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   Chapter 5 You Should Know That I Did It For You

CEO's Aloof Wife: Where Your Love Lies By Tangye Wanzi Characters: 6846

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Of course, Louis noticed this scene and said with a smile, "Miss Tong, do you mind if I call you Stacie?"

Stacie looked away and nodded, "Mr. Bai, it is okay."

Louis stood up and walked to the bar counter. There was a small wine cabinet in which there were all kinds of famous wines. With his slender fingers pointing at a wine bottle, he turned his head and asked, "What would you like something to drink? Brandy or whisky?"

Just now, Stacie was so frightened, so he thought that she needed some alcohol to relax herself. However, Stacie shook her head and said, "Thank you. I don't need it."

With a knowing smile, Louis made a glass of cocktail and handed it to Stacie. "Have a try. You won't regret it."

Stacie's face turned deathly pale. She then took a sip and said, "You just saved me. I hope I can repay you!"

Taking a look at Andrew, who didn't respond, Louis said, "You're welcome. It's just a piece of cake."

"But it's very important to me. If it weren't for you..." Stacie didn't dare to think about what would happen next, and she couldn't help but look at Andrew. The man was still indifferent, as if it had anything to do with him.

It seemed that Andrew had sensed her attentive gaze, and he suddenly asked, "Do you want to repay us?"

"Yes." Stacie nodded repeatedly, her heart beating fast.

Andrew tilted his head slightly. The warm light in the room fell on his face, which made him look extremely charming. His eyes were still cold and indifferent. "What can you do?"

"Mr. Andrew, I can wash and cook, clean the room and..." She said with a serious tone, but he kept smiling without saying anything.

It was not until she finished that he said, "If you really want to repay me, just stay with me for one night!"

Stacie was stunned. Although she knew this would happen, when Andrew really said it, she still felt a grievous pain in her heart. The embarrassment and humiliation she had just received in public spread uncontrollably in her heart.

Her little face turned pale in an instant, as if the red plum blossoms in winter had faded, and her big eyes were wide open with disbelief. She was visibly at a loss.

Andrew smiled and said in a soft voice, "It's just a joke. Don't take it seriously!"

Stacie thought she would pay him back one day, but she didn't expect that her action would make her survive from danger in the future.

Before leaving, Stacie suddenly asked Louis, "Mr. Bai, I heard that you are in charge of the HY group. May I ask who brought me here tonight?"

Louis looked at Andrew with satisfaction, whose eyes darkened. Louis then leaned back casually, raised his glass and said seriously, "I'm sorry. I can't answer you this question."

Since the HY group was such a big corporation, of course they were serious about their top confidential information, so Louis couldn't reveal the real boss behind this matter.

Seeing that there was no frivolity in Louis's eyes, Stacie turned around and left. In fact, the fact was obvious, but it was just that she was unwilling to admit it. For the sake of the family, she refused to admit the fact.

After Stacie left, Andrew's face darkened again. Louis put the glass on the table and asked fearlessly, "Andrew, Stacie is just a little girl. Is it worth offending Sam for her?"

Andrew looked indifferent. When Louis thought that Andrew would not answer his question, the latter suddenl

y said, "Aren't you the same?"

"You should know that I did it all for you." Otherwise, why would Louis make enemies for himself? After all, the Bai family's matter was already a mess for him. He then joked, "But what did you say to Sam just now? Look at him, he was so scared."

"Nothing. I just want to have a talk with his father about the inheritance right."

"Ha-ha. He is such a coward!" Louis said with a sneer. There was a lazy look in his eyes.

Andrew didn't say anything more, but he was thinking about the inheritance. He had delayed the declaration of the inheritance, but he knew that he had to solve the problem as soon as possible. The longer it was delayed, the more disadvantageous the situation would be for him. Since his uncle died, the Duan family was in a mess, and all the members in the family were ready to fight for the power and property, and the will, the most important thing, was in his hands. He could control the situation for a while, but he couldn't hold it back from them for a lifetime.

What's more, now Mrs. Duan was going to get back his father's illegitimate child. Thinking of this, Andrew's eyes darkened, and an indescribable pain spread in the bottom of his heart. He had always admired his father, but now his noble and great image suddenly ruined in the bottom of his heart.

Looking at Andrew's cold profile, Louis was worried about him. Although Andrew didn't say anything, he knew what was going on in Andrew's family. Louis then pretended to ask in a casual tone, "What are you going to do next?"

"Let nature take its course." This was his current plan.

In another VIP room, Jean was sitting on the sofa, restless. The room was warm, but her palms were full of cold sweat. She couldn't help standing up and was about to leave.

Suddenly, the door opened. It was Keane, the man in charge of the HY group.

Keane was a man of more than 40 years old. He always smiled, and his dimples made people feel a sense of warmth. But now he had a cold face and said in an indifferent voice, "Miss Jean, are you going to leave?"

"Mr. Shuo, you misunderstood me. I drank too much coffee just now. I want to go to the bathroom." Jean said awkwardly.

"Take Miss Lin to the bathroom!" Keane ordered, waving his hand.

"I don't think it's necessary." Jean rubbed her hands unnaturally and asked cautiously, "Mr. Shuo, how much can I take tonight?"

"Do you still want to the money? Miss Tong cut Mr. Sam's trousers and embarrassed him. Do you think Mr. Sam will give her money?"

"But, haven't we already made a deal between us?" One million dollars was a large sum of money. Apart from those extra charges, she would have at least five hundred thousand dollars. In this way, she could pay off her gambling debt, and she would also pay for Evelyn's tuition fee.

"Only when the customer is satisfied can the deal be concluded. You have promised me that Stacie is obedient and won't resist. But now look at the situation. Now that Mr. Sam is angry and Mr. Bai is dissatisfied, how can I clean up the mess?"

"Mr. Shuo, I'm sorry..."

However, Keane stood up. His usual smiling face was as cold as ice now. "Miss Lin, we have been partners for a long time. I will give you two more days. If you can't get the money, just wait to collect your own corpse!"

Sitting on the sofa, Jean begged in despair, "Mr. Shuo, please give me a few more days..."

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