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   Chapter 6 What Can You Do Even Though I Sell You

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"Auntie, why did I stay in the HY group last night?" On the breakfast table, Stacie finally asked.

Jean halted while eating the porridge. After a while, she said slowly, "What did you say? I don't understand."

"You know what I mean!" Stacie had made all kinds of guesses. Although she didn't want to admit the truth, she knew that it was her aunt who sold her to the HY group last night.

Seeing that her mother's face was getting worse and worse, Evelyn, who was eating porridge, threw the bowl away and glared at Stacie angrily. "Stacie, why did you shout so loudly? My mother didn't do anything to hurt you. Besides, even if she did it, so what? In the past few years, you and Colin have lived in my house. How dare you talk to my mother like this?"

"Evelyn, shut up!" Seeing that the two sisters were about to fight again, Davis Tong, Evelyn's father, Stacie's uncle, who had always been honest and silent, couldn't help but stop them.

In the past, after Stacie's father passed away, Stacie went to her uncle's with her brother, Colin Tong. Her uncle's family had always been under the control of Jean. And Stacie began to work and make money outside since she was young, and at home, she was a full-time domestic.

Stacie's eyes turned red with anger, but she didn't want to show her weakness. She looked at Jean and said, "Aunt, please give me an explanation today!"

Jean was also angry. The deadline was approaching, and if she couldn't raise enough money, she could hardly imagine the consequences. "I sold you. So what?"

"Aunt, you..." Stacie's heart sank.

"Jean, how could you do that?" Davis Tong said in surprise, but Jean glared at him and said, "Shut up!"

Davis Tong widely opened his mouth and looked at Stacie with a guilty look. Finally, he said nothing. He then lit a cigarette and took a puff, hiding the bitterness in his eyes

This kind of scene almost appeared in every confrontation. Stacie no longer expected her uncle to defend her. "Aunt, why did you do that?"

"Because your uncle and I have worked so hard to raise you up, provide you with food, clothing and education for so many years. By the way, there is also the medical fee of Colin. Tell me, how much have I spent on you two over the years?" At the mention of this, Jean got furious. She had been living a hard life since she adopted Stacie and Colin Tong.

"Auntie, the money my father left for me is not a small amount!" Stacie didn't know how to ask this question so calmly.

Jean instantly became angry from embarrassment. She flushed and shouted at Stacie, "How dare you say that? You should count it yourself. Since you came to our family with Colin, how many times did he get sick? We paid for him, and your food and clothing. You can ask your uncle. You two had spent all of the money your father left, and now you dare to mention it. You should be grateful that I don't ask you for money!"

In the past few years, Colin had been in poor health and needed to take medicine and injection, which was known to Stacie, so she had been working hard to earn money. She looked at her uncle, and saw that he was still silent. "Aunt, we can talk about money later. Please help me now. Colin will die if he doesn't have the surgery. We are family. Please help me, okay?"

"No, I don't have any money!" Jean refused decisively.

"Uncle, please!"

"As you can see, we really don't have money recently."

"But, uncle, Colin is your nephew!"

"Stacie, I'm sorry..."

After leaving her uncle's house, Stacie went to th

e hospital.

Opening the door of the ward, the sun shone in and blew away the coldness in the frosty winter. After rubbing her face with her hands, Stacie slowly walked up to the ward. The young man was sleeping soundly, and the warm sunshine fell on his face, as if a layer of faint golden light.

Colin Tong was five years younger than Stacie and was her biological brother. The two of them had always been in good relationship and depended on each other for their lives. However, no one had thought that at such a young age, Colin Tong would suddenly suffer from uremia.

Perhaps it was because Colin had felt someone coming that he woke up. The young man looked fragile, but charming. When he saw Stacie, his eyes instantly lit up and he shouted in surprise, "Sister!"

Stacie held her hand and asked in a soft voice, "Colin, how are you feeling today?"

"Sister, I feel much better. Am I getting better soon?" Colin asked.

All of a sudden, her heart ached. There was an irrefutable pain surging crazily in her heart. She tried her best to suppress her emotions and forced a smile. "Yes, Doctor Sue said that you could be discharged soon."

Doctor Sue, who was examining Colin, looked at the pale and haggard girl.

"Really, Doctor Sue?" Colin was very happy and asked Doctor Su for confirmation.

Doctor Sue looked at his clear eyes and saw that Stacie made a begging expression. Finally, he said, "Colin, as long as you cooperate with the doctor, you will be fine."

After leaving the ward, Stacie said to Doctor Sue, "Thank you, doctor."

"Miss Tong, you should know that Colin's surgery can't be delayed any longer. If it is delayed for a period of time, even if you give money to perform the operation, the probability of his survival is not as high as now. Can you understand what I mean?" The doctor said seriously.

Rubbing her hands hard, Stacie said in a daze, "I know. Doctor Su, I will find a way as soon as possible."

'Colin, I won't let anything happen to you, ' Stacie thought to herself. But where could she get the surgery fees?

Stacie was at a loss for what to do. Until one day, Jean called Stacie that she wanted to meet her. Jean said that the money had been settled and asked Stacie to go there. Although Stacie was curious, she went there uneasily.

The date place was in a cafe, a small, well decorated shop, but unfortunately, Stacie was not in the mood to appreciate it.

When she opened the door, she saw not only her aunt, but also a strange woman and a man in black. Seeing her coming in, the three stopped talking and looked at Stacie.

However, Jean was very enthusiastic and didn't act like her normal self. She quickly pulled Stacie to sit down and said, "Stacie, have a seat. What would you like to drink?"

Stacie asked the waiter for a glass of lemonade and asked, "Aunt, what did you mean on the phone just now?"

"Stacie, I have a way to help you solve the current predicament, and we will pay for Colin's operation fee. More importantly, we have found a suitable kidney donor for Colin. As long as you agree, he can do the operation immediately!" It was rare for Jean to talk about these things so happily.

The more Stacie thought about it, the more confused she became. It would be great if there was a suitable kidney for Colin. Doctor Sue said that he would pay attention to it for her, but he had not found it yet. She did not expect that her aunt could help her find a suitable kidney.

Stacie asked instinctively, "Aunt, what do you want me to do?"

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