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   Chapter 7 If I Lose Colin, My Life Would Be Meaningless

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Jean smiled more happily, as if the vicious woman in the past was not her. "As long as you can give birth to a child for them, they will be responsible for all the medical affairs of Colin!"

"No way!" Stacie refused and then stood up to leave with her bag in hand. Jean then grabbed her and said, "Stacie, think it over. If you don't agree, Colin won't have the money to cure his disease. Do you want to let your brother die in the hospital?"

Without Colin, Stacie's life was meaningless.

Seeing that Stacie's attitude softened a little, Jean pulled her to sit down together, as if she was doing this for Colin's sakes. "Stacie, think about it. Now there is such a good opportunity to make Colin restore his health. Are you willing to give up?"

In the hospital, Stacie said indifferently, "Mrs. Zhan, everything is ready."

"Stacie, have you made up your mind?" The conditions offered by the other party were quite generous, but after all, Stacie was still a child. Giving birth to a child meant that her entire life was different.

"I've made up my mind." "Mrs. Zhan, please help my brother," said Stacie expressionlessly.

The only condition she put forward was that if she entered the operating room, Colin's operation should be arranged immediately.

"Don't worry." Mrs. Zhan nodded. How could she refuse Stacie at this time?

Before Stacie fell asleep under the anesthetic, she asked herself in a daze, 'Stacie, do you regret it?'

She didn't know how long she had slept. When she woke up again, she was already in the ward. Everything was as white as snow. She felt dizzy and sat up with her arms supporting the bed. Soon someone came in.

"Am I pregnant?" That question was somewhat embarrassed.

In a VIP ward, a man in light blue hospital uniform stood outside the window. It was at dusk, but the sky seemed to be dyed with a thick gray smoke, which was heavy and pressed on people's heart, as if they could not breathe smoothly.

All of a sudden, he felt a sharp pain in his heart. Cold sweat quickly covered his face. The doctor quickly took out the medicine and fed him a few pills. After a long time, he suddenly said indifferently, "Do you think what I did is right?"

"Sir, your health is the most important, and you did this for the Duan family."

"Yes, everything is for the Duan family..." He smiled coldly, as if the last ray of sunshine had faded away in the sky. This year, the winter of the Li City was really cold.

Seven months later, it was hot summer.

At dusk, the sunshine was not so hot in the sky. The beautiful evening glow spread half the sky in all its glory. Colin's body had already recovered, and now he returned to school.

After taking a walk downstairs, Stacie went upstairs. When she opened the door, she changed into non-slip slippers and raised her voice, "Aunt Zhan, what did you cook tonight? Baby is hungry!"

A woman couldn't understand how hard it really was to carry a baby until she was pregnant. When Aunt Zhan ran out and saw Stacie, she asked in surprise, "Miss, why did you come back so soon today?"

Usually, she would be twenty minutes late.

"I'm a little tired today. Aunt Zhan, I've told you many times. You don't need to call me miss. You can just call me Stacie." Since Stacie was pregnant, Aunt Zhan moved in with Stacie and took care of her.

Stacie walked inside in slippers and saw a few strangers sitting in the living room. She was stunned and turned her head to ask in a low voice, "Aunt Zhan, your friend?"

The corners of Aunt Zhan's eyes were a little red. She looked at Stacie and

those people before replying in a low voice, "Miss, these are the members of the Qiao family." The Qiao family was the one who haired Stacie to be the surrogate mother.

Now they must have something to do here. "What's up?"

One of the men in suit stood up and said, "Miss Tong, I'm the acting lawyer of the Qiao family. They suspects that the baby in your belly is not their biological baby. please go to the hospital with us to make a DNA test."

Stacie's face changed instantly. "What... What do you mean?" The Qiao family was responsible for all the process, but now they said that the baby in her belly was not theirs!

Aunt Zhan comforted her in a hurry, "Miss, you don't have to be angry for them and hurt yourself. Let's go to the hospital and do the examination, then they would shut up. Okay?"

"I won't go!" Stacie refused.

"Miss Tong, there is a term in the agreement that my litigant has the right to do all kinds of medical examination for you!" The lawyer said unhurriedly. Holding her belly, Stacie took a step back and said, "I won't agree. You can leave here right now!"

"Miss Tong, is it true that the child is not our Qiao family's, so you insist on not having a DNA test?"

These people, like devils from the hell, forced her. Stacie felt uncomfortable and wanted to protect her baby from getting harm.

Stacie then turned around and ran out clumsily. When she ran to the elevator, the door just opened. She pressed the button of the elevator and went in. When those people chased out, Stacie had already run out of the house and was about to hail a car to leave here.

However, she didn't notice that a black commercial vehicle was driving towards her from the other side of the road...

Stacie felt like she had a long dream, as if she had returned to her childhood, where her father and mother had returned to their familiar home. There was a grape tree in the yard, and many grapes would hang on the vines in summer.

She was greedy and hungry. Before the grapes were ripe, she took Colin to the grape rack and stole them.

The green grapes were so beautiful!

If it was in the morning, there would be dew covering it.

"Sister, eat grapes." Colin said in a boyish voice.

Stacie stood on tiptoe to get the grapes, but she was not tall enough. Colin was so anxious that he was about to cry. Listening to her brother's cry, Stacie was more agitated, but the more restless she was, the less she could get the grapes tree.

How could this be?

Colin had filled with tears. Why couldn't she get the grapes?

Why couldn't she pick it? The more anxious Stacie was, the more cold sweat she had in her dream. She suddenly shouted and sat up from the bed, "Grapes!"

Something white came into her sight and her nose smelled of disinfectant. Where was she?

"Are you awake?" A strange voice asked.

She turned around and saw Andrew. Although they hadn't met each other for seven months, she recognized him at a glance. The memories of that night poured in her heart. He saved her from danger. She was so grateful to him, but she was too shameful to see him again.

But why was he here?

As if understanding the doubts in the bottom of Stacie's heart, Andrew smiled, as light as the catkins in spring, beautiful and made people have a deep yearning. He wore a simple and low-key clothes today, but with an indescribable dignity and understated elegance, making people admire him.

His voice was as gentle, pleasant and noble as yesterday. "I bumped against you yesterday. I'm sorry, Stacie. Fortunately, your baby is fine, but..."

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