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   Chapter 24 Rescue

A Place In My Heart Reserved Only For You By Qijia Lady Characters: 6592

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"I had a good time today." Michelle felt a little dizzy.

"Yes, it's been a long time since I had such a good time." Carlos smiled.

"Well, let's go back! It's already early in the morning, "said Michelle, looking at her phone.

"Yes. I'll ask a designated driver to drive us home. I can't drive after drinking. " Carlos took out his phone and was about to make a call.

"Let's go. I want to go outside and felt the breeze. We wait outside. " Michelle said while walking.


Outside the Happy Song City.

"It feels so good to be blown in the wind." Michelle opened her arms.

"Yes," said Carlos, looking at Michelle.

"Let go of me. He owes you money. Why aren't you looking for him, but me?"

Michelle turned around and saw a girl surrounded by several men. There were a group of onlookers around, but no one went up to help.

"Gabriel," said Carlos, looking at the woman.

"You know her?" Michelle looked at Carlos and said.

"Not really. Let's go! Let them go. " Carlos held Michelle's hand and was about to leave.

"Even if you don't know her, you have to help her. Since you know her, how can you not help her?"

Michelle said as she pulled Carlos towards the crowd. Michelle, who had always been kind and righteous, used the force of alcohol to talk to them.

"Hey, how can you bully a girl like this. That's too much! " Michelle went up to hold the girl's hand.

"Who are you? Go away. Don't delay us, or we will be rude to you." The scar faced man said.

"There are so many people watching you. What else can you do? I'll call the police if you don't leave." Michelle took out her phone.

"Damn it!"

Michelle's action irritated the man with a scar on his face. The man raised his arm and was about to slap Michelle. By instinct, Michelle closed her eyes, but she wasn't slapped for a long time. Michelle opened her eyes and saw that Carlos was holding the man's hand with one hand.

"Get out!" the men with a scar and other men turned around and ran away as soon as they saw the sharp eyes of Carlos.

"Michelle, are you okay?" Carlos said gently.

"Nothing. Carlos, you are awesome! You scared the bad guy away without doing anything. " Michelle looked at Carlos with admiration.

"You little fool." said Carlos with a gentle smile.

"Carlos, I..." said Gabriel.

"Michelle, let's go." Carlos held Michelle's hand and said.

"But what about this girl?" Michelle turned to look at Gabriel.

"Leave her alone." Carlos said coldly as soon as he mentioned Gabriel.

"Carlos, I have no place to go. Can you?" Said Gabriel, looking at Carlos pitifully.

"No, I can't." Carlos refused without hesitation.

"Carlos, how can you treat a girl like this? You know her!" Michelle said angrily without knowing about anything.

"Miss. Michelle, can you help me? I'm alone in this place and have no place to go. If those people find me again, I'll be done. Please. " Seeing that she couldn't persuade Carlos successfully, Gabriel turned to Michelle and said.

"Yes, Carlos. Let's help her!" Michelle persuaded Carlos.

"You will regret it." Carlos looked at Michelle speechlessly.

"No, no. this girl looks so good." Michelle turned to look at Gabriel.

"Well, come with me. I'll take you home." Michelle said to Gabriel,

scratching her head.

"Okay." Gabriel nodded obediently.

'Carlos, you're so cruel. Just wait and see. You'll beg me one day, ' said Gabriel, swore to herself.

On the way back, Michelle fell asleep because she was tired after drinking.

"You'd better behave yourself and stop thinking about anything bad. You don't deserve to play with me." Carlos stared at Gabriel from the rearview mirror.

"Carlos, how can you think of me like that? It's really a coincidence to meet you today. Besides, both my family and I have been punished. I just escaped from my debt and ran into you here. I was really pissed off last time. I'm sorry. Don't take me away. I'll die. " Said Gabriel, pretending to be pitiful.

"I'm not going to save you. It's Michelle who wants to save you. It's up to Michelle whether you are here. But I warn you, you'd better not hurt Michelle, or you know the consequences." Carlos said coldly.

"I know. Miss. Michelle saved me. I won't hurt her."

"You'd better."

'Carlos, you care about her so much, so I have to destroy her. Michelle. Don't blame me. You should blame Carlos.' Looking at Michelle, Gabriel thought viciously.

Silence all the way.

"Michelle, you're home. Wake up." said Carlos, shaking Michelle slightly.

"Oh, I'm home." Michelle rubbed her eyes.

"Good night. And I'll take you to see someone in a few days."


Michelle took Gabriel back to the villa.

"Can I call you Gabriel?"

"Of course you can. You saved me, and you are my benefactor." Said Gabriel with a smile.

"Then Gabriel, you can stay in this room today," said Michelle, pointing to a room.

"Thank you, Miss. Michelle."

"Just call me Michelle."

"Yes, Michelle."

"There are all the toiletries in it. Good night." Michelle covered her mouth and yawned.

"Good night."

"Good night."

As soon as the door was closed, Gabriel's face darkened. Michelle, why do you have such a good life and be loved by Carlos? And I will hide like a mouse, unable to see the light. All these should be mine. You robbed me.

Gabriel had been driven crazy by the past few months.

Early morning.

"Ticktock! Ticktock! Ticktock! Ticktock! The clock keeps turning." The ringing of the phone woke up Michelle, who was still sleeping.

"Hello," said Michelle sleepily.

"Michelle, Michelle."

"Bree, what's wrong with you? You called me in the morning."

"Come out and accompany me to the blind date," said Bree.

"What? It's too early for you to go on a blind date at the age of 18! " Michelle stopped dozing off immediately.

"According to my mother, a good man should be occupied in advance. If it's too late, he will be occupied by others. So, Michelle, please go with me. It's the first time that I'm afraid." Bree coaxed.

"Can I say no?"

"Of course not. At ten o'clock in the morning, at the New Island Cafe. Call me when you arrive. I'll pick you up. " Bree said briskly.

"Okay, I know." Michelle rubbed her head.

Hanging up the phone, Michelle checked the time. It was six o'clock in the morning. She couldn't fall asleep, so she got up to draw a comic book.

Time flied. It was nine o'clock in the morning. Michelle put down her brush and began to clean up. It was just ten o'clock when she arrived at the cafe.

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