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   Chapter 17 If Anything Happens, He Can't Take The Responsibility

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But Andrew didn't know where the car was heading to. Before Baker could give the result, Andrew received a blackmail call. The kidnapper's intention was very simple. If Andrew wanted to make Stacie and the baby safe, prepare ten million dollars cash immediately. If Andrew call the police, he would never see her again.

After hanging up the phone, a message came with a beep. Andrew clicked on the message. It was a picture.

The photo was not very clear, but Stacie's face could be faintly seen. Her arms were tied, and she was casually thrown to the ground like rags.

Andrew's heart sank. Was it a premeditated kidnapping or someone did it deliberately?

He rubbed his temples and made sure it was Stacie in the picture after confirming it for a few times. He took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. After several times, he could think straight.

First, he asked his secretary to prepare cash for him. The Secretary had been with him for many years and was familiar with his way of doing things, so she didn't ask much. After confirming the time, Andrew hung up the phone.

Then he made a call to Baker. The latter had found out what kind of car Stacie was in, but Andrew didn't ask him about it. He just implied that he was in a little trouble. They had known each other for many years and were already familiar with each other.

Sometimes, as long as he said a word, Baker could understand what he meant and what he was going to do.

Since Andrew couldn't call the police, he had to deal with it in secret. Moreover, he had to deal with it as soon as possible. Stacie was more than seven months pregnant, and it would be more than a month before the baby was born. It was dangerous. He couldn't afford to risk anything.

He hinted Baker to call Louis and ask him to handle this matter.

But Andrew couldn't call Louis himself because he was afraid that his phone would be monitored. It happened too suddenly. He suspected that the other party had planned it for a long time. Otherwise, why such thing would happen when they were about to register for their marriage?

After hanging up the phone, Andrew knead his forehead and felt a little pain. He was calm and thought about the place where Stacie might be taken. He didn't intend to go back to the company, but now he had to.

When he returned to the company, he asked his secretary to get a map of Li City. Stacie hadn't disappeared for a long time, and it had been two hours, which meant that she hadn't left the city yet. The photo the kidnapper had just sent was taken in a warehouse, on which there were a lot of sand that hadn't been cleaned. That place with sand was not far from the construction site.

There were several construction sites in Li City now. He asked his secretary to take notes while thinking.

When Louis arrived at Duan Group, he had put on makeup. He was born a little sexy, and when he dressed up as a woman, he looked even more stunning.

He was wearing a long dress with big flowers patterns, which was a little Bohemia style. He even wore an exaggerated silver earring, which made the tinkle sound when he swayed. His face was delicately made up, especially his flaming red lips, looking charming and seductive.

He was a real man. If he was a woman, he would be exceedingly beautiful.

Louis sat d

own at his desk, winked at Andrew and said with a charming smile, "Mr. Duan, what can I do for you?"

At the first sight of him, Andrew almost burst into laughter. Normally, he would make fun of him, but at this time, he had no mood to make jokes. He was perturbed, and could not care about anything else. "Louis, help me find someone!"

Stacie didn't know how long she had slept. When she woke up, she found herself in a sealed warehouse, and a faint light flooded in. She felt a little pain in her stomach and recalled what happened before she passed out. After getting out of the car, she followed Allen and answered the phone of Andrew. But she didn't expect that she fainted as soon as she entered a shop.

She struggled and felt her limbs weak. More importantly, her arms were tied and she couldn't move!

What was going on? She followed behind Allen. Why was she here? Who kidnapped her? What did they want to do?

"Allen!" She tried to call his name. If Allen was there, he would protect her from getting hurt.

Without hearing any response, Stacie called several more times. With a sudden squeak, the door of the warehouse was opened with a bang. Several strange men appeared in front of Stacie. Someone asked, "Are you awake?"

"Who are you? What do you want to do?" At the sight of these strangers, Stacie was shocked and her belly began to ache.

"It doesn't matter who we are!" The man who had just spoken said again, looking greedily at the face of Stacie. "I heard that you are the fiancee of Mr. Andrew. I don't know if he knows that his future wife is... Will he still be willing to marry you?"

They thought that Stacie was beautiful. But unfortunately, she was pregnant.

'Are they the enemies of Andrew?' Thinking of this, Stacie frowned and looked at them in fear, but she said in a consulting tone, "Since you know that I'm his fiancee, can you let me go first? I'll give you money!"

"Well, how much are you willing to pay?" The man in the lead asked.

"How much do you want?" Stacie was frightened, but she had to put herself together at this critical moment. How could she save herself? If she was destroyed by these scums, she would definitely be ashamed to see Andrew. Who on earth hated her so much that they had to destroy her?

"Ten million dollars!"

Stacie intake of breath and had an urge to retort. But she knew that she was too weak to fight against them now and that she could only use her brain now. So she softened her voice and said in a negotiable tone, "Okay, I'll give you money. Let me go!"

The man on the other side suddenly burst into laughter. Someone squatted down and raised Stacie's chin. "We want the money, and you should behave yourself tonight."

Stacie didn't dare to resist, but she was still trying to save herself. "If you let me go now, I promise I won't avenge you. You will get a lot of money and live a comfortable life in the future. But if you touch me now, no matter where you go, Andrew will catch you and smash you into pieces!"

Seeing that his men were actually stimulated by her, the man in the lead suddenly raised his hand and slapped hard on Stacie's faces. He laughed with disdain, "Bros, did you hear what she said? She actually tried to buy us off. She really doesn't know who she is. How can we believe what you said?"

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