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   Chapter 12 This Call Is Later Than I Expected

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Although Stacie's fingers were shaking violently, she tried her best to hold back her fear. She thought she could calm down and not make more trouble, but she was restless in the car. She felt suffocated and jittery. If she didn't see Colin with her own eyes, she couldn't calm down.

"Andrew, please take me to my brother. I promise I won't cause you any trouble, okay?"

As Stacie said, she didn't cause any trouble to Andrew along the way. The mountain road was bumpy, and she was seven months pregnant. She walked up the mountain step by step and didn't complain about it or give up.

It was already dusk. The sunset was in all its glory and dyed the mountains and rivers golden. It was a sad and bright color, which seemed to cover the scenery with a domineering aura. Finally, the two of them met the bodyguards guarding the mountain. They were not far from the mountain top, but for Colin's safety, they did not dare to take another step.

They had been in a stalemate for several hours. The kidnappers repeatedly asked Andrew's men to leave as soon as possible, or they would throw Colin down from the top of the mountain.

Below the mountain was an abyss. If people were thrown down from it, there was no way they could be alive.

Therefore, for a moment, no one dared to act rashly.

"Are you ready?" Andrew looked at the mountain, but his voice was steady. At this time, he couldn't panic. If he did, everything would be in a mess.

"Sir, everything is ready. We can go up to save him at any time."

"Do you think there is a possibility that he won't get hurt during the process?" Colin's safety was the most important thing, not to mention the fact that Stacie was still here. Stacie couldn't bear the slightest danger to her brother. If anything happened to Colin, Andrew was afraid that this woman would skin him alive.

"I think the possibility is fifty percent." The man was in a pickle.

"Why?" The bodyguards were hired by professional security companies, not to mention that some of them were from the Bai family. Everyone knew the power of the Bai family in Li City. Although Louis was not serious at usual, the Bai family was not weak.

"They have weapons." After hesitating for a while, the bodyguard finally told the truth.

As Stacie heard that they had guns, she was perturbed. She was a lawful citizen. Guns were far away from her life, but now she had to confront it.

Her lips trembled, and even her shoulders shuddered. It was not cold in the mountain, but she felt chilly all over. Her father said that the only thing he was concerned about in the world was his two children. He asked Stacie to take good care of Colin.

That was the last sentence her father left to her before he died.

Over the years, Colin was in poor health. Stacie was anxious and earned money desperately in order to cure Colin's disease. She was more sad than anyone else when Colin was sick. If it weren't for Colin's uremia, Stacie wouldn't have agreed to give birth to a child for the Qiao family.

She took a deep breath and felt that her eyes hurt. Her eyes were bitter and painful, but she bit her lips tightly and couldn't cry. 'Stacie, be strong. There will be a way, ' she thought.

She didn't know when she touched the phone and held it tightly in her hand.

Her palms were sweaty and uncomfortable. She took a look at Andrew, who was discussing the matter of saving people with others. Stacie carefully avoided the crowd, walked to the side and made a phone call. The phone was quickly connected, and the other party's voice came, "Miss Tong, this call is

later than I expected."

The voice was a little cold, like a ghost escaping from hell, pressing the heart of Stacie tightly. She took a deep breath and said, "Mr. Bruce, what can I do so that you can let my brother go?"

"Miss Tong is indeed a straightforward person, but..." Speaking of this, the man paused and said, "Miss Tong, you are not a smart girl. Do you think you can save your brother by getting Andrew and the Bai family involved? The Qiao family is very angry and said that they must teach you a lesson, or you will never know your mistakes!"

"What... What do you mean?"

"Ask them go down the mountain and leave right now, or your brother will be killed!" After saying that, he hung up the phone. Stacie covered her chest and looked into the distance. The top of the mountain was very close to her, but at this moment, she felt it was as far as the stars in the sky, which was beyond her reach.

The next second, her phone rang and a message came in. Stacie clicked it open and found that it was a short video.

On the top of the mountain, the young man in the video was casually thrown to the ground. The sun was slanting on his body. Someone kicked him a few times, but he was not conscious at all. His face was unusually pale.

Seeing that he didn't wake up, the man squatted down and pulled up Colin's collar. He then slapped Colin for two times, but the latter still didn't wake up.

He shook Colin a few more times with violence. The latter seemed to cough slightly, and his eyes moved, but did not open.

The video was over. The video had only a few seconds, but Stacie felt that time had frozen and her heart was wrenching. She was mad with rage. The next second, she rushed up the mountain crazily. Someone was asking her not to run any further, but she didn't listen.

She ran with all her strength, as if she couldn't see her brother anymore if she was late for one second.

The mountain wind was strong and the road was slick. She stumbled and felt as if her internal organs were churning and she was about to vomit. "Don't hurt him. Don't you want my life? I'll give it to you and compensate you. Please don't hurt my brother!"

She was so irrational and completely on the verge of breaking down!

However, Andrew didn't notice the situation of Stacie at all. When he noticed her, the latter ran forward like a lunatic. His brain went blank!

He then roared, "Stacie!"

But she didn't listen to him. How could she run so fast with such a clumsy body!

"Back off!" The kidnapper shouted.

Stacie was regardless of his warning, seeing that Colin was pulled up from the ground. "Colin!"

"Stacie!" This crazy woman! Andrew followed up with his men, but stopped more than ten meters away from Stacie, because he saw the weapon in the other party's hand was aiming at Stacie. As long as they pulled the trigger, she would die.

However, Stacie was not afraid. There was no fear in her eyes, but only worry. Until someone shouted, "Stop!"

Stacie finally halted. At this moment, Colin was only a dozen meters away from her. She breathed a sigh of relief, but her voice was trembling because she was too nervous. "I'm coming according to your requirements. Please let go of Colin, you can kill me as you like." If Qiao family wanted to revenge, it would be enough to come to her. Why did they get Colin into trouble?

The man covered his face, so Stacie couldn't see his face clearly, but he dragged Colin towards the edge of the cliff. He stood on there and said, "Miss Tong, let them leave at once, or I'll throw your brother down first!"

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