at this moment.

Andrew called her, but she didn't seem to hear it. "Where is my child? Where is my child?"

She went to all the baby rooms and asked every nurse. Andrew hugged her from behind. At this moment, the anger in his tone turned into coldness. "Stacie, the baby is really gone. Please don't do this, okay?"

"The baby will be fine. It will be fine. Andrew, let go of me. I'm going to find my baby!" Many people ran out to see the scene, but Stacie seemed to be indifferent with the stares. She only cared about her baby.

"I didn't lie to you. The baby is dead. Come back with me. I'll take you to see him another day, okay?" He coaxed her. At that moment, his heart ached for no reason.

She deserved it, but there was no trace of gloat in his heart!

"I want to see him now! Andrew, I beg you. You must know where my child is. Can you take me to see him?" She often had a dream in the past two days. In the dream, there was a child, with a large amount of blood on his body. He was naked and crying for her mother. She wanted to hug him, but in the blink of an eye, the child was gone.

"The child is in the morgue!" In the end, Andrew gave her a cruel fact. At that moment, Stacie's body trembled with fear. She felt so cold, as if it was snowing. Some snowflakes fell on her skin and then went into her blood. Even her blood was frozen. Morgue, the place where the dead were placed.

However, how could her child be in that kind of place? Her baby must feel cold. He had just been born, how could they put her baby in that place? Stacie broke away from Andrew and continued to walk forward without saying a word!

Andrew shouted behind her, but she turned a deaf ear to him. Until she came to the morgue, an indescribable cold air rushed towards her before she entered, and she gritted her teeth.

Because of Andrew's following, the guar

ds let Stacie in. When she was about to enter, Andrew grabbed her and took a pair of thick slippers in his hand. "Stacie, it's getting colder inside. Put on your shoes first, okay?"

Stacie looked at him, but her eyes were empty and dull. She couldn't hear what he said, but she shook his hand off and walked into the morgue barefoot.

The morgue was white and freezing cold. Stacie trembled more and more violently, but she seemed to be unconscious of the coldness. Andrew pulled her and stopped her in a place.

"The baby is inside." Andrew said in a low voice, but Stacie heard it. She squatted down and someone opened a drawer, there was a frozen corpse inside. The temperature was lower, and Stacie's eyelashes were almost covered with frost.

"Baby, I'm here to take you home!" She murmured in a low voice. She picked up the child and held it hard in her arms tightly, but the child did not move or react. No matter how she chatted with him, he did not respond.

The child was very young, small, and there was no blood on his body. His body was stiff into a ball. Seeing that he had not responded, Stacie rubbed his limbs, trying to make him warm, so that he could open his eyes to see his mother.

Seeing this scene, Andrew felt as if a knife were piercing his heart. Stacie's wordless actions prick his eyes. Stacie burst into tears, and her tears fell and soon froze into ice.

She didn't dare to cry loudly, as if the baby in her arms had fallen asleep and she was afraid of awakening him. But she missed her baby so much that she wanted him to accompany her for even one second, even if he just let out a cry!

But the baby didn't say a word, having no response.

"I'm sorry, baby. I'm so sorry. Please don't blame me..." At last, Stacie closed her eyes and fainted.

When she woke up again, it was already in the evening. She was still the ward. The window was open, and a thin layer of orange sunlight flooded into the room, covering the ward with a faint warm light. It seemed that the cold winter had passed, and the room was suddenly filled with summer heat, beautiful and warm.

Andrew had been staying beside her all the time. When she awake, there was a hint of surprise in his voice. "Stacie, you're awake?"

Stacie kept silent and stared at the ceiling, as if she hadn't heard Andrew's words.

Andrew said a few more words to her, but she still ignored him. Her eyes were empty, looking into the void. Her dark eyes lost their light, clouding over with dejection.

"Stacie!" Andrew couldn't help shouting, but she still didn't respond. He didn't give up, sat on the edge of the bed, helped her up, and shouted her name again, but she didn't respond at all.

Then, no matter what Andrew did, Stacie kept silent, as if she had been dumb since she came out of the morgue. Even when Andrew mentioned her favorite brother, she remained motionless.

"Stacie, even though you lose your baby, we will have another child in the future. Please don't do this, okay? I feel sorry for you. Stacie, do you want to be like this all the time? Do you still care about Colin? He is very sad every day when he sees you like this. He insists on not going to school and comes to the hospital to accompany you. But if you continue to be like this, Stacie, I won't care about Colin anymore!"

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