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   Chapter 15 Encounter (1)

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"Boss, we found it, Room 308," the man said excitedly.

"I see. Keep an eye on her for me. I'll be there in ten minutes." Kevin said excitedly.

"Ding Dong..." the doorbell rang.

Michelle saw through the peephole that it was a waitress who was delivering food, so she opened the door!

Suddenly, a man rushed out from the side and covered Michelle's mouth, pushing her into the house. The waiter pushed the car into the room, poked her head out to see if there was anyone on both sides, and closed the door.

At this time, the man who had called Kevin walked to the room not far away and stared at the door.

A few minutes later, Kevin arrived.

"Boss, Miss. Michelle has been staying in her room all the time." The man said fawningly.

"Well, I see. Go find Dan, and get the reward."

Kevin tidied up his clothes and went to the room. He walked to the door and wondered what to say when he saw Michelle.

Outside the room, Kevin didn't know what to say. In the room, Michelle's life was hanging by a thread.

Michelle was covered in her mouth and couldn't cry out. She had no strength to struggle.

Ding Dong. Ding Dong.

Kevin finally figured out what to say, so he rang the doorbell.

Hearing the doorbell, Michelle lit up again. She struggled again and kicked over the dining car next to her.

Kevin kept ringing the doorbell. But no one opened the door. With a bang, Kevin realized that something might have happened inside. He kicked the door open.

Michelle's mouth was covered and pressed on the table. Tears were welling up in Michelle's eyes and the back of her hand was scratched and bleeding. Half of her clothes had been taken off.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you disturb me?" Nate turned around and said fiercely.

Kevin kicked Nate to the ground without a word. Nate's cousin let go of Michelle Shangguan and punched Kevin, but was thrown to the ground by Kevin. Nate picked up a knife from the overturned dining car and stabbed at Kevin. Kevin grabbed Nate's wrist with one hand and kicked his belly with the other foot. Nate arched his waist like a shrimp. Nate's cousin stood up and was about to smash Kevin with a bottle. Kevin grabbed the bottle and smashed it at his head. Then Nate's cousin fainted. Kevin threw Nate against the wall and Nate fainted. He took out his phone and called his confidant.

"Dan, send two people here. In the Sky Sea Hotel. To deal with two men. I don't want to see these two people again. " From Kevin's tone, it could be seen that he was very angry, because he had made Michelle suffer such a thing in his territory.

"Michelle, let's go to my place." Kevin said as he took off his coat and was about to put it on Michelle.

"No, don't come over. Let go of me. Waah, don't touch me." Michelle struggled with her eyes closed.

"Don't be afraid, Michelle. It's me. I'm Kevin, your brother Kevin." Kevin said sadly.

"No, no, you are not my brother Kevin. Don't come over." Michelle said as she stepped back.

"Yes, I'm really your brother Kevin. Look, the necklace on your neck was given to you by me. You forgot it?" Kevin put his coat on Michelle.

"Is that you, Kevin? Is it really you? Kevin. Am I dreaming? " Michelle asked in disbelief.

"It's me, it's really me. You're not dreaming. Why don't you beat me to see if I'm telling the truth? " Kevin knew that Michelle was irritated, so he said this to make her happy.

"I finally see you. Why haven't you come to me these years? I thought you had forgotten me. " Michelle cried with Kevin in her arms immediately.

"I'm looking for you. I've been looking for you. Let's go home. " Kevin picked up Michelle and walked out of the room. He happened to meet the two people sent by Dan. He said, "clean it up."

In A City.

"Dad, I'm back. Everything was done in France. Everything goes well. " Carlos opened the chair

man office's door and sat down opposite Walter.

"Well done! You deserve to be the son of Walter." Walter was very happy and proud of his son.

"Dad, I have to go now. I have brought a gift for Michelle. I'm going to find her. " Carlos stood up and was about to push the door open.

"Wait a minute, Carlos. Dad, I have something to tell you. " Walter shook its head, feeling that it was impossible to hide it anymore.

"Can't you tell me about it tonight? It seems very serious. "

"Michelle strongly requests to break off the engagement. She was stubborn. I agreed reluctantly. "

"What? Why didn't you tell me earlier? And why did you call off the engagement? " Carlos was very angry now. "Dad, where is she? I'm going to find her. I don't agree to break off the engagement."

"I don't know. I heard from Michelle's father that she went on a trip. You can check it yourself. " Walter sighed. "It depends on you whether you can get it back or not."

Before Walter could finish his words, Carlos had already pushed the door open and walked out.

"Eric Li, help me check the flight information and hotel where Michelle stays. Then book the next flight for me. "


"Kevin, where have you been these years? And why don't you go to see the dean Mike? " Michelle still didn't believe that the man in front of her was Kevin, although he looked a little like him.

"Because I had too many enemies in the past few years. I didn't dare to come to you because I was afraid of bringing you danger. Then I met my adoptive father. When I dealt with my enemies and went to find you, I found that I couldn't find you. Your information seemed to have been erased. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find you, nor could I find the orphanage. " Thinking of this, Kevin blamed himself.

"Michelle, tell me, how have you been these years?" Kevin was eager to know whether Michelle had a good time these years.

"Kevin, don't worry. I have lived a good life these years, and my father is also very good to me." Michelle comforted Kevin.

"That's good."

Kevin breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Michelle lived a good life. His hand touched the back of Michelle. Exclaimed Michelle.

"I'm sorry, Michelle. It's all my fault. I was too busy catching up with you and forgot you were hurt."

When Michelle was bandaged, Kevin also prepared some food.

"Michelle, eat something and have a rest! You were scared today. Have a good rest. I'll take you to a good place tomorrow. " Kevin said, touching Michelle's head.

"Kevin, what about those two people? I don't want you to be in a dilemma."

"It's a man's business. Have a good rest! Don't worry. I've arranged someone to guard outside. Call them if you need anything. I have something else to do, "said Kevin gently.

"Okay," said Michelle obediently.

Kevin turned around and left.

"You two stay here. Call me if anything happens." Kevin said coldly.

"Yes, sir."

In an abandoned warehouse.

"Boss," a group of men in black greeted Kevin, bowing ninety degrees.

"Where are them?"

"They are inside," said Dan.

When he opened the door of the warehouse, they smelled something musty.

"Please, let me go. I won't do that again. I don't know that girl has such a strong background. If I knew it, I wouldn't dare to touch her even if you beat me to death. Please let me go." They said as they kowtowed to Kevin.

"Ha ha." Kevin sneered. "Which hand touched Michelle, which eye looked at Michelle? This one or this one?" Kevin said condescendingly, stepping on the hands of the two men.

"Cut off the fingers of these two men one by one. Break their third legs and throw them into the sea to feed sharks." Kevin said expressionlessly.

"Please, please..." the man in black covered the men's mouth and dragged them out.

Michelle, for you, I am willing to be depraved.

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