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   Chapter 4 She Had Seen This Man On The Newspaper

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When Stacie raised her head and saw the man in front of him, she was stunned.

The man standing here was no other than Andrew, the eldest son of the Duan family in Li City. He was dressed simply and casually today, in a simple black T-shirt and trousers of the same color. Standing in the bright light, he looked like a snow plum blossoms in the Chinese ink painting.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and his amber-colored eyes were very cold, as if they were mixed with the fierce wind and snow in the frost winter. His thin lips were tightly pressed together, but its color was too beautiful, like the beautiful camellia in spring.

What a gorgeous face!

Stacie had seen this man, but it was on the newspaper!

She had known him for many years. Today was the first time she saw him with her eyes. Andrew Duan, the legitimate son of the Duan family. It was said that the young master of the Duane family was innocent, kind-hearted and had never gotten into the conflict and fights with the family.

But she felt that few member of the Duan family would not fight for the property and wealth.

At the same time, Jean also saw Andrew on the stage. Her face changed instantly. Why was Duan family here?

"Why?" Stacie knew the words were said to her, but she didn't know why Andrew did it.

"Because I am Andrew Duan!" After saying that, Andrew walked forward unhurriedly and patted Sam on the shoulder. His strength was not heavy, but it was enough to make people shudder. "Mr. Sam, can you do me a favor this time?"

It was well known that Sam had a bad temper, and today he was so humiliated by Stacie, of course he couldn't bear it. He snorted coldly and his eyes were burning with rage. "Mr. Andrew, this woman has been bought by me. No matter what, I have to sleep with her tonight!"

More importantly, he wanted to teach her a lesson and let her lead a life that was worse than death!

Andrew was not far away from Stacie. The light fell on him, making him look exceedingly charming. The man whispered in the ear of Sam, and then asked lightly, "Mr. Sam, what do you think?"

Sam's eyes lit up and wore a joyful smile. After a while, he said awkwardly, "Forget it. I'll let you go today!" Although Sam had been spoiled since childhood in his family, if his father knew that he had spent one million dollars to sleep with a woman and make her lose her virginity...

He guessed that he would be in great trouble.

What's more, he had just made a big mistake a few days ago. If he was against his father again, he might not be able to bear it.

However, he was curious about how Andrew knew that!

Thinking of this, the expression in Sam's eyes became more complicated. The young master of the Duan family was probably not as simple as he looked!

"Let him go. I promise you will be fine!" Andrew said to Stacie. He looked gentle and warm, which delighted the eyes.

However, Stacie insisted, "Let me out first, or I won't let him go."

"Huh!" Sam smiled contemptuously, and the fire in his eyes rose again, but there was a kind of threat in his words. "Little beauty, do you think that I can't control you because you have a dagger?"

Hearing this, Andrew raised his handsome eyebrows. He knew that Sam was angry again, but this girl was too ungrateful. He looked at Stacie, and the latter trembled with the gaze. Andrew then said in a much lower voice, "I said, let him go right now!"

This was obviously an order and his voice carried a tone of authority, but Stacie said crossly, "What makes you think you can boss me around like that?"

Andrew frowned slightly, but he still looked gentle and harmless, as if he were a pure jade. "I'm Andrew Duan, and I can protect you. If you believe me, let him go. If you don't believe me, I won't care about it anymor


Stacie hesitated. Should she let Sam go or not?

But wouldn't it be too easy for her to let this man go?

But if she didn't let Sam go, it would be difficult to solve this problem tonight!

When she was hesitating, a clear male voice slowly came into her ears. "If you don't believe Andrew, you can trust me!"

Louis' words shocked everyone.

Few people present didn't know who Louis was. He was a big wheel in the Li City with great power and status. He was bit of a lad and liked to have fun.

He was a romantic and dreamy lover in women's heart but a ruthless and indifferent playboy.

When Stacie saw him, she was slightly shocked. She didn't expect that there was such a sexy and seductive man in the world. He dressed quite low-key and decent, but he undid two buttons of his sober suit and revealed some of his skin, which exuded an air of sexy and temptation.

The snow-white color, however, gave off an incomparably charming taste. With a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, he blinked his eyes at Stacie, which seemed to be teasing and comforting her.

Before Stacie could react, Andrew had already held her hand, and then, a coat was put on her naked body. Then he helped her put it on so that she would not be embarrassed.

At that moment, Stacie's eyes turned red again, as if she had felt the long lost winter sunshine, which warmed her cold heart all of a sudden.

"Can we let him go now?" Andrew asked calmly.

Stacie looked at him quietly. Many years later, she still remembered that night. His eyes at the moment were warm and beautiful, which was the purest things in the world.

She turned to Sam and suddenly stab at his trousers with the dagger unexpectedly.

Then, then... Sam's yellow underwear was instantly exposed in front of everyone.

Everyone was stunned for a second, and then collapsed into helpless laughter.

Sam's face darkened. At that moment, he even had a strong urge to skin Stacie alive. When he was about to make a move, Louis unhurriedly put his hand on Sam's arm and smiled ambiguously. "Mr. Sam, are you trying to embarrass me?"

It was well known that the HY group was the property of the Bai family, and the only legitimate heir of the Bai family was Louis. However, Louis had never taken his family's ancestral property seriously, and was always frivolous.

Now he did this for Andrew.

Sam gritted his teeth in anger. How dare he refuse Louis's request? If he dared offend the Bai family, he was courting death. It was easy for the Bai family to set him a trap and kill him in an accident in Li City, not to mention that Andrew was also here.

No matter how angry Sam was, he had to hold it back. Otherwise, he would be the enemy of the Bai family and the Duan family!

However, at this moment, Stacie suddenly said, "Mr. Sam, what I did is just an eye for an eye!"

Sam had an impulse to tear up Stacie again. He was humiliated today. 'You'd better wait and see!

I will kill you sooner or later!' Sam thought with anger.

In the lounge, Stacie took a shower in the bathroom, and the clothes had been prepared outside. She then changed her clothes before coming out. Andrew and Louis were outside, talking.

When Louis heard Stacie come out, they cast a glance at her. The woman's elegant appearance came into view. Perhaps because she had just taken a shower, her eyes were unusually warm and gentle, which made Louis feel a sense of warmth in the hot spring.

'She must have cried just now, ' Louis thought.

Stacie first looked at Andrew. The latter unhurriedly sipped the red wine in his glass, as if it was the most delicious thing in the world. From the moment she entered the room, his eyes only rested on her for a moment, and then moved away, as if it had nothing to do with him.

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