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   Chapter 15 It's Impossible For Her To Be With Him

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Andrew looked indifferent. When he saw Evelyn, he smiled and said, "I'll go upstairs to take a shower." He was tired after a busy day.

"Okay, I'll go upstairs and run a bath for you." Without waiting for his answer, Evelyn ran upstairs. Frowning, Andrew asked the butler beside him, "Where is Stacie?"

The butler was not surprised at what Evelyn did. He said respectfully, "Sir, Miss Stacie is in the kitchen."

Andrew nodded and went to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Stacie asked Aunt Zhan to teach her how to make the soup. The two of them talked and laughed like a mother and a daughter. Andrew couldn't help but walk lightly and quietly looked at the two.

This scene was so beautiful and simple, but it had left a deep impression in his mind.

The fragrance of the kitchen floated out and filled his nose. There was a faint fragrance, and the sweetness of warmth, was like the taste when his mother made soup in his childhood. His heart moved, and even his eyes were softer.

It was not until Aunt Zhan found Andrew that she said in surprise, "Sir, when did you come back?"

"I just arrived. What we have for dinner tonight?" Andrew asked casually.

Aunt Zhan randomly said several dishes, some of which were the favorite of Andrew and Stacie. She had taken care of Stacie for a period of time, and had already known her taste. Now that Stacie was about to give birth, she naturally had to be more considerate.

"Okay, I'll go upstairs and take a shower. You guys eat first." After saying that, Andrew looked at Stacie again. The girl was wearing a sky blue maternity dress, which set off her eyebrows and eyes as clean as snow, and she was wearing an apron with peach blossom patterns, gentle and clean.

Feeing his attentive gaze, Stacie greeted, "You're back."

"Yes." Satisfied, Andrew turned around and left the kitchen.

Looking at his receding figure, Stacie felt that he was like the lotus flourished in the early summer, pure and fresh. He was so beautiful and clean. Aunt Zhan deliberately shook her finger in front of Stacie and smiled, "My lady, do you fall in love with Mr. Andrew?"

"No, Aunt Zhan. What are you talking about?" Would she still have a chance to love someone else in her life? Andrew was so excellent and noble. He and she would never be in love.

She would never fall in love with this man, never.

"Mr. Andrew is handsome and capable. It's normal that you like him, but we can't be hasty in love affairs. You should observe more." Aunt Zhan couldn't help reminding Stacie something even though she knew that she shouldn't say so.

"Aunt Zhan, you overthink this. There will be no result between me and him." The two of them got married for their own interests. She wanted him to protect her safety, and she hadn't found out what kind of benefits he could get from this marriage for the time being.

Upstairs, Evelyn had already prepared the bath water and tested the temperature. After waiting for a long time, Andrew didn't come up. When she was about to go out, Andrew pushed the door open and came in.

Andrew's room was just like his own, elegant and noble, showing the noble and extraordinary taste of men everywhere. The room was mainly dark, and occasionally there was a touch of white, which eased the heavy colors.

He went straight into the bathroom and saw that Evelyn was still there. He couldn't help frowning slightly, but she had already thrown herself to him like a butterfly. She put her soft hand on his tie, gently pulled it and loosened it. She said in a soft voice, "Brother-in-law, you must be very tired at work recently. I have put some essential oil in the water to relie

ve your fatigue, which is helpful for your sleep at night."

Her white fingers touched the man's chest intentionally, intending to arouse the man's desire. Andrew smelled the fresh, soft and light scent from her, which was different from that of Stacie. Stacie always had a cold fragrance, as if she was an aloof beauty and always kept people at a distance. There was a fruit fragrance on the girl in front of her, which was a little strong, but not pungent enough to arouse aversion.

With no expression on his face, Andrew said, "Evelyn, I can handle it myself. You can go downstairs to accompany your sister!"

"Brother-in-law, you must be tired after a whole day's work. Let me bathe you tonight!" It seemed that Evelyn didn't realize the refusal in Andrew's words. She was still gentle and sweet. Her fingers had already skillfully unbuttoned the two buttons on the man's shirt, revealing the man's tan chest. At one glance, her heart could not help beating fast.

But Andrew held her hand with little strength, which was enough to make the woman unable to move. "No, I'm fastidious about personal hygiene!"


"Get out!" The two words were simple and direct, like an order, or a refusal.

Seeing that the man's eyes darkened without any response, Evelyn reluctantly walked out of the bathroom. When the door behind her closed, her face suddenly darkened. Tomorrow, Stacie was going to register for marriage with Andrew, and she would never allow this wedding to happen.

That night, Andrew didn't live in his villa. The Duan family called him to go back. After dinner, he was about to leave. Before he left, he shouted, "Stacie, come here."

Stacie stood up and obediently came to the man's side. In the dim light, the man's face looked more charming and eye-catching. His eyes were soft, and a twinge of tenderness was gleaming in them. When Stacie thought that she would marry this man tomorrow, a dash of softness spread in her heart. "What's wrong?"

"We will register for our marriage tomorrow. I'll ask the driver to pick you up. Go to bed early tonight." Andrew couldn't help but reach out and touch her hair. His action was a little pampering, but also a little helpless.

"You too. Go to bed early."

"Then I'll go out first."

"Be careful on the way." The two seemed to treat each other with formality. Seeing that she didn't have any reaction, Andrew couldn't help touch her nose again. His voice was so low that only the two could hear, "Shouldn't you kiss goodbye your husband?"

Stacie's face suddenly flushed. He hesitated for a long time and didn't know what to do.

Seeing the shy look of the woman, and her clear eyes were full of shyness and embarrassment, his mouth couldn't help but tilt slightly upwards at the corners. Finally, he bent over and kissed the woman. The soft kiss landed on her lips like petals.

In an instant, Stacie's face became redder, like the peach blossoms. It was not until Andrew's laughter faded away that she touched her face. Well, it was a little hot.

What was Andrew doing? He knew she was pregnant with another man's child. Why did he kiss her?

It was... How could he kiss her without her permission? She was not prepared at all.

Ah, ah, ah, ah! She lost her first kiss like this! Stacie went back to the living room, in a daze, noticing the gossip hidden in Evelyn's eyes. Evelyn peeled a piece of orange and fed it to her mouth. The original sweet orange was now a little bitter at this moment. In fact, Evelyn saw what happened just now. She then clicked her tongue and joked, "Sister, what did my brother-in-law say to you? Why are your face so red?"

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