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   Chapter 32 What Happened To Sheryl (1)

A Place In My Heart Reserved Only For You By Qijia Lady Characters: 6692

Updated: 2020-07-18 00:03

"Dad, why did you call me back in a hurry? I have something else to do!" Sheryl opened the door of the chairman of the company and said without looking at the people inside.

"Uncle Walter, why are you here? Dad? Is there anything wrong? "

Noticing that there was something wrong with Walter, Sheryl turned to Chuck and said.

"Son of a bitch! What mistake have you made outside? Mr. Walter is looking for you. Apologize to Mr. Walter now. "

Chuck slapped Sheryl across the face, which made Sheryl dizzy. Without looking at Sheryl, he turned around and immediately flattered Walter.

"Mr. Walter, please don't be angry. She is just a child. If she offends you, please forgive her! Please let go of my company! " Said Chuck fawningly.

"Uncle Walter, I didn't do anything to upset you. I haven't seen you since I came back. How could I make you unhappy. You must have made a mistake. " Sheryl tried to defend herself after she came to her consciousness. And after careful consideration, she didn't seem to have any conflict with Walter.

"Ha ha." Walter sneered. "Didn't you do anything wrong? Do you need me to tell you? " Walter didn't even look at the father and daughter of the Xue family.

"I don't understand. I can't figure it out. What made you unhappy? Why did you threaten my father with the company? " Sheryl felt that she was going to be wronged to death.

"I don't accept fabricated charges." Sheryl was not convinced and retorted against Walter. This was the first time that she had offended an elder.

"In that case, let me remind you, did you hold a banquet two months ago?" Walter paused deliberately and looked at Sheryl when he mentioned it.

Sheryl was shocked. 'Was it because of Michelle? It's impossible. I've checked. They got married for interests and Michelle only met once with Walter. There's no reason for Walter to fall out with his old friend because of Michelle. Or did I do something else at the party? Why can't I remember?'

Looking at Sheryl who w

t money? How to get money? By the way, I can look for Tom Wang. " It suddenly occurred to Chuck that he had forgotten the nouveau riche. Chuck patted his head and rushed to the study to make a phone call.

'Michelle, do you think that I will compromise under your actions? It's impossible! Once I rise up, I will pay you back ten times the pain that you inflicted on me.'

Sheryl swore to herself that she didn't know a plot had fallen on her.

In the study.

"Mr. Tom Wang, how are you recently. I haven't seen you for a long time. When will you come out and relax? " Chuck lowered his status and said flatteringly.

Tom Wang was a big shot in developing coal and oil. He didn't like anything but beautiful women and the woman had to be unique.

"Mr. Chuck! Can you stop playing tricks? I know what you mean by calling. Who else can you find except me? " With a cigar in his mouth, Tom Wang looked at the two sexy beauties in front of him and said to the phone impatiently.

"Ha ha, Mr. Tom, you are so smart. You know what I'm thinking. I do need your help." Chuck smiled awkwardly and continued to play up to Tom.

"I can help you. You have to make me happy so that I can be interested in helping you. If everyone ask me for help in this way, I will be exhausted." Tom Wang pinched the sexy beauty on his left hand.

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