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   Chapter 16 Encounter (2)

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Sky Sea Hotel.

"What? Are you telling me that she's gone?" shouted Carlos.

"Boss, I have asked. There is no guest named Michelle here now. " James Liu whispered.

"Investigate. If you can't find out where she is, you can all get out of here." Carlos pounded the table and said.

"Yes, sir!"

In an hour.

"Boss, I've found out the information about Miss. Michelle." James Liu said breathlessly.

"Go ahead," said Carlos coldly.

"I don't dare," James Liu said as he moved back.

"Say it!" said Carlos angrily.

"Miss. Michelle did live here two days ago. Then she suddenly disappeared together with two men. One was the owner of this hotel, and the other was his cousin. "


James Liu shrank his neck in horror.

"Go on."

"I heard that the boss's cousin has a crush on Miss. Michelle. Miss. Michelle ignored him. He cheated her to open the door in the name of delivering food. And he wanted to do something to Miss. Michelle."

Another cup was crushed.

James Liu was scared to death.

"Go on."

"Then a group of men in black rushed in and took Miss. Michelle away." James Liu looked up at the expression on Carlos's face and said.

"Where is Michelle now?" Carlos said with red eyes.

"I didn't find it." James Liu almost ran away.

The whole table was ruined.

"Go and find her, if you can't find her, just use the Heavenly Eagle."

"Yes, sir."

"Wait a minute. I don't want this hotel to exist in Sanya." Carlos's hand was bleeding.

"Okay, I'll do it right away."

One day later.

"Boss, I found it. It's in the villa on the top of the mountain of fairy peak, but the place seems to be a branch of the Black Shark."

"No matter what, it's important to find Michelle." Carlos looked at the direction of the villa and said.

Michelle, where are you? Wait for me. I will find you back.

In the private villa at the top of the mountain.

"Kevin. It's a nice day. "Michelle regained her energy.

"Yes! It's a nice day. Do you want to go out with me? " Kevin couldn't help looking at Michelle all the time. She was so beautiful and lovely.

"Forget it. I don't want to go out." Michelle was still a little scared. She didn't want to go out.

"Kevin, what is your work now? This place is bigger than my home! " Said Michelle, tilting her head.

"I am just..." The sound of fighting interrupted Kevin suddenly.

"Michelle, stay here and don't go out. I'll go to see what happened." Kevin said with a smile.

"Kevin, don't go. I'm afraid." Michelle said, pulling Kevin's sleeve.

"Don't worry, Michelle. I'll be back soon." Kevin put down Michelle's hand and said.

"Then you should come back as soon as possible."

"Okay, I know."

"Who are you? How did you find our Black Shark branch? "Kevin said with a murderous look.

"It doesn't matter who I am. Hand over Michelle to me," said Carlos, clenching his fists.

'Michelle, what's your background?'

"Michelle, you know Michelle? Who the hell are you? "Kevin said with more killing intent.

"Michelle is my fiancee." said Carlos. His eyes were full of love when he mentioned Michelle.

Kevin knew at a glance that the man in front of him loved Michelle so much that he became angrier.

"I won't give Michelle to anyone. From now on, I will protect Michelle." Kevin said firmly.

"Then you can ask my fist if it will agree or not." Carlos said, waving his fist.

Then they began to fight against each other.

In the villa, Michelle was still worried about Kevin, so she ran out and saw Kevin and Carlos fighting from a distance.


top! Stop!" shouted Michelle while running.

Since the two were still fighting, Michelle had no choice but to stand in the middle and forcefully separate them when they were separated.

"Michelle, get out of my way. It's not good to hurt you." The two said at the same time.

"You two stop fighting. If you have something to say, just tell it. Don't fight." Michelle said with a headache.

They still wanted to fight. Seeing this, Michelle could only use her unique skill.

"Ouch, my belly hurts." Said Michelle, covering her belly.

"Michelle, what's wrong with you?" The two of them said at the same time again.

Michelle looked up at the two and said with a smile, "look! You two have a tacit understanding. Don't fight anymore. Let's go. I'm hungry after coming out for the whole morning. "

"For the sake of Michelle, I won't fight today." They said at the same time.

"Humph!" They talked the same again?

"Let's go." Michelle happily walked in front of the two and kept turning around to ask them to hurry up. She was starving to death.

On the table.

"Michelle, who is he?" the two men who had been silent for a long time said at the same time.

"What's wrong with you two today? Why do you always speak in one voice? You two seem to have a tacit understanding." Michelle looked at them and said.

"Humph!" the two men said at the same time. They glanced at each other and said nothing.

"Now that you don't want to talk, it's my turn." Michelle looked around and said.

"Carlos, aren't you in France? Why are you here? " Michelle decided to ask Carlos first.

"I heard that you were traveling from your father, so I came to see you." Carlos looked at Michelle and said affectionately.

"Michelle, who is he?" Kevin couldn't stand it anymore and said.

"Yes, I haven't introduced you two yet. I am so careless." Said Michelle, patting her head.

"Let me introduce you."

"This is Kevin," said Michelle happily, pointing at Kevin.

"And this is..." said Michelle, pointing at Carlos.

"I'm her fiance, Carlos Yu." Carlos interrupted Michelle.

The man in front of him was Kevin, whom Michelle had always been thinking about. Looking at Kevin, who was no worse than him, for the first time in his life, Carlos felt a sense of crisis.

"Carlos, why do you still say that? We have already broken off the engagement, haven't we? ... Don't you know? " Michelle asked in confusion.

"I don't agree," said Carlos firmly.

"If you want me to be engaged, I'll be engaged; if you want to break off the engagement, you can break off the engagement. What do you think of me? If I'm useful, then use me; if I'm worthless, then throw me away. If you want to break off the engagement, have you ever thought about my feelings? I don't agree." Carlos said firmly.

"As you said, you have someone you like. Our marriage is a deal. We will divorce in three years. Isn't it just right now? I proposed to break off the engagement, so we don't have to get married. We don't need to get divorced then. " Michelle looked at Carlos in surprise.

"At that time, I did think of marriage as a deal to get what I need. Because I didn't like you at that time, but now it's different. Now I find that you are kind and cute when I get along with you. I gradually like you, so, Michelle, let's not break off the engagement, okay? "Said Carlos with red ears.

'Is this a confession of love?' Michelle thought to herself.

'Although I don't like him, I don't hate him. He is also good to me. What should I do?' Michelle looked at Kevin in bewilderment.

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