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   Chapter 2 No Sympathy

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Stacie Tong's long eyelashes fluttered like butterflies that were flying from flower to flower.

When she finally opened her black and jaded eyes, it emanated like the spring, clear and free from any impurities. As dark as ink and as clear as water, her eyes looked extraordinarily beautiful.

She glances at her surroundings, and when she saw the situation around her, she was in total shock. 'Where am I?' she thought.

Someone from the monitoring room noticed that Stacie Tong was already awake. He immediately reported it to his master, "Mr. Duan, she's already awake."

'Awake already?' Andrew thought. It was earlier than what he had expected. It seemed that this girl was tough.

The man in a black suit didn't raise his hand. The bright light shone on his body, making it seem that he was coated with a faint shadow. His features were covered in the shadow. It was really hard to see him clearly, but his lips looked really cold and ruthless.

He simply sat there as he showed off his intimidating stature and dominating aura.

There seemed to be a faint cold light in his amber eyes. Like the snow pouring down as the sun was setting, his presence extinguished all the warmth.

"Do everything according to the plan," Andrew ordered.

Keane Shuo, the nominal boss of the HY Club, repeatedly nodded. He didn't know how this girl offended Andrew, but he knew what he needed to do. He wouldn't say anything if Andrew didn't ask him.

Sitting next to Andrew was Louis Bai, son of the Bai family. He was the head of the HY Club. Everybody called him Mr. Bai. He had a pair of very delicate eyes, even more charming than most women. "Andrew, what did this girl do to you?" he asked, smiling.

Andrew's look had no change. He glanced at him and said, "Why can't you keep quiet? Just enjoy the good wine."

Louis Bai then lifted hid glass and drank the delicious wine. With a playful smile, he said, "I won't ask any more questions. Enjoy yourself, Mr. Andrew."

Louis Bai was quite familiar with Andrew. After all, they grew up together. He knew what kind of person this man was. Even though Andrew looked like a gentleman, he was a scheming man. As the eldest son of the Duan family, he held such a noble stat

us. He became the CEO of the TY International Group at his young age. There was no doubt that he had a bright future.

The Duan family was one of the most powerful families that lived in Li City.

But continuous accidents happened to the Duan family in the past few years. As an outsider, Louis Bai even felt that the Duan family was cursed.

Andrew's fourth uncle suddenly passed away a few days ago.

He must be really unhappy as he grieved.

Andrew didn't say anything more and turned to the screen, looking at the woman. He couldn't figure out why his uncle did that before he died, but unfortunately, he wouldn't let her get what she wanted.

The HY Club, on the other hand, was always competitive in terms of its high-end stature and its nobility. The bright and luxurious crystal chandelier cast ambiguous light. A unique wooden signboard was hidden in every corner. The name "HY Club" was well-known around the city.

Stacie Tong had heard from Amy Song that the HY Club was an entertainment place for the upper class. It had everything--it could be paradise and hell at the same time.

Remembering this, Stacie Tong could heard the doctor's voice in her mind again. "Ms. Tong, if you can't collect the operation fee within three days, we will arrange the operation rank for other patients."

Even though she tried for three consecutive days, it all fell into vain. In the end, she had no choice but to turn to her aunt for help. But, she suddenly fell asleep for some reason.

What was going on?

At the corner of the street outside the HY Club, a woman in her forties nervously rubbed her hands, extremely uneasy. It was Jean Lin, Stacie Tong's aunt.

"Are you already regretting it?" the man next to her said as he saw the expression on her face.

"Ben, I've given my niece to you. I don't owe you anything anymore," Jean Lin said. In order to pay off her gambling debts, she had no other choice. Although she was unwilling to sell her own niece, she couldn't think of anything else to do.

"Don't worry! You have my word," the man said. He flashed a meaningful smile.

Stacie was feeling really scared. She never experienced anything like this before. She wanted to escape, but she was too weak.

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