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   Chapter 21 Andrew, Let's Cancel The Engagement (Part Two)

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Tangye Wanzi Characters: 5263

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But Louis didn't know how many more days they could stay in this room. It was really a waste of his food if they were locked up in his place like this. He should be merciful and hold them in the police station. After all, he was a lawful citizen.

"Mr. Bai, you should keep your words. You promised that as long as I make this call, you will be lenient!" Since Louis said that he would be lenient, didn't it mean that he would let them go? They had suffered what they deserved that day. They really didn't want to stay any longer.

Louis gave the phone to his subordinate and said coldly, "Since you have hurt someone you shouldn't do, how could I spare you? Well, enjoy the rest of your life here!"

Then he strode away. Evelyn had taken the bait. He would play with her slowly and force her to reveal her little secrets.

When Stacie woke up, the sun was about to rise. The dim morning light came in through the thin window gauze. The room was full of light, gentle and peaceful. Stacie felt pain all over her body, especially her lower abdomen, as if something was falling down and painful.

She couldn't help but groan. Soon someone asked, "Stacie, are you awake?"

Stacie opened her eyes, and Andrew 's face came into her sight. It seemed that the man hadn't shaved himself for a few days. He looked a little messy. Since she knew Andrew, no matter what he wore, he was clean and tidy. This was the first time that he had disregarded his image like this.

She opened her mouth and felt a pain in her throat. The smell of blood spread between her lips. She was a little confused. It took her a while to recall the scene on that day. Her tone was suddenly shocked. "Andrew, am I..."

It was too cruel for her to ask. Andrew poured her a glass of water to ease the thirsty in her throat, and then said, "No, I arrived in time. You are fine."

However, that was a scene that she would never want to remember all her life, like a nightmare that haunted her for a long time. Although she had woken up now, the terror was still kept in the bottom of her heart.

She could no longer face Andrew calmly. "Andrew, let's cancel the engagement!"

Andrew's hand trembled, and the water in the cup almost spilled out. His eyes were still soft. Looking at the girl's extremely thin face, which was as big as a palm, but not a trace of healthy glow, and her eyes were still so black and bright, almost touched his soul.

"Why?" Did she want to leave him because Allen was back?

"I don't deserve you anymore. Andrew, I'm dirty!" Those things were too cruel for her to mention. Her long eyelashes trembled like a drago

nfly dancing on the surface of the water. The dragonfly wanted to stand in the middle of the water, but there was no piece of floating wood.

"Stacie, is it because of this reason, or because your man has come back?" Andrew felt that he was terribly calm. When he heard what Evelyn had said, he had told himself not to believe it, but he failed to convince himself.

"What are you talking about?" Her face turned pale. It was a little cold, but because of the morning light, it seemed as usual.

"Stacie, tell me, am I right? Is it because your first love came back that you are unwilling to marry me?" Andrew had told himself not to be angry or jealous. He and Stacie's relationship was fake.

He married her just for his own purpose and interests. But when he heard that Stacie wanted to cancel the marriage with him for another man, he was burning with anger all of a sudden. It swallowed his sanity and made things completely different!

Stacie tried to deny, but she failed to say it. Her throat seemed to be on fire, or as if it was cut by a knife and was sprinkled with salt on the wounds. It hurt so much, her self-esteem, and her pride were completely torn apart on that day.

When she woke up, she didn't want to mention it. She even wanted to pretend that nothing had happened, but her mind was weight down by the bloody scene. She couldn't pretend that nothing had happened.

After what had happened, how could she deserve Andrew and be his wife at ease?

All of a sudden, Stacie was shocked. Why was her belly flat? Why was her belly so painful? She pointed at her belly and asked in an uncontrollable shrill voice, "Where is my baby?"

"It is dead!" Maybe Andrew was too angry, or maybe he just utter these words to spite her.

If what had happened before was a huge blow to Stacie, the baby was enough to make her completely collapse at this moment. Tears fell silently, and her eyes were wide open, as if she could not believe it. "What did you say?"

"Your baby was dead when it was born. It was suffocated to death! Do you hear me clearly?" He shouldn't have said that, but he couldn't control himself. Jealousy was like a fire, burning all his reason. He couldn't bear to see Stacie break off the engagement with him for a man and refuse him like this.

Stacie didn't believe it, and she was reluctant to accept the cruel fact. How could the child die? She didn't believe it. "You lied to me, right?" She reached out to press the bell at the head of the bed. A nurse quickly came in. She grabbed the nurse's hand and there was a glimmer of hope in her eyes. "Nurse, where is my baby?"

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