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   Chapter 31 Gabriel's Thought

A Place In My Heart Reserved Only For You By Qijia Lady Characters: 6477

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"I don't want to blame you for anything now. You have paid the price. This matter is over, but I want you to leave Michelle because you are too scheming. I don't want you to hurt Michelle. "

Carlos looked at the direction of the bathroom.

"Carlos, is that how you see me? Am I so bad in your heart? " Gabriel said with tears in her eyes.

"I don't want to talk about it anymore. It's up to you. You'd better not hurt Michelle. You know the consequences of provoking me. "

Carlos saw Michelle and Bree coming out of the bathroom. He didn't even bother to say a word to Gabriel.

From a distance, Michelle could see that they were talking about something. It seemed that Gabriel was crying. Was it because of Carlos? Holding Bree's hand, Michelle quickened her pace.

As expected, Gabriel's eyes turned red when Michelle approached them.

"Carlos, did you bully Gabriel? Her eyes are red. She must have cried." Michelle was a little angry and asked Carlos.

"Michelle, you wronged Carlos. He didn't bully me. We just chatted casually and talked about my family unconsciously. I thought of my mother and felt that I couldn't live a happy life in the future. That was why I felt sad. Please don't blame Carlos. " Gabriel explained hurriedly, as if she was afraid that Michelle would not know that she was pitiful.

Looking at the scheming woman, Carlos got more annoyed. He thought he had to find a way to get Gabriel away. He don't want Gabriel to teach his little cutie to get bad.

"Alright, Carlos. I didn't know that there are so many poor places in the city where we live. I always thought that the rich and the poor are divided, but I didn't expect that they are so extreme. Those people were so pitiful! They live in such a bad environment and even couldn't afford to see doctors when they are sick. How poor they are! "

Michelle's mind was in a mess. She even forgot to ask why she always felt that the relations

ge. We almost met Sheryl every time we went out for the meal. Why didn't we meet her this time? Don't you think it's strange? What do you think will happen to her? "

Michelle felt strange that she didn't meet Sheryl today.

"She! She must be busy now! Who knows? "

'Sheryl? She's too busy now. How could she still be with us? 'But Carlos doesn't want Michelle to know this.

"Whatever! I'm not familiar with her anyway. It's none of my business. "

Michelle patted her head, feeling that she wanted to discipline everything. She was too nosy

Carlos drove away. He didn't notice the shadow in the dark.

It turned out that Gabriel didn't leave. She hid in the dark and watched them leave, talking and laughing.

'Michelle, don't blame me. You should blame yourself for falling in love with someone you shouldn't love. No matter what the price is, I will get Carlos. I have spent all for him. I have done too much and I can't take it back. If it weren't for him, I think we would be good friends. Now. I'm sorry. You can blame it on Carlos!

Gabriel thought to herself as she watched Michelle leave crazily.

After Gabriel left, a figure walked out of the dark.

"Well, you fight. The more intense the fight is, the happier I will be. My children, don't let me down! "

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