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   Chapter 17 Encounter (3)

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"Michelle said that you had broken off the engagement. Whether you agree or not, you have nothing to do with each other in the future. I will protect Michelle in the future. I thank you on behalf of Michelle for your protection in the past." Kevin said softly, rubbing Michelle's head.

"Michelle, I'll take you to America tomorrow to see my father and ask him to host the wedding for us. I want you to be my bride, just as what you said when you were a child, to be my most beautiful bride." Kevin said excitedly.

"I'm still young. I'm only 18 years old. I don't want to get married. "

"Then we won't get married. Can you go to America with me? I'll take you to see my adoptive father. "

"Okay." Michelle thought for a while and agreed.

"I don't agree. Why did you go to America with him?" Carlos didn't want Michelle to get too close to Kevin.

"It's none of your business. Michelle has said that you have broken off the engagement. You have nothing to do with each other. I let you stay here for the sake of Michelle, or you can get out now. " Kevin suddenly felt that the man in front of him was a little unreasonable.

"Do you want to fight again?" Hearing this, Carlos was furious.

"Just go on. I'm not afraid of you."

"Stop arguing! I've made my own decision. I'm willing to go to America. Carlos, please don't say anything more. " Michelle was so anxious that she wanted to cry.

"Humph!" Seeing that Michelle was about to cry, Carlos kept silent.

"Well, you've seen her. I've told you what happened. Can you leave now? You are not welcome here. " Kevin said coldly.

"Michelle, come with me. I'm here for you." Carlos wanted to take Michelle with him.

"Carlos, you can go back first. I came out to relax. I don't want to go back now." Michelle shook her head, indicating that she didn't want to go back.

"Since you don't want to go back, I won't force you. By the way, this is a gift I brought to you from France. " Carlos took out a box from his pocket and handed it to Michelle. "Carlos, we have broken off the engagement. Don't be so good to me anymore."

"I said I don't agree. I won't give up on you. I'm not forcing you. Just take it as a gift from a friend! " Carlos gave the gift to Michelle, indicating that he wouldn't take it back.

"Put it on and have a look!"

Michelle opened the box and saw a platinum bracelet, which was decorated by luminous stones in the form of snowflakes. It stubbornly gave out a glimmer of light in the darkness.

"It's so beautiful. There is a pattern of snowflakes on it. Thank you, Carlos. " Michelle felt very happy.

"It looks not very good. What do you want, Michelle? I'll give you a better Bracelet tomorrow." Kevin felt a little regretful. Why didn't he think of giving Michelle a gift?

Carlos smiled scornfully at Kevin. He thought, 'you are too young to chase Michelle and compete with me.'

"It's okay. You have given me a necklace, and it's very beautiful." Michelle took out the necklace.

"That's different. It's a token for our reunion. It's different." Kevin said stubbornly.

"All right, all right. Don't talk about this anymore. Carlos, when you go back, tell my father that I'm going to America with Kevin for a few days. Tell him not to worry about me."

"I see." Carlos was a little unhappy. He didn't want Michelle to go to America.

"You leave now or go back after dinner." Michelle was a little excited to

think of going to America, so she didn't pay much attention to the feelings of Carlos.

"I'll go back now," said Carlos indifferently, glancing at Michelle.

Carlos turned around and left, ignoring Michelle.

At the foot of the mountain.

Carlos hit the window with his fist, window was broken and blood dripped down his finger.

"Kevin, who the hell are you?" The thought of Michelle's look at Kevin made Carlos's heart ache.

Michelle, you are mine. I will never let you go.

"James, I'll give you one day. I want all the information about Kevin. By the way, ask someone to follow Michelle. Don't put her in danger any more. I have to know her schedule every day. "


Michelle came to her senses and found that Carlos was gone.

"Kevin, did Carlos leave? Why didn't he tell me? It's all my fault. I'm obsessed with something else. I didn't see him off. " Michelle patted her head.

"I don't think he wants you to see him off." Kevin looked down the mountain.

"Why?" Michelle frowned and couldn't figure it out.

"Well, don't think too much. Let's eat!" Kevin withdrew his gaze.


"Heavenly Eagle, Carlos, I won't let you take Michelle away from me." Kevin swore to himself.

"Michelle, are you full? Let's go. I'll take you out for fun. We haven't been serious about playing yet. "Said Kevin, looking at Michelle dotingly.


At the foot of the mountain.

"Kevin, where are we going?" Michelle looked up at Kevin.

"Well, let's go to the nearby tourist attraction first. It's beautiful there." Kevin looked at Michelle and said gently.

He looked up at the back from the rearview mirror and drove away.

Ultima Thule.

"Wow, this is the Ultima Thule. It's so beautiful, Kevin. Take photos for me. "

In the setting sun, Michelle wore a pure white dress. Her long hair was fluttering in the wind. Michelle raised her hand to flick her bangs, looking extremely beautiful. She smiled innocently and called Kevin in a sweet voice, just like what she had done in her childhood.

"Kevin, Kevin, what are you thinking about? Come and take pictures with me!" Michelle ran over and took Kevin to the Ultima Thule to take photos.

"Michelle, no matter where you are, I always believe that I will find you. Fortunately, I finally find you." Kevin held Michelle in his arms.

"Kevin, so does me. I always believe that Kevin will come to me." Michelle raised her hand and hugged Kevin.

"Well, Michelle, let's stop talking about it. Look, the setting sun is so beautiful." Kevin let go of Michelle and turned to look at the sunset.

"Yes, it's beautiful."

The two stared blankly at the sunset. Until the night fell.

"It's so beautiful." Michelle looked at her wrist.

"What?" Kevin was confused.

"Look!" Michelle raised her hand and showed Kevin her wrist.

"The bracelet is so beautiful and shining!"

"Michelle, I don't like you to take the things he gives you." Kevin looked at the bracelet.

"I like it. When I go back, I will give him money. I will pay for it." Michelle looked at the bracelet.

"Whatever. As long as you are happy. Everything is ok. " Kevin looked back.

"Let's go. I'll take you somewhere else."

"Okay," Michelle nodded.

"What do you think? The night view here is beautiful, isn't it! I prefer the night view here. That's what life is like. "

"Yes, it's delicious." Michelle's mouth was full of food.

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