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   Chapter 18 If She Died, How Could The Show Go On

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Stacie also realized that the man in the lead was the real boss, and the others probably didn't intend to get themselves into this trouble. She then became more confident and shouted to them, "I'm telling the truth, you must believe me!"

"Bitch!" Stacie even wanted to sow dissension between them. He had to slap her to death today. After receiving another slap, Stacie's face was asleep, and blood spilled out from the corner of her mouth. However, the man said coldly, "Brothers, don't talk to this woman. Let's have a taste of her tonight!"

After saying that, he lifted Stacie up from the ground and threw her on the wooden bed beside. Then he bent down and tore off her clothes with his big hand.

During this period of time, Stacie had gained some weight. Her fair skin was a little plumper, and her skin was surprisingly white. Every inch of her skin was flawless. She tried to resist, but the next second, she was slapped again!

Who could save her? Stacie was scared to death. What should she do? What should she do!

Stacie struggled and cried for help desperately, but it was useless. Her clothes were torn into pieces, and those disgusting hands wandered on her body. She felt dirty and disgusted, and her abdominal pain was even worse.

She felt so painful that she wanted to end her life, but she couldn't. She had to take care of Colin, and she had to find her mother.

She couldn't die, but now she felt like she was in hell.

Stacie was in despair, shame and anger mixed in her heart. Her tears fell silently, and the light in her eyes gradually dimmed. If she lost her virginity like this, she might as well die.

Stacie bit her tongue with strength. If she died, she didn't feel that she was dirty anymore.

But when her consciousness gradually blurred, someone suddenly kicked her belly hard. The pain in her belly became more severe, but it made her a little sober. She looked at the swaying figures in front of her, as terrible as devils.

Something warm slid down her thigh. The pain in her stomach made her unbearable. Who could save her child!

Who could save her!

A loud bang was heard and someone came. Vaguely, Stacie seemed to see the face of Andrew, but she couldn't help fainting on the bed.

When Andrew saw the nearly naked Stacie, he went crazy. The blood spread on her body like roses blossomed on the bed.

He was crazy in an instant!

It was the first time that he had seen so much blood. The bright color almost hurt his eyes and even ached his heart!

He picked up an iron bar and smashed it at the group of scumbags. Next was a slaughter and revenge.

When everything was settled, Andrew dropped the iron bar and knelt down in front of Stacie. He wanted to raise his hand to touch her, but he didn't dare to move, fearing that he would hurt her more.

The corners of his eyes were sore and swollen. He didn't dare to pick up Stacie, so he had to take off his clothes and wrapped it around her body. However, Louis, who was behind them, turned around and didn't dare look at Stacie's lifeless eyes. Andrew shouted in a hoarse voice, "Stacie?"

No response.

Something flowed out from his fingers. He suddenly shouted crazily, "Where is the ambulance? Where is the ambulance? Hurry up! Come and save her!" Stacie wouldn't die. If she died, how could the show go on?

When a doctor came, Andrew spluttered. "Hurry...Hurry up. She's injured. Please save her!"

The doctor soon sent Stacie to the ambulance, and Andrew also got on. He held her hand tightly, not daring to let it go for a moment. How could her hand be so cold?

His big hands had always been very hot. He wanted to give her some warmth, so that her hands would soon restore to its original temperature.

After a long time, Stacie was sent to the operating room, which was a private hospital under the Qiao family. Andrew's mind was in a mess, but he still remembered that he had asked Louis to arrange an ambulance of the Qiao Group after he found out where Stacie was.

Fortunately, the ambulance arrived in time, or else, Stacie would have lost so much blood and died.

For a pregnant woman, if she lost too much blood, her life would be in danger at any time!

Those beasts! He wouldn't let them go. He wouldn't!

His breath was full of the smell of blood, and even the smell of disinfectant couldn't suppress the strong smell of blood. It reminded him over and over again that Stacie was injured. The light of dusk emitted from the bloody sun, and slowly poured in, spreading a dash of grief and sadness in the hospital. Andrew was basked in the light, and his face was cold, like covered with a layer of snow in the winter. The frozen snow was cold and serene, like the ice and snow that covered thousands of miles in the north country, and no longer had the aura of life.

He clenched his fists and said nothing, as if this could make himself less sad.

As soon as Louis finished the work, he saw Andrew like this, but he was thinking about the scene in the warehouse. When they arrived, they saw the blood all over Stacie's body. But even so, those beasts did not intend to let her go.

Looking at the nearly naked Stacie, Andrew went crazy at that time. He grew up with Andrew and knew him well. It was the fi

rst time that he saw Andrew go crazy for a woman.

