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   Chapter 11 Trust Me Now, Okay

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Since Colin was in trouble, Stacie couldn't calm down. It was impossible for her to find any result if she went out blindly. And the advantage of a man was also fully reflected on this matter at this moment. Andrew was calm, wise and calm to deal with things.

At this moment, Stacie finally understood the importance of power.

If there was such a person who can completely protect her when she need help, it was not bad for her to rely on him and marry him.

Andrew had scruples about the kidnappers' route of escape and the means of transportation, and Colin's life and safety must be guaranteed. After all, Colin must come back safe and sound. After the phone call, Stacie asked, "How is it going?"

"Don't worry. I won't let anything happen to Colin."

Stacie was still nervous. She clenched her fists and said, "Thank you, Andrew."

He took a look at her and didn't say anything. At this time, the phone rang again. Andrew went outside to answer the phone. His voice was very low. Stacie vaguely heard a few words, children, kidnapping, but most of them were not clear.

Three hours later, Stacie felt as if she was tied on the fire like a kebab, roasting on the fire. The tongue of the fire licked her body and slowly torment her. She was so desperate that she almost couldn't hold on.

Since Colin had an operation, she was not in good health. Those people must have used some method to kidnap Colin unconsciously. However, there was no progress from Andrew, and she almost went crazy.

She dialed a number, but before it was connected, Andrew, who came back from outside, patted it off. "What are you doing, Stacie?"

"I can't wait any longer. I'm afraid that something would happen to Colin. It's the Qiao family. They want me to give them an explanation. I promise them, even if I'm going to jail!" This was a trap for her from the very beginning.

But she was so stupid that she walked into the trap for the sake of Colin.

"Stacie, I have said that I will let Colin come back!" It was rare for Andrew to lose his temper. In the past few hours, he had been busy calling, searching online and confirming the news, but she couldn't wait for him.

"But I can't wait. Colin is in poor health and he can't bear it. I don't know what those people will do to him. I can't bear any risk. If they want to revenge, just come at me. Why do they get Colin into trouble?"

Stacie was on the verge of breaking down. If they wanted to kill her now, she would give them her life without hesitation.

"Stacie, look into my eyes!" The man's big hand encircled her waist and pulled her up into his arms. At such a close distance, it could be seen that the fire in the man's eyes was sparkling, like the stars in the sky.

His eyes were so beautiful. The amber color was as clear as spring. At this moment, his eyes were more firm, calm, confident, and even mixed with a stab of anger and disbelief.

Stacie wanted to look away, but his big hand passed through her hair and fixed the back of her head. The man's breath fell on her face, and even his voice was soft and almost sighed. "You believe me, don't you?"

"But..." It was not that she didn't believe him, but that she became desperate in the endless waiting.

"Stacie, since you have trusted me from the beginning, can you continue to believe me now? I'll find Colin back and he would be safe and sound." The man's voice was like coaxing, with light pampering, gentle as the shining stars in the sky, melting in her heart.

A cold summer wind blew in and lifted up the l

ong hair of Stacie. She was like a lost child, at a loss in this moment. When the man looked at her carefully, he found that she had an invisible halo, especially beautiful.

"Can I trust you?" Murmured Stacie.

"Yes, you can trust me again, just once. I won't let you down, okay?" The man whispered, and his voice was as soft as cotton candy, warm to the heart of Stacie. He was very close to her, and his affectionate eyes were like an unfathomable and deep sea, mysterious and fascinating.

The news came soon that Colin had been found.

Regardless of the pain in her feet, Stacie insisted on going out with Andrew. The latter had no choice but to ask someone to take a pair of large slippers and put them on her. He then said softly, "Your feet hurt. You are not allowed to get out of the car later."

After the car left the hospital, the bodyguards of the Duan family didn't stop them this time. After leaving the Li City, Andrew took Stacie to the expressway. Stacie had been pursing her lips and didn't say anything, as if she was afraid of disturbing him.

Until the car stopped at the foot of a mountain, Stacie became more and more nervous. "Andrew, is Colin here?"

"Yes." The man nodded silently as an agreement. He turned his head to look at the anxious look on Stacie's face and said in a soft tone, "Stacie, listen to me. I'm going up the mountain to save Colin now. You're pregnant and it's not convenient for you to come with me, so you wait for me at the foot of the mountain, okay?"

"No." This mountain was an undeveloped tourist area. Many things on the mountain were natural without any artificial embellishment. One could imagine how bad the environment and condition was. She really didn't dare to think about what Colin had suffered now.

Several cars had already stopped at the foot of the mountain. Stacie took a deep breath and said, "I'll go with you!"

"Stacie, it's really not good for your health." Andrew turned to look at Stacie next to him. The girl's eyes were full of earnest and stubbornness. She was so obstinate that for a moment he could not refuse her again, but Stacie really could not go with him.

"Don't you remember what you promised me just now? Be a good girl. I promise I will bring Colin back!" After comforting her, Andrew got out of the car. The moment the man stepped out of the door, several bodyguards guarding at the foot of the mountain greeted him in unison, "Mr. Andrew!"

"How is it going?" When he asked about the situation, someone quickly answered, saying that their men blocked the other party on the mountain and the other party asked them to retreat as soon as possible, or they would die with Colin there.

So the bodyguards were discussing the way to rescue Colin. Hearing this, Andrew frowned slightly, and his amber-colored eyes were still as calm as a tranquil lake. "Follow the plan, Smith. Be careful. Don't let anything happen to that boy!"

"Yes, sir." The man named Smith nodded and left with one of his men. Smith was once a member of the special forces, so he was confident in rescuing the hostage. But the mountain here was a little perilous and there was no place to hide themselves while advancing towards the stronghold.

After Smith left, Andrew thought for a moment and was about to go up the mountain, but his arm was suddenly grabbed by someone. He didn't know when Stacie got off the car. Her little face was as pale as plum blossoms in the wind, trembling. "Please, take me with you, okay?"

"Stacie, why are you doing this?" He sighed.

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