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   Chapter 16 Are You Still Going To Get Married

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Before Stacie sat down on the sofa, she was shocked to hear this. She stood up from the sofa and said without hesitation, "He said nothing. Don't think too much."

Such an explanation would make people think more. Evelyn's eyes were sharp. "Sister, I haven't had a boyfriend yet. Can you share with me your experience of falling in love with my brother-in-law? I can learn something from you, so that I won't be deceived in the future!"

"Evelyn, I really don't have any experience!" Was she in love with Andrew? No, it was not. She only had a transaction with him. In the end, she found an excuse to go upstairs because she couldn't handle the problem of Evelyn.

At the same time, Evelyn's face suddenly darkened. She sequenced the orange into juice with her fingers with strength. 'Stacie, do you think it's so easy for you to marry Andrew?' she thought to herself.

The next morning, the driver sent by Andrew arrived at the villa. Stacie was still wearing simple maternity clothes, and she didn't even put on makeup. However, Evelyn was dressed very exquisite, and she was wearing a white embroidered dress.

In fact, Evelyn and Stacie were alike in some ways, and their noses and mouths were almost the same. Only their eyes made the two very different. Stacie's eyes were clear and pure, just like a piece of jade. However, Evelyn's eyes didn't have any of it. Therefore, if one looked carefully, they would soon be able to distinguish the difference between the two sisters.

After getting in the car, Evelyn kept asking Stacie about the feeling of getting married, but Stacie didn't feel anything. If she didn't marry the one she loved, marriage actually meant nothing for a woman.

Evelyn was still making fun of Stacie, until she suddenly said, "Sister, you are married today. If Allen knows it, will he be very sad?"

The originally calm mood of Stacie was suddenly stirred up, and a clear figure appeared in her heart. That person was as handsome and elegant, causing a tremble in her heart!

Her fingers shuddered. She had restrained herself, but she was still trembling, which made her a little confused and flustered, as if the secret that she had buried in her heart for many years had been exposed. 'Allen. How long has it been since anyone mentioned this name to me?' Stacie thought.

"Evelyn, let bygones be bygones." Stacie's words were somewhat powerless. She felt very depressed and painful. She asked the driver to open the window, and a cold wind blew in, alleviating the heavy and pain in her heart.

The car stopped at an intersection. Stacie's eyes inadvertently swept out of the car, but when she saw a figure, she suddenly pushed the door open, got out of the car and chased after him.

"Sister!" Evelyn didn't expect that. She shouted at Stacie's figure and followed her out of the car.

When Evelyn caught up with Stacie, the latter was like a lost child, frozen in place, with blank eyes. Beside her was the endless stream of traffic, and she stood in the middle of the road, confused and helpless. Evelyn stopped and carefully called, "Sister, what's wrong?"

"It's Allen. He's back..." The words seemed to cut her throat, hurting her.

"How could it be possible? How could Allen come back at this time? Stacie, did you mistake him for someone else?" Obviously, Evelyn didn't believe it. Her voice was full of surprise.

How could she be wrong? It just had been five years, how could she mistake him for someone else? Moreover, that person was indeed Allen.

Stacie's eyes were still searching until she saw the figure across the street again. Her heart was nervous again. "Evelyn, go and tell Andrew that I'll be there later."

Before Evelyn could answer, Stacie had already rushed across the street.

When Stacie chased after that man, he suddenly bent over and got on a car. Stacie was so anxious that she finally called out the name that had been lingering in her heart for many years, "Allen..."

But the man didn't stop. He bent over and started the car. After waiting for two seconds, Stacie reached out to hail a taxi by the roadside and said to the driver, "Follow that car."

The car turned left and right in the streets and lanes, and Stacie's palms were full of sweat, wet and a little damp. Her heart beat fast, as if she was doing a very dangerous thing, but it was worth to take the risk if Allen could come back.

It was not until Andrew called that Stacie realized what she had missed. She had forgotten that she and Andrew were going to get married today, and he had already arrived and was waiting at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Andrew leaned against the car sluggishly. There were a lot of ginkgo trees on the street, and occasionally the wind blew. The golden ginkgo leaves floated from the sky slowly, like little fairies landed on the mortal world.

He wore a gray suit with a plaid shirt and a dark tie, looking gentle and serious, and had an unattainable charm. He lit up the cigarette between his fingers, and it generated wisp of smoke in the air with his movements.

Finally, a cigarette was burnt out. He flicked it casually, and the cigarette butt fell into the trash can. The man's eyes had already been filled with coldness. He looked at the woman in a dress aside and asked, "What did you say just now?"

