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   Chapter 20 Andrew, Let's Cancel The Engagement (Part One)

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Tangye Wanzi Characters: 5662

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Hearing this, Andrew laughed in anger, "Do you know that the child is my everything?"

"Sorry... I'm sorry. It's all my fault. Please forgive me..." The nurse was knocked out yesterday when she was on duty, but the surveillance camera was broken and the security guard didn't see the other party's face, so the nurse was the only witness.

Andrew didn't say anything, but Louis said sincerely, "Forget it. Let's figure out another way to solve it!"

Then he made a gesture to let the nurse go out first. The ward was very quiet, and the low pressure completely shrouded Andrew. He was as tall and slender, like a mountain that would never fall down.

After a long time, he said, "Don't tell this to Stacie first!"


Andrew began to try to look for the baby. According to the nurse, the child was taken away in the middle of the night, and everyone was asleep at this time. The security guard on duty might be dozing off, and more importantly, the monitoring was broken.

It was clearly a premeditated battle for the baby.

But at this time, Andrew didn't want to give up. He still asked people to look for them. He convinced that some people would see the looks of the other party, and there might be some possibilities. But that night, Andrew received a phone call.

The intention of the person in the other end of the phone was very simple. Andrew should gave up searching for the baby, or the child would really disappear from this world.

Knowing that the other party was observing what he was doing, Andrew had no choice but to ask Louis to give up looking for the baby. He couldn't look for the baby in public or even in secret. Andrew leaned against the wall dejectedly, and his long body slid down the wall.

"Louis, stop looking for the baby!" His voice was hoarse.


"I can't watch that baby die!" Andrew couldn't let anything happen to that child. He couldn't watch it happen in front of him. The baby must be safe.

All of a sudden, Louis realized that from the beginning, everything seemed to be a trap. From the fact that Stacie was kidnapped and the baby was born, it was obviously an elaborate ploy, but who was behind it?

"When Stacie comes around, we can tell her that the child died of difficult labor!" Andrew's voice was not loud, but ethereal and sad.

"Andrew, I don't think it's a good idea!" Louis disagreed.

"Do you want to tell her that the child has been taken away? If I can't find the baby for her, she will suffer in the rest of her life. She is still young, and she will have another child in the future." Andrew spoke very slowly with difficulty, as if every word was coming out of his heart. He closed his eyes and said, "Let Evelyn shut up about this. She can't reveal any of those news to Stacie!"

"Okay!" Louis nodded.

In the past two da

ys, Evelyn had been very nervous and uneasy. Stacie had been seriously injured and had been in a coma in the hospital, but Evelyn had been unable to contact the person who planned this accident, and the other party's phone had been turned off. In fact, the other party who had set up this trap didn't know Evelyn's exact identity.

The SIM card and cell phone were newly bought, and the voice changer was used when they were talking, so she was not sure whether the other party was a man or a woman. After the deposit was paid, she promised that she would give them all the money after it was done.

But now, Stacie was saved, the other party hadn't contacted her yet. She had thought about asking Andrew about the current situation, but he had already been suspicious of her. She dared not, especially Louis had been there with him all the time!

Although Louis didn't look like a serious person, his eyes were sharp and it seemed like he could see through her secrets at any time. She was really afraid and perturbed. At this moment, her mobile phone suddenly rang...

Evelyn was shocked and threw her phone on the sofa subconsciously. The phone was still ringing. She covered her ears and didn't want to hear it. She didn't feel relieved until it was hung up. But the next second, it rang again.

She should have gotten rid of this phone earlier. With it, she would be in big trouble. Had those people escaped not been caught by the police? Thinking of this, she pressed the answer button.

The voice of the other party floated out, "Miss Tong, it's really not easy to find to you!"

"You dialed the wrong number!" After hanging up the phone, it rang again soon. But Evelyn didn't want to answer it, she turned off the phone. Feeling worried, she pulled out the battery, took out the memory card and broke it into two parts.

In this way, they would never find her again, but how did these people know her identity?

On the other side of the phone, a sinister smile appeared on Louis's face. He took over the phone from a man with a fascinating smile. This was a dark room of the Bai family. On that day, Andrew didn't ask the police to deal with this matter. Instead, he said he would handle it in private. But in fact, these scumbags couldn't live in peace even if the police handled the case.

"Mr. Bai, I have called her as you said. Can you let me go?" The person who made the phone call was the head of the group who had stolen the baby that day. He had been in contact with Evelyn. Others didn't know who the real boss was!

"Did I promise you that?" Louis smiled lightly, but his eyes were full of evilness. The man was seriously injured, and the wounds on his body had not been healed. He was locked here in darkness. At this moment, his flesh seemed to be rotten. Hmm, it was a little smelly!

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