If he hadn't stopped Andrew, those bastards might have gone to hell!

But now, these men were seriously injured and lived in misery, either their arms or legs broken.

He used to like joking, but now he couldn't. He sat silently next to Andrew, hoping that Stacie who was in the operating room could be safe. Otherwise, Andrew would kill those scumbags.

At this time, someone suddenly came out the operating room. A doctor asked, "Who is the family of the patient?"

Andrew's eyes lit up. He stood up and hurriedly answered, "Yes, I am."

At that moment, Louis finally felt that Andrew had become normal. Good, he finally pit himself together.

However, the doctor's next words made Andrew feel like his heart sank in an ice hole, "Here is the thing. The patient is now suffering from massive hemorrhage, and the baby in her belly is not mature enough. But now the patient is lack of oxygen in her belly, the baby's heart is unstable, and the patient is injured seriously. The only way now is to have a C-section, but this operation is too dangerous, and we need to ask for her family's permission!"

Andrew didn't seem to hear what the doctor said clearly and murmured, "What did you say?"

In fact, he knew that the situation of Stacie was very dangerous. When he carried her into the car, the blood on her body had already spilled over the car, and he could not ignore it.

He held Stacie's hand and told her repeatedly to hold on for a while. The doctor would arrive soon. The doctor would not let anything happen to her and the baby, but how could it be like this? Why was she still in danger?

Although the doctor didn't know Andrew's identity, he repeated what he had just said dutifully, "Sir, please sign it quickly. If it's a little later, the patient and the child may not be able to survive!"

This sentence instantly provoked Andrew, "Are you doctors? Why do you say such irresponsible words? Both the adult and child can't be in danger, or I will destroy your hospital, and you must immediately rescue them. I want the two of them to be alive!"

At this time, the operating room was pushed open again. A nurse came out. Seeing that Andrew hadn't signed yet, she frowned and said, "Sir, the patient is in a very dangerous situation now, and the baby's heartbeat is very weak. If there is any accident during the operation, should we save the mother or the baby?"

Andrew didn't dare to imagine how dangerous the situation was. He felt that she couldn't breathe. "I want both of them!"

"Sir, please make a quick decision. The longer you delay, the more disadvantageous the patient in the operating room will be! Unless you want both of them to die!" The nurse hit the nail on the head.

Andrew's fingers began to tremble. He had never encountered such a desperate moment in his life. He couldn't make this decision. He really couldn't make it. Stacie couldn't die, the baby either. Neither of the two could be in danger!

"Andrew, let's make a decision!" Standing next to Andrew, Louis couldn't help persuading him. At this moment, Andrew was like a furious but badly injured lion. He wanted to defend his territory, but he was powerless and could do nothing!

"Keep the baby..." Three words came out of the tip of his tongue. He heard his sigh. He shouldn't have fallen in love with Stacie. She was just his tool in this deal, that's all.

If he was destined to make a choice, he would choose the baby over Stacie!

Louis's eyes widened in disbelief. He didn't know why Andrew made such a choice. "Have you made up your mind?"

After signing on the agreement, Andrew went back to the operating room soon. While he was still in a daze, his eyes were somewhat empty. "I've thought it over."

He had called the ambulance of the Qiao family on purpose before he went to find Stacie. Hadn't he calculated everything clearly?

Silence returned to the long corridor. The glow of the sunset was getting dimmer and dimmer, like the candle light was finally blown out, leaving a wisp of smoke in the air. Andrew leaned against the wall, and after a long time, he heard a rush of footsteps.

The person who came here this time was Evelyn. Andrew didn't know where she got the news that something had happened to Stacie, so she rushed over in a hurry. She had been anxious, but now she slowed down and came to Andrew silently.

He leaned against the wall. His face was pale, and his clothes were stained with blood. She didn't know if it was from Stacie or the kidnapper. He closed his eyes and breathed lightly, as if he had lost his soul. She called hesitantly, "Brother-in-law!"

"Here you are." Hearing the noise, Andrew looked at Evelyn with sharp eyes. He remembered that he didn't tell anyone about the news of the accident of Stacie, but why Evelyn knew and appeared in the hospital?

The man's voice didn't have much emotion. Evelyn's heart softened. She looked at the operating room and explained, "I heard that my sister had an accident, so I came here. Is she okay?"

Andrew didn't say a word. No one knew what he was thinking about. However, Louis raised his eyebrows slightly and said with an evil smile, "How do you know something happened to your sister?"

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