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   Chapter 13 Disturbance (1)

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In the morning, Michelle was woken up by her phone.

"Michelle, you want to be whipped? When will you hand me the draft?" The editor roared at Michelle as she answered the phone.

Michelle was dumbfounded.

"Well, Hannah! Molly Li. I'm a little busy these days. Give me a few more days. I'll leave them to you, "said Michelle in a low voice.

"You said that half a month ago. Okay, I'll give you a week. If you can't finish it in a week, you're doomed."

Hanging up the phone, Michelle couldn't fall asleep, so she got up to draw a comic book.

The heroine of Michelle's comics was a Cinderella. She saved the hero by accident, and the prince of the neighboring country fell in love with her. Since then, the three of them began to love and hate each other.

Ticktock. Ticktock. Ticktock. Ticktock. The clock kept ticking.

"Hello, who are you looking for?" Michelle was confused because she didn't know the number on the phone.

"I'm Sheryl. I have something to tell you. Come out for a moment," said Sheryl coldly.

"I'm sorry. I have to work and have no time to go out. Just tell me on the phone. " Michelle refused without hesitation.

"It's very important. It's about Carlos. I couldn't make it clear on the phone. It won't take you long. "

"Okay, where is it?"

"Blue Island Cafe."


'What can she say to me? We have nothing to talk about. Well, forget it. Let me go first.'

In the cafe.

When Michelle arrived, Sheryl had already arrived. Sheryl sat quietly in the sun. Everything was so beautiful. Quiet and beautiful.

"Sorry, I'm late." Michelle said with embarrassment.

"It's okay. Take a seat." Sheryl looked very calm today.

"What do you want from me today? Just tell me. I have something else to do." Said Michelle initiatively.

"I've already known how you and Carlos got engaged. You broke off the engagement with Carlos. I'll ask my father to invest in your father's company. Anyway, you don't like Carlos. I can help you find your friend from the orphanage. You won't suffer any loss. " Sheryl took a sip of coffee and said.

"Although it seems that I won't suffer losses, why should I do that? Although I don't like Carlos now, I'm not sure in the future. And Carlos is such a good person.

"Michelle said after thinking for a while.

"I know better than you what kind of person Carlos is, and you are not suitable for Carlos. You've only been with Carlos for a short time. Besides, you've been thinking about your brother Kevin, haven't you? Why do you still occupy Carlos? " Sheryl said angrily.

"Let me think about it!" Michelle said with a headache.

"Okay, I'll give you three days to think about it. Three days later, I hope to hear the good news I want." Sheryl stood up, turned around and left.

Michelle sat alone in the cafe till night. Then she remembered that she had to hurry up with the draft, so she immediately got up and paid the bill to go home.

When she reached home and was about to open the door with the key, she suddenly heard her father talking to someone on the phone.

"Do you think my daughter is easy to be bullied by you? Or do you really think that I have to rely on my daughter to sacrifice herself for me just because I have been out of business for so many years, you think I'm depressed? You are taking down upon me. "

Howard said angrily.

"It turns out that I am the biggest fool in the


Taking a deep breath, Michelle opened the door.

"Dad, I'm back. I have something to tell you. "

"I hope you can give me a satisfactory answer to this matter." Howard said after hanging up the phone.

"What's wrong? Do you have anything to tell me?" Said Howard, looking lovingly at Michelle.

Thinking of what she had heard, Michelle knew that her father didn't need her to get married with Carlos. In that case, their marriage would be of no use.

"Dad, I've heard what you just said. Since you don't need me to get married and can save the company by yourself, then cancel the engagement. I don't like Carlos anyway." Michelle said seriously.

"What? You heard it? Michelle, listen to my explanation. It's not what you think," said Howard in shock.

"Dad, don't worry. I know you did it for my own good. I don't blame you, but can you cancel the engagement! I really don't like Carlos. " Michelle held Howard's hand and said seriously.

"Is it Sheryl? What did she say to you today? This woman deserved to die. " Howard trembled with anger.

"It is not about Sheryl, I want to cancel the engagement myself. I like Kevin. You know, dad."

"Michelle, I know you like Kevin, but he hasn't shown up for so many years. Maybe he's gone,"

"No, no, no. Kevin will be fine. He will come to me. "Michelle said to herself less confidently.

"Okay, okay. Even if nothing happened to him, he might have been married and had his own children for so many years. What's the point of waiting like this?" Howard continued to persuade Michelle.

"Dad, don't try to persuade me anymore. I must cancel the marriage." Michelle insisted.

"Michelle, think about it again!" Said Howard helplessly.

"Dad, I've thought it over. Tell Uncle Walter! I have to draw a comic book. Good night. " Michelle turned around and went upstairs in a fit of pique.

"Well, this child has really grown up."

"Hello, Walter?" Howard called Walter.

"It's me, Howard. What's wrong? What's up?"

"It's all my fault. I called Chuck Xue, but Michelle heard about it and knew that the marriage was a lie. She wanted to break off the engagement no matter what I said." Howard said with a little embarrassment.

"What? Why are you so careless? What should we do now? " Walter was a little anxious.

"I don't know. You know me. As long as it's about them, I have no idea."

"Then what's Michelle's attitude now?"

Walter asked eagerly.

"She insists on breaking off the engagement. What should we do? "Said Howard anxiously.

"You'll check on her in two days. If she still insists, you can give up. The children are rebellious now. If anything happens to her, we can't afford Monica."

"I have no choice but to do so. Michelle is the most important." Said Howard helplessly.

"Well, I won't tell Carlos now. I think he doesn't object to the marriage now. It depends on Michelle." Walter said helplessly.

"Okay. When Michelle calms down, I'll ask her. There's one more thing. I guess that Michelle said that she wanted to break off the engagement because of Chuck Xue's daughter. You know that she liked your son since childhood. Now that she's back, she must be anxious. She slapped Michelle last time! " Howard thought it would be better to tell Walter.

"What? How dare she hit Michelle? Fine, I know. " Hearing that Sheryl beat Michelle and Walter got angry.

"Okay, I have to hang up.

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