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   Chapter 9 If They Make A Scene, The Qiao Family Will Be Embarrassed

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After all, the upper class could allow some dirty things to be done in private.

However, once this secret was exposed, it would be known to all and the Qiao family would be disgraced!

"By the way, please tell Mr. Qiao that I have been very cooperative with your work from beginning to end. Such an accident is not entirely my responsibility. I think it is necessary to ask the police to investigate the matter clearly!"

Bruce had never thought that Stacie would be so straightforward. If he called the police and made the matter a big deal, the Qiao family's name would be mud. Moreover, Stacie was a mere little girl who didn't even have any backgrounds. How dare she not make a compromise in such situation.

Taking a stealthy glance at the handsome and cold man next to him, Bruce broke into a cold sweat on his forehead. "I will convey Miss Tong's messages to them, but Miss Tong, don't forget the agreement you signed at that time!"

At this moment, Stacie felt so regret that she really wanted to slap herself. At that time, she signed the contract without thinking twice for the medical fees of Colin. Now when she thought about it, she knew that it was an impetuous decision. And it was obviously a trap, but she still bite the bait.

"I didn't see clearly what contract I had signed at that time!" Stacie didn't want to admit it.

"Miss Tong, you signed the contract, and you have reached eighteen years old. You can be responsible for whatever you do." The lawyer didn't give in. He came here to give her a warning, but he didn't expect her to be so sharp-tongued.

"I was so stupid that I didn't check the contract I signed!" She continued to deny the fact.

At last, the lawyer couldn't bear it and said, "Miss Tong, please come with us!"

However, Stacie didn't play according to common sense and refused to go with them.

At the end of the quarrel, Andrew couldn't stand it anymore, so he said leisurely, "Sir, the doctor said that Miss Tong needs to rest quietly. I don't care what important thing you have now, but she can't leave the ward with you."

Stacie lay down on the bed in a hurry, groaning in pain. It seemed that she was really in pain while holding her belly. She had just had a car accident. Although she was not injured, it was reasonable that it would do harm to the fetus. After all, her baby was seven months old.

After the lawyer left, Stacie got up from the bed and said to Andrew with a sad face, "Mr. Duan, thank you."

Andrew didn't respond. He stood by the window, and the sun shone, making his charming features more clear and handsome. His thin lips were slightly compressed, as if they had formed a line, but the color was beautiful.

And he was tall, and the simple clothes could not hide his own domineering aura.

He squinted at her, but gave her an invisible pressure. "Stacie, what are you going to do?"

Stacie curled her lips and shook her two legs casually on the edge of the bed. Her little face was sad and her head was muddled. "I can only stall for time. The Qiao family still needs to maintain their image. I don't believe that they would make a scene!"

"But it's not a good idea!" The man reminded her.

Stacie was depressed and rubbed her belly. Her eyes were gloomy. "Yes, but what can I do? They have all the cards and I'm no match for them. Besides, I don't have any evidence to prove that someone changed the sperm during the operation. After all, it's my fault. I promised to give birth to a child for the son of the Qiao family, but the child is not his."

The more she thought about it, the more headache she had. She racked her brains and could not figure out a reason. Andrew looked at her angry little face. The

sun was soft and beautiful, and the woman's little face was more delicate under the sunshine. He could perceive the deep helplessness in her clear eyes.

However, the deep black color in her eyes did not change. It was like a deep magic pool, sucking people in the darkness.

He frowned and said slowly, "Actually, I have an idea."

Stacie's eyes lit up and she looked at him expectantly. Her eyes sparkled with excitement. She blinked at him and said, "What good idea do you have? Tell me!"

"Marry me. I'll help you solve all the problems!" The man said lightly.

'Are you out of your mind?' Stacie thought. The expectation in her eyes dissipated and changed into an unbelievable expression. If such things didn't happen, she could consider the possibility of Andrew's words.

But now she was pregnant with a baby whose father was unknown, and she was involved in such a big matter.

Was he crazy? Why did he want to marry her?

So, Stacie didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and finally made a miserable expression. "Mr. Duan, are you kidding me on purpose?" This man only wanted to make fun of her. She believed that there was no other reasonable explanation!

"Stacie, why don't you believe me?" The man's voice was obviously different from his previous confidence. Now his voice was low, as if a child had been rejected, so he was a little depressed, disappointed, and... Well, sad.

Somehow, Stacie saw these emotions in Andrew's eyes. "Mr. Duan, in fact..."

"You can think about it again. I'm not in a hurry. Stacie, what I said still holds. If you think it over and decided to marry me, I'll help you deal with all the crises." The man said seriously.

In the next few days, Stacie stayed in the ward to recuperate. She had asked Amy to take Colin to the countryside to hide for a few days, and she hardly got out from the ward. It seemed that she was taking a rest in the ward, but in fact, she was confined in the room and her activities were restricted. Mrs. Duan asked the bodyguards to guard outside. If Stacie went out, they would follow her closely, and even the lawyer came every day to remind her of the consequences of breaking the contract.

Stacie was jittery. Every time Aunt Zhan came, her eyes were filled with tears. She was worried about Stacie. She was still young, and she couldn't go to jail. If she was put behind bars, what should Colin do in the future?

One day, after the lawyer threatened Stacie and left as usual, Andrew was in the hospital and accompany a friend to have a physical examination. He then came to see Stacie while she was talking to Amy on the phone. "What did you say, Amy? Colin is missing? Isn't he at your home? What happened?"

Amy was so anxious that she was about to cry. Stacie asked her to take care of Colin, but she lost him today. She briefly told Stacie what had happened. Since Colin came to the Song family, he had a good time.

Unexpectedly, some strong men in black suddenly came to the village today. After they heard about the situation of the Song family, they found Colin who was playing with someone outside. They took him away without any reason, and most of the villagers didn't know Colin.

After Amy's mother found that Colin was missing, the villagers went to look for him. But those men in black had already disappeared with Colin, and Amy's family and villagers were still looking for Colin around the village.

Amy's mother then called Amy, so the latter immediately told Stacie the news. This news came like a bolt from the blue and almost made Stacie cry. Thinking of what the lawyer had said just now, Stacie felt that her internal organs were about to explode, and her anger was burning her nerves.

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