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   Chapter 26 Another Rival In Love

A Place In My Heart Reserved Only For You By Qijia Lady Characters: 6701

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"Well, that's enough. Now that you are here, you can order whatever you want to eat or drink. It's my treat. " Carlos looked at Michelle, who intended to say something, and said.

"Okay! Then I'll not wait. " Bree ordered many things at once. Black forest cake. Mousse cake and black coffee were all expensive. Michelle rolled her eyes with seeing such a scene.

"I think I might have known a fake Bree. She is really good at fleecing others. Looking at Bree, who was still ordering something, Michelle sighed.

"Michelle, how can you save money for him before you get married?" Bree teased.

"Bree, what are you talking about? He and I..." Before Michelle could finish her words, she was interrupted by Carlos.

"Michelle, you don't have to save money for me. All my money is yours. It's enough for you. In the past, I didn't know what the meaning of making money was, I just made money by instinct. Now I finally find the meaning of making money. I make money only for you to spend money. " Carlos looked at Michelle and said.

"Wow, what a sweet couple. Michelle, he've told you not to save money for him. Let's go shopping later. I've been looking for a dress for a long time and I'm not willing to buy it. As your best friend, I'll help you share the pain of spending too much money! " Bree was talking to Michelle, but she looked at Carlos.

"Sure. You are Michelle's friend, so you are my friend. Tell me, you can have anything you want." Carlos answered immediately.

"That's great! It's settled then. Let's go shopping after this. Michelle, okay? " Bree said excitedly.

"You two have finished talking, and I still have the right to speak?" Michelle looked at the two people echoing each other.

"Ha ha, I was too excited to forget you. OK? Go shopping together? " Bree said, her eyes shining with gold.

"Okay, I'll go with you," said Michelle helplessly.

In the fashion street.

"Well, I know what shopping is. This is shopping, okay?" Bree was conquered by someone's rich way of shopping.

As long as it was picked up by Michelle, Carlos would do one thing. He would pack up all the things Michelle had seen. Bree's eyes lit up.

"And the things this girl sees, wrap them up too." just as Bree was jealous and envious, Carlos said that and Bree looked at him with admiration.

"Michelle, if I can find a boyfriend like Carlos who is good at spoiling people, I'm willing to live less than twenty years." Bree said enviously.

"Bree, what are you talking about! You will also find a boyfriend who loves you so much. And Carlos is not... " Michelle interrupted Carlos again.

"It doesn't matter. I'll take it with me. Let's go and buy shoes and jewelry to match clothes." Carlos didn't want Michelle to say that.

After a day's shopping, Carlos successfully captured Bree's heart and Bree became a fan of him.

"Carlos, are you really free after shopping with us for the whole afternoon? Doesn't your company matter? "Michelle looked at the man in front of her.

"It's okay. I don't want the employees who I pay them, to be the vase," replied Carlos, looking at Michelle.

"Can you stop showing off your love? There is a third wheel here! " Bree cut in.

Michelle blushed and said, "don't talk nonsense."

The three of them felt tired after shopping, so they sat in the cafe to have a rest.

"Michelle, what a coincidence to meet you again. We just met for a short time last time. What a coincidence!" Said Scott, standing in front of Michelle.

"We all know whether it's fate or not." Carlos found Scott following behind them earlier, so he didn't want Michelle to tell that they had broken off the engagement.

"Miss. Michelle, may I have a cup of coffee with you?" Scott said kindly to Michelle, pretending not to see Carlos.

"Of course! How can she refuse such a handsome man? " Bree agreed immediately.

"Bree, how can you promise him?" Michelle turned around and whispered to Bree.

"Then I would not wait. Thank you, beautiful lady." Scott quickly sat down.

"Michelle. When did you know him? He's so handsome. " Bree looked at Scott with an anthomaniac look. Different from the stunning handsome of Carlos, Scott had a gentle temperament. And he was so handsome. It was easy to win a girl's heart.

"Miss, let me introduce myself. My name is Scott Luo, 23 years old. I'm currently living in A City and my parents are in America. The CEO of the Luo Group is no worse than Mr. Carlos. Besides, I'm unmarried, I don't have a girlfriend, and I don't have someone I like. " Without taking a look at Carlos, Scott introduced himself. The last sentence was obvious to Michelle.

Carlos was so angry that he wanted to curse. But in order to leave a good impression on Michelle, Carlos had to put up with it.

"No one here needs a blind date. Mr. Scott doesn't need to introduce it in detail." Carlos raised his head and gave Scott a scornful look.

"Oh, I remember. You look so familiar. So you are my date. But why didn't you wait for me to come over? It's so impolite." Bree's impression of Scott was reduced by his behavior.

"I'm sorry. It's my fault. What do you want to eat? It's my treat," said Scott, handing the menu to Bree.

"Forget it. We have already ordered. No need. " Bree finally realized that Scott had a crush on Michelle. Although this man was also excellent, she preferred to be Carlos as Michelle's husband. Although Scott smiled all the time, Bree didn't like him.

"Carlos, I have something else to do later. Please send Michelle home safely." Bree supported Carlos.

"Okay. Don't worry. "Knowing that Bree was trying to connect him with Michelle, Carlos agreed immediately.

"Bree, don't you need my permission when you say anything?" Michelle felt like she was going to be sold.

"Honey, I won't hurt you. Don't you want to go home?" Bree's sarcastic voice made Michelle's flesh creep.

"No." Michelle covered her face with her hands and blushed.

"Then it's settled. I'll go back first." After saying that, Bree left with many bags.

"Michelle, why don't you talk to me?" suddenly said Scott.

If it weren't for the voice of Scott, Michelle would have almost forgotten that there was such a person.

"No! What do you want to say? " Michelle still couldn't refuse others directly.

"Michelle, it's getting late. Let me drive you home."


"Well, Mr. Scott. I gotta go. Bye. " Michelle stood up and waved goodbye.

Carlos took Michelle's hand and left.

Behind him, Scott was so angry that his face was a little deformed.

'Carlos, no matter how well you protect her, I can get anything what I want. Let's have a competition," said Scott angrily.

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