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   Chapter 13 It's Not A Good Place To Propose

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Tangye Wanzi Characters: 6823

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After the man threatened, he shook Colin's body again. It seemed that as long as he loosened his grip, Colin would stumble into the cliff.

It was such a high distance. If Colin fall down to the ground, he would be dead.

With tears welling up in her eyes, Stacie turned around and looked at Andrew. Her voice was choked with sobs, and it was difficult to call his name. "Andrew?"


"You can leave now. This is my private affair with them."

"What did they ask you to do?" Andrew stopped and wiped the sweat off her face. He didn't scold Stacie, nor was he angry. He was calm as if nothing had happened. He knew that Stacie made an impetuous decision, but he couldn't bear to blame her.

Even if he wanted to teach her a lesson, he would talk about it when they went back. Now the top priority was to turn the table.

"They ask all of you to go back and leave me here alone."

"Okay, I'll let them go." Without any doubt, Andrew began to call his men and tell them to leave immediately. When everyone retreated, the kidnappers suddenly asked Stacie to go over.

But this time, Andrew didn't agree. He stood in front of Stacie and tried to negotiate with them, "I know you want a hostage. Now Stacie is pregnant, it's not convenient for you to take her away. After all, if she suddenly has a stomachache and premature birth, you will be in trouble, so I have a suggestion. Why don't you let me be your hostage?"

Speaking of this, he paused for a moment. He felt that Stacie grabbed his hand gently and exerted force. Her voice was firm and strong. "Andrew, no, this is my business. I can't get you involved."

She couldn't be more grateful to him since he had done a big favor for her. Why did he have to get himself involved?

"Don't worry. I'll take care of everything." The man lowered his voice a little, and then raised his head. With a confident smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "You should know my identity. I'm the boss of these people. If I'm in your hands, they won't dare to act rashly for my safety. Moreover, I promise to let you leave safely. But if there is anything wrong with the two siblings of the Tong family, I won't let go of anyone here. You should think about my proposal."

Andrew seemed to do it for their sakes. His tone was neither humble nor pushy, but it seemed that he did not leave any room for negotiation.

After a long while, the man nodded. He would also leave with Colin, but Stacie didn't agree and wanted to refuse. Andrew then replied before she could say anything, "Okay, I promise you. But now you have to let Stacie go down the mountain immediately."

In order to gain the kidnappers' trust, Andrew took off his coat and threw it to Stacie, indicating that he didn't have any weapon on him. Then the kidnapper acquiesced in his approaching, but Stacie grabbed him and said, "Andrew, don't go."

"Stacie, wait for me down the mountain." Andrew said gently, "If I come back, can you marry me?"

It was not a good place to propose. There were no flowers, no rings, and no blessings. There were only disaster and death. Stacie didn't dare to cry. She could only cover her mouth tightly and nodded desperately. "Okay."

"Don't cry. Go down the mountain now!" Andrew comforted her.

Stacie's lips were broken, and the smell of blood spread in her throat. She left step by step, while Andrew went up the mountain in the

opposite direction. The two of them were like parallel lines that would never intersect...

Tears quickly blurred her sight, silently sliding down along her cheeks. She could hardly see the road in front of her, but she knew that she would only get Andrew into trouble here. She was so stupid, so stupid!

She couldn't help but slap herself two times. If something happened to Andrew, she would never forgive herself, never. Tears came out again. She didn't dare to cry loudly, but only silently and wordlessly.

God, please don't let anything happen to Andrew and Colin.

Please let them come back safely.

Suddenly, a gunshot echoed in the mountain and resounded through the sky. Stacie was stunned and rooted to the spot. Who shot and who get hurt? Would Andrew be okay? How about Colin? Was Colin okay?

She ran up the mountain crazily, and the security guards who had already retreated came out from nowhere. The gunshots continued, but she felt cold all over her body. Every step she took was like a knife piercing her heart.

It was still the scene just now, but the situation had changed. Andrew, who initially asked her to leave, was aiming at the kidnappers with gun in his hand.

And he held Colin in his arms and stood by the cliff.

At that moment, the wind seemed to be strong, and Stacie was almost unable to open her eyes and see the scene clearly.

However, she felt that the man's figure was unusually tall, which could support her whole world and give her a sense of security.

Two hours later, they returned to Andrew's private villa. After the doctor examined Colin and gave him an intravenous drip, Stacie noticed that Andrew's arm was injured.

The blood was dark red and dyed his clothes red. The color almost stung Stacie's eyes, but he didn't say anything, as if nothing had happened. "Andrew, why?"

Why did he treat her so well? She was just an insignificant person in his world.

"Silly girl, I'm fine. It's just a bruise." Andrew didn't explain what happened on the mountain.

"Andrew, does it hurt?" Her voice choked with sobs. She didn't dare to cry for fear of annoying him, but how could she describe the feeling in her heart with mere words? At that moment, she seemed to have the first person she could rely on in the past three years.

"It doesn't hurt. Stacie, I'm fine. And Colin will be okay. You have to trust me." After Andrew finished his words, the doctor came over and was about to take Andrew to deal with the wound.

So Stacie went to see Colin. Colin was still young and had been drugged. Moreover, he had been in a coma for such a long time, and she was worried to death.

Because of the gunshot wound, Andrew didn't plan to go to the hospital in order to avoid any trouble, so he went back to his villa. He sat on the sofa leisurely and let others deal with his wound.

"Andrew, you are messing around!" The doctor was a friend of Andrew. He couldn't help frowning when he saw Andrew's wound.

"I know what I'm doing."

"Have you thought about what I said to you?"

"I will be fine." Andrew said expressionlessly. He looked up slightly, but his eyes were somewhat deep. After all, Stacie had believed him more and more, hadn't she?

Therefore, this shot was worth it.

Thinking of this, Andrew's mouth suddenly tilted upwards at the corners. His smile was like the sun emerged from the cloud in all its glory.

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