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   Chapter 18 Car Accident (1)

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"Let's go. It's getting late. Let's go back," Kevin said with a smile as he saw Michelle's mouth full of food.

"Okay." Michelle nodded.

In the villa on the top of the mountain.

"Good night," Kevin said gently.

He considerately turned off the light, leaving only one night light. He knew that Michelle was afraid of darkness.

"Good night." Michelle wrapped herself in the quilt, only leaving her head out.

"Dad, I found Michelle. Yes, I told you that she was my playmate when I was a child. Yes, she is also the person I like. I plan to take her to see you tomorrow. Okay, goodbye, Dad." Kevin put down the phone and looked at the door of Michelle's room.

He had a sleepless night.


"Kevin, what's the U.S. like? I've never gone abroad. I'm just traveling in domestic country." Michelle looked at the boarding gate.

In A City.

"Uncle, where are you?" Carlos called Howard early in the morning.

"I'm jogging. What's the matter, Carlos? " Said Howard, panting heavily.

"I met Kevin. In Sanya. Michelle is with him now. "

"Have you seen Kevin? Alas, I know that day will come. " Howard sighed. "By the way, did Michelle say when she will come back?"

"No. Michelle is going to America with him."

"What? To America? What time do they go? What is she going to America... "With a bang, the phone was busy.

"Uncle! Uncle! ! !" Carlos had a hunch that something might have happened.

"America is not bad. Let's go. I'll show you around then. " Kevin pushed his luggage.


"Ticktock ticktock ticktock ticktock ticktock ticktock ticktock ticktock ticktock. Drizzle was ticking water." the phone rang.

"Hello," Michelle answered the phone.

"Michelle, I'm Carlos. Where are you?" Carlos asked anxiously.

"I'm at the airport. I'm boarding for America!" Said Michelle, looking at Kevin.

"Come back quickly! Your father had a car accident. "

"What? Okay, I'll be right back. " Michelle said anxiously. She hung up the phone.

"Kevin. I can't go to America with you. Something happened to my father. " Tears streamed down Michelle's face.

"Don't worry. Don't cry. I'll go back with you. " Kevin comforted Michelle while walking.

"Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz." Kevin's phone suddenly rang.

"Hey, what? I see. I'll be right back. " Kevin looked distressed.

"What's wrong? Kevin, do you have other thing? Don't worry. I can do it myself. You go ahead with your work. " Michelle looked up at Kevin.

"Michelle, I have something urgent to deal with. I will come to you when I finish it. Okay? " Kevin said worriedly.

"Okay, I know. Kevin, go ahead. I can do it myself. "

"Well, I'm leaving now."

"Bye." Michelle waved her hand.


"Carlos, where is my father?" Michelle rushed to the hospital and asked anxiously.

"He is still in the emergency room. Don't worry. He will be fine." Carlos patted on Michelle's back to comfort her.

Suddenly, the light of the resuscitation room went out. Howard was pushed out.

"Doctor, how is my father?" Michelle asked anxiously.

"The patient is out of danger, but he still needs to stay in the ICU for one night. As long as he passes the dangerous period tonight, he will be fine." The doctor took off his mask and said.

"Thank you, doctor." Michelle s

aid gratefully.

"Mom, that's great. Dad is all right now, "said Michelle, crying while holding Jessica in her arms.

"Mom, how did dad have a car accident?" said Michelle, patting Jessica on the back.

Jessica's body suddenly froze, and immediately returned to calm. "He was hit in the middle of the road by a drunkard when he was doing exercise this morning, and that's how it happened."

"Mom, you are lying. It's not like that. Carlos, you tell it. Don't lie to me. " Said Michelle.


"Tell me, don't lie to me." Michelle said seriously.

"It's all my fault. I called uncle and told him that you were going to America. He was hit by someone accidentally." Carlos said guiltily.

"It's not your fault. It's all my fault. If I hadn't gone to America, dad wouldn't have had a car accident. It's all my fault. "Michelle cried and hit herself.

Carlos grabbed Michelle's hand immediately and said, "Michelle, it's not your fault. Don't blame yourself. No one want this to happen. It was an accident. Fortunately, Uncle Howard is fine. As long as today passes, everything would be fine. Don't cry. " Carlos comforted Michelle at a loss.

"Okay. Dad, I want to see Dad. " Michelle stood up and ran to the ICU.

Beside the transparent glass outside the ICU, Michelle looked at Howard, whose body was filled with various devices. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Outside the ICU, Michelle and others stayed there until dawn. Howard passed the dangerous period and was transferred to a senior ward.

Walter came early in the morning with breakfast brought by someone behind.

"Jessica, Michelle, Carlos, come and eat something! You have stayed up all night. Go back to have a rest after eating something. I'm here with you. Don't worry. Nothing will happen. " Walter comforted everyone.

"Yes, Aunt Jessica, Michelle, please have some food. Don't be too tired. Uncle Howard would be worried about you when he wake up and see you all collapse!" Carlos comforted them.

"But I want to be with my father. Every time I was sick, my father would accompany me. I also want to be with him." Michelle didn't want to leave.

"Michelle, you have been on the plane for a whole day. Go back and have a rest. You can come here in the afternoon. Your father is no longer in danger." Jessica also comforted Michelle.

"Yes, listen to Aunt Jessica, you can go back with Aunt Jessica!"

"Aunt Jessica, take Michelle back and have a good rest!" Carlos said, pushing Michelle to Jessica.

"I know. Then we'll go back first. Thank you, Walter." Jessica took Michelle's hand and dragged her away.

"Dad, why are you here?"

"I planned to come here yesterday, but I thought that you should stay with Howard for a whole night. It's not good if you don't have a rest in the daytime, so I didn't come and take over your position in the daytime. You can go back and have a rest! I'm here! " Walter looked at Howard and said.

"But, Dad, your body." Carlos said worriedly.

"I know my own health. Don't worry! Go back now! " Walter waved his hand and said.

"Okay, I'm leaving now."

After everyone left.

"Howard, how old are you? Why are you so careless! Don't you think about what Michelle will do if something happens to you? " Walter said, patting Howard's hand.

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