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   Chapter 14 We Fall In Love With Each Other Naturally

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Tangye Wanzi Characters: 7606

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Stacie and her brother lived in Andrew's villa. As the two of them slowly recovered, the melancholy in Stacie's eyes finally dissipated. In the past few days, she had been taking care of the two people in person, hoping that they could recover as soon as possible.

Colin was shocked by the accident, but Stacie kept him company and relieve his grief. He was a little confused about Stacie's pregnancy, but Stacie didn't know how to explain it. However, Andrew said that the baby in Stacie's belly was his and they were about to get married.

The marriage between the two was settled in this way. Stacie had never thought that she would get married so early, and marry a perfect man like Andrew. He was like a God, supporting her, protecting her, and giving her everything.

Andrew assured her that he would handle everything related to the Qiao family. All she needed to do was to wait for the delivery and their marriage.

Colin also went back to school, but there was a car picking him up every day. Stacie didn't need to worry about his safety at all.

But she couldn't understand why Andrew insisted on marrying her.

One day, Andrew proposed to pay a visit to her uncle's family before their marriage. Stacie didn't want to go, but Davis was still her family. After thinking for a while, she bought a gift and went to her uncle's with Andrew.

Since Stacie was pregnant, she had never been back to her uncle's. This sudden visit was very surprising, especially when Davis saw that Stacie was pregnant. He was dumb with disbelief. But Jean knew the details and welcomed the two in.

"Why didn't you tell me in advance? You came back all of a sudden and we didn't prepare anything for you at home." Jean was stunned for a moment, and then said politely. After Stacie was pregnant, the Qiao family gave Jean a large amount of money to pay off all her debts. Now she no longer gambled, and her small family was doing better.

"Uncle, aunt, I'm getting married." Stacie proclaimed her purpose directly.

"Ah, you are getting married?" Looking at Andrew, Jean was confused.

"Yes, I'm going to marry Andrew. Uncle, aunt, thank you for taking care of me for so many years. This is my gift!" From the beginning to the end, Stacie was very polite in every respect.

She really didn't want to quarrel with her aunt. After all, she was going to get married. What's the point of arguing again?

After leaving her uncle's house, she would take care of herself. Let bygones be bygones. They were family, so there was no need to make things too embarrassing.

"Are you going to marry into the Duan family?" Davis suddenly put out the cigarette and asked in disbelief. Of course he knew Andrew. Stacie's father had worked in the Duan Group before he died. But now, why did Stacie have a relationship with Duan family again?

"Uncle, Andrew is very kind to me. We..."

"Come here. I have something to ask you." Davis stood up and said in a rare deep voice.

After closing the door, Davis asked directly, "Stacie, what happened between you and Andrew? Why did you marry him?"

"It's natural for us to fall in love with each other."

"Is your baby his?"


"Stacie, have you forgotten how the Duan family forced your father to die?" Seeing no expression on Stacie's face, Davis was even more angry. Although he didn't mention it to her in the past few years, he still remembered his brother's death.

Stacie clenched her fists, her nails almost piercing into her flesh. "Uncle, I'm here today just to inform you to attend my wedding. No matter what you say, I won't change my mind! I'm going to marry him!"

Seeing her insist, Davis suddenly sighed, "If you do so, how can I explain it to your father?"

When Stacie walked out of the room, to her surprise, her c

ousin, Evelyn, had come back and was sitting next to Andrew. The two of them were talking and Evelyn kept laughing.

As soon as Evelyn saw Stacie come out, she stood up in a hurry. Obviously, Evelyn's attitude was different from before. "Sister, you're back."

"Evelyn, is your class over?" The two of them acted as if they had never quarreled, as if they were biological sisters. It was not until Andrew saw that Stacie was a little tired that he proposed to go back. Evelyn stepped forward and held Andrew's arm gently.

Andrew wanted to avoid him, but he refrained himself because she was the younger sister of Stacie. Evelyn was close to him with a beautiful smile, as if she was an innocent and pure-minded girl. "Brother-in-law, it's so late. You can go back after dinner!"

For Andrew, Andrew was the most handsome man she had ever seen. She had never known that a man could be so handsome and charming. He had a beautiful face, a noble identity and a powerful background. Her heart beat wildly, and her face flushed.

She fell in love with this man at first sight, but why did he fall in love with Stacie?

Stacie was pregnant. Why did he want to marry her? Evelyn thought that she must have used some ploys or dirty tricks. Evelyn was unwilling to give up, and her words were soft and sweet, making people unable to refuse.

Stacie didn't notice what was on Evelyn's mind, but Andrew did. He pulled away his arms calmly and said, "Uncle, aunt, dinner is ready at my home. We're going back. We can have dinner some other day!"

"Well, brother-in-law, please come here often!" After saying goodbye to the two, the three of them went back home. Evelyn asked her mother about the situation secretly. "Mom, didn't you say last time that my sister had been surrogacy for someone else? Is she carrying my brother-in-law's child?"

Jean didn't expect that Evelyn would ask such a question. With a strange look on her face, she said, "It's none of your business."

Evelyn pouted unwillingly and went back to her room. But when she closed the door, her eyes suddenly darkened. Why could such a dirty woman like Stacie marry Andrew while carrying with another man's child? She would not let Stacie's wish come true!

Davis was surprised. After his daughter went back to her room, he asked, "Jean, who is the father of Stacie's baby?"

"It's none of your business. Anyway, she is going to marry Andrew. You will be rich and powerful in the future."

"Jean, don't forget that Duan family is the one who had hurt my brother. Do you think it will be so easy for Stacie to marry into the Duan family?" Davis didn't think this marriage would have a good result, but he had just talked with Stacie in the room. Seeing that she had made up her mind, Davis was afraid that she wouldn't change her mind easily. Stacie had been stubborn since childhood, and what had happened in the past might have left an indelible impression on her.

Stacie's belly was getting bigger and bigger, and it was more and more inconvenient for her to move. Andrew used some methods and asked Aunt Zhan to continue to take care of Stacie, and every time Stacie asked about the Qiao family, he would prevaricate to make her believe him completely.

As time went by, Stacie no longer asked any more questions. Instead, Evelyn had changed her usual attitude towards Stacie. She often went to Andrew's villa and was very considerate to Stacie.

After Andrew came back, Evelyn took the initiative to take care of Andrew and called him brother-in-law with a coquettish tone.

Today, when Andrew returned home as usual, Evelyn heard the noise and ran downstairs. She took the briefcase from his hand and warmly greeted him, "Brother-in-law, you're back. Do you want to take a shower or have dinner first?"

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