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   Chapter 8 No Matter What Happens, I Will Help You

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Tangye Wanzi Characters: 6815

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Looking at the woman's scrutinizing eyes, Andrew turned to ask, "Stacie, do you feel uncomfortable? I'll call the doctor to check you again. You are pregnant, so you'd better be more careful."

Then he rang the bell again to call the doctor.

Stacie had a bad feeling, "What happened?"

Andrew didn't say anything. Looking at his complicated expression, Stacie felt particularly uncomfortable. "What do you want to say? I can accept it."

The girl's eyes were so bright, and her beautiful eyes made Andrew feel a little guilty. "Stacie, no matter what happens, I will help you."

There was a touch of anger in Stacie's eyes. "If you don't tell me, I can ask Aunt Zhan."

At this moment, Aunt Zhan pushed the door open and came in. Seeing that Stacie had come around, she walked over in surprise. "Miss, you finally wake up!"

Looking at the red eyes of Aunt Zhan, Stacie's heart clenched more tightly. "Aunt Zhan, what's wrong?"

"My lady..." Aunt Zhan hesitated.

"Aunt!" Stacie shouted, and tears welled up in Aunt Zhan's eyes. "Miss, the baby in your belly is not the Qiao family's."

The news came as a bolt from the blue, and Stacie was dumbfounded with her eyes wide opened. She even had an urge to shout out!

"There must be something wrong. I'll ask Dr. Su. He won't lie to me!" Stacie jumped off the bed and walked out. Andrew grabbed her arm and said, "Calm down, Stacie!"

"Andrew, you don't know. If the child is not from the Qiao family, I..." She suddenly stopped talking and looked extremely cold. She pushed away Andrew and ran forward again. She didn't even feel hurt when she stepped on the stone road with bare feet.

When she opened the door, she saw Doctor Su who was still busy. "Doctor Su, tell me, who is the father of my baby?"

Dr. Su looked at Stacie. Without waiting for his answer, Stacie continued, without any logic in her words. Finally, Dr. Su interrupted her, "Enough!"

Stacie felt something stuck in her throat, and she cautiously and humbly said, "Doctor Su, tell me, is the baby in my belly Mr. Qiao's or not?"

Not far away, Andrew's pupils suddenly shrank.

It was Dr. Su who arranged everything for Stacie from the surrogacy to the pregnancy. Every time she came to the hospital for prenatal checkups, Doctor Su was responsible for it. So Stacie trusted him instinctively, and the latter shattered her hope. "No."

Stacie was mad and went crazy instantly. If the child was not the Qiao family's, then who was the child of her baby?

"Even you are lying to me." All of a sudden, Stacie fainted. Andrew stepped forward and held the woman in his arms. He found that although she was seven motions pregnant, she was surprisingly thin.

When Stacie woke up, it was in the morning. When she opened her eyes, she saw Andrew. The man was still wearing the clothes in the day, looking aloof and indifferent, as if everything in the world had anything to do with him.

Seeing her awake, he asked softly, "Are you awake?"

She didn't say anything. Her throat seemed to be cut by broken glass, and then someone sprinkled salt on her wound, which was so painful.

"Do you want to eat something?"

She didn't say anything. Her eyes were covered with a layer of gray, as if they had covered all the light in her life.

"Stacie, I know you are sad. No one wants such a thing to happen, but there will be a solution. Don't hurt yourse

lf like that. For the sake of the child, eat something, okay?" Andrew thought that he would never be patient with anyone in his life.

If she was not pregnant with Mr. Qiao's child, she could not afford the consequences of breaking the contract...

Thinking of this, Stacie sat up from the bed. She had to ask Amy to send Colin away from Li City as soon as possible, but Andrew pressed her shoulder and looked at the girl's flustered expression. "What are you doing?"

"I want to go home." Her words were full of anxiety.

Andrew's hands pressed down on both sides of her body, together with the cold fragrance on his body. His whole body covered her completely, as if he was her invincible prince, guarding her. For a moment, she had an impulse to rely on him, but her reason told her to be sober.

The man's words were warm and gentle, like a clear spring flowed over the bottom of her heart, blowing away the depression in her heart. "Stacie, you had a high fever last night, and now you are just awake. The doctor said that you need a good rest, and your feet don't hurt?"

Although her wound had been treated, the doctor reminded her that she still needed to rest in bed these days.

Reminded by him, Stacie felt a sharp pain in her feet. She hissed. The moment she looked at the man, she could see the gentle care in his eyes, just like the sunshine in spring. "I'm fine. I want to go home."

The morning light outside the window flooded in and covered the ward with a layer of light golden yellow, but her face was as pale as the transparent snow, which could be melted at any time. Anxiety was visible on her face. "Stacie, listen to me. I will handle it!"

When Stacie signed the contract with the Qiao family, if anything happened during the surrogacy, she had to bear the consequences of breaking the contract!

Although Stacie didn't know why the sperm was not the son of the Qiao family's during the surrogacy, she knew that it was either a plot, or someone did it on purpose.

"Andrew, I can't let you help me forever." She had grown up and had to learn to be responsible for many things.

After saying that, she got out of bed. The moment her feet touched the ground, Andrew could clearly hear her gasp in pain, but the woman was so stubborn that she gritted her teeth and held the pain back the next second.

Every step was like a needle pricking her heart. When she was about to call Amy, the door of the ward suddenly opened.

Standing at the door was the acting lawyer of the Qiao family, whose name was Bruce Xia. He was still a sober suit, followed by several bodyguards in black. When he saw the man in the ward, he was slightly stunned, but his eyes quickly shifted. He then looked at Stacie and greeted her expressionlessly, "Miss Stacie, what a coincidence!"

Stacie was rooted to the spot, and her lips were trembling. How could the Qiao family arrive so soon that she was not prepared at all, but she still nodded gently and said politely, "What's up?"

"Miss Tong, I'm the acting lawyer of the Qiao family. I hope you can give us a satisfactory result, or we can only meet in court." Bruce Xia said politely at the beginning.

With her heart beating fast, Stacie frowned and said, "Mr. Xia, then please go back and ask Mr. Qiao to sue me." After all, surrogacy was not legal. She would like to see if the Qiao family dared to make it public.

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