He said lightly, as if nothing had happened. With red eyes, Evelyn said, "Broth

er-in-law, my sister... She has something to deal with, so he might not be able to come."

"Why?" After the phone call, Andrew was sure that Stacie had left the villa. Although she was not so enthusiastic about the marriage, there was no reason for her to stand him up at this time.

"We met an old friend on the way. They haven't met each other for many years, so maybe..." But Evelyn couldn't continue. She glanced at Andrew timidly and asked tentatively, "Brother-in-law, should we wait a little longer?"

But she knew that it was impossible for Stacie to come here.

Andrew didn't say anything more. He wondered whether that person was a man or a woman. As far as he knew, Stacie didn't have many friends. Who could make her give up coming to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register for marriage today?

The ginkgo leaves were falling slowly, as if time had been frozen at this moment. Andrew then took out his mobile phone and dialed a number, again and again, but the other party did not answer. Until his patience was completely exhausted, the phone finally connected.

It was Stacie's cold voice, "Andrew, I'm sorry..."

"Are you still going to get married?" He asked in a calm tone, as if it was not his marriage.


"Come here now. I'll wait for you at the Civil Affairs Bureau."

"But Andrew, can we register another day? I have something to do now..." The woman's voice was hesitant and a little nervous. She could marry Andrew at any time, but perhaps this was the only chance to see Allen.

"Stacie, come back soon. I will only give you one chance. If you don't come today, never come back in the future!" Andrew's voice was cold. He felt like a gust of fierce wind in the winter suddenly poured into the depths of his heart.

He was frosty. When Stacie was about to say something, she suddenly screamed and hung up the phone the next second.

Andrew frowned. A bad feeling spread in his heart. He called Stacie again, but her phone was turned off.

What was this woman doing!

He knew clearly that Stacie was completely dependent on him in her life. She couldn't be absent from today's registration for no reason unless there was something important. And who on earth was the person she wanted to see so desperately?

What made her give up everything and insist on going to see that person?

The phone rang several times, but it was still powered off. He held the phone tightly, as if he was going to crush it into pieces. His handsome face clouded over. Evelyn looked at his dark handsome face...

She was delighted secretly, but she tried to explain, "Brother-in-law, don't be angry. My sister didn't mean to do that. She just hadn't seen Allen for many years. She might be a little excited when she saw Allen. She promised to marry you and wouldn't change her mind. Brother-in-law, please give her more time. I'm going to find her now. I'll find her for you."

"No, thanks. You can go back first." Andrew said indifferently, with no expression on his face, which was frightening.

However, it seemed that there was a hint of surprise on her face, but there was a hint of joy in her heart. She explained to him, but she was just trying to make mischief between Stacie and Andrew. "Brother-in-law, I apologize to you for my sister. Don't blame her. She has been waiting for Allen for so many years. She actually doesn't want to do that. In her heart, you still have a very important position!"

He was indeed important in Stacie's heart, but not as important as Allen. Somehow, Andrew felt that Evelyn was very annoying. He didn't even want to listen to her one more word. "Go back, Evelyn. I have something else to do!"

Evelyn was stunned. Didn't Andrew want to get married in a hurry? As long as Stacie didn't show up, she could marry him. But before she could say it, he refused her cruelly.

Andrew sat in the car without turning on the air conditioner. It was a little hot. He didn't step on the gas until he sweated a little. He wandered aimlessly in the streets and lanes while driving the car, like a homeless child.

Although he told herself not to care about what Evelyn had said, some words were engraved in his mind.

Stacie liked someone whose name was Allen. That man was so important to her that she could give up their marriage for him.

Bitterness spread in the tip of his tongue. He thought he had done so much to make her moved, but he never thought that in her heart, he was not as good as that man. Sadness spread in his heart. Andrew had been a noble and domineering man since childhood, and he always took control of many things. He was not used to being easily changed by others.

He had been scheming and setting up traps step by step, but in the end, things did not go as his plan.

'Stacie, you win this time. You even trample on my self-esteem. Do you think I want to be with you? If not... If it weren't for Duan family, how could I marry you?' Andrew thought.

He clenched his fists and coughed. A feeling of powerlessness spread in his heart and swept him over. He was helpless and desperate. An indescribable pain rose from his heart. He covered his chest and gasped for breath.

It took him a long time to suppress the sharp pain. He calmed down and his eyes were as deep as the abyss. Finally, he called Baker Zhuang. The words were very simple. "Baker, help me investigate a person."

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