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   Chapter 12 The Party (3)

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"Carlos, don't be angry. We didn't say anything serious. But as your woman, if she couldn't do that, how could she deserve you?" Although her gaze stared at Carlos, Sheryl actually looked at Michelle and said.

"It's up to me whether she deserve me or not. It's not your business." The more Carlos looked at Sheryl, the more he hated her.

Jackson hurried to mediate the dispute when he realized the thing was a little serious. "Mr. Carlos, I'm so sorry. I offended Miss. Michelle because of my behavior. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me."

"Jackson, it's not your fault. Someone made a fuss." Carlos wanted to save face for Sheryl.

"Carlos, you know me. We grew up together. You know me well. I didn't mean to do that."

After saying that, Sheryl turned to look at Michelle and said, "Miss. Michelle, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Please tell Carlos not to be angry anymore." Sheryl pretended to be pitiful, but at this moment, she really wanted to skin Michelle alive.

"Carlos, let it go! Don't be upset. "

Michelle didn't want to see Sheryl's pitiful eyes, so she tried to persuade Carlos.

"For the sake of Michelle, I let you go today. I don't want to hear today's news in the future. Otherwise, you know the consequences." Carlos looked at the crowd with sharp eyes.

"Michelle, let's go." Carlos thoughtfully took Michelle to the dining room. He knew that Michelle must be hungry since she hadn't eaten anything yet.

"Carlos, thank you. You're so kind," said Michelle, moved.

"Let's stop talking about it. Are you hungry? Just eat something. " Carlos said gently.


"Carlos, you can go ahead with your work! I can do it myself. Come to me when you are free. "

"Okay, I'll talk to Jackson about the cooperation." Carlos turned around and walked towards Jackson.

"I like him. How can you leave him? "

No one noticed that Sheryl stand behind Michelle.

"What? It is impossible. Although I don't like him. But I have a reason not to leave him. " There were cake crumbs on Michelle's mouth. She looked cute when she talked seriously.

"How can you do this to him? You don't like him but still pester him. You will hurt him. " Sheryl was very angry now. She felt that the woman in front of her had stolen Carlos from her.

"If you really love him, you can tell him. It's meaningless to say these words to me. " Michelle felt a little helpless. In fact, she didn't want to do that.

"Because of you. Carlos doesn't like me anymore. I grew up with him. If it weren't for you, he would have chosen me. " Sheryl had lost her mind.

"Since you grew up with him, you should know his temper. He made his own choice. I think no one can change it. By the way, don't you think that Carlos has begun to hate you? "

"No way. Carlos won't hate me. Don't try to sow dissension between us. " Sheryl was so angry that she slapped Michelle across the face.

"Sheryl, what do you want? I just chatted with Jackson for a few minutes. Are you making trouble? " Carlos walked quickly. He pulled Michelle behind him.

Seeing that half of Michelle's face was swollen, Carlos was furious and slapped Sheryl across the face.

"Carlos, why don't you understand? She's not suitable for you. Don't you understand my love for you? " Sheryl covered half of her face and shouted hysterically.

"Sheryl, remember this slap is for Michelle. I hope the same thing won't happen a second time, and don't try to challenge my bottom line. Because you can't afford my anger. " Carlos didn't want to say anything more.

"Mr. Jackson, we'll talk about the cooperation next time. Excuse me today." After saying that, Carlos took Michelle's hand and was about to leave.

"It doesn't matter. Mr. Carlos, you can go ahead with your work. " Jackson didn't seem to be interested in chatting and waved his hand.

"Carlos, don't go. I was drunk just now. I apologize. Don't leave now. " Sheryl began to be at a loss. She

didn't expect that things would turn out like this. She didn't expect that Michelle was so important to Carlos and he would defend her like this. Even if they had been together for more than ten years, he did this to herself for Charlotte.

"No, we are leaving now." Carlos took Michelle's hand and left without looking back.

"How could this be?" Sheryl sat on the ground, absent-minded. She didn't look good at all.

Seeing this, other guests knew that the party couldn't go on, so they greeted and left.

"Carlos, don't you think you've gone too far?" Michelle asked Carlos worriedly.

"She has changed." Carlos focused on driving. He suddenly blurted out.

"What are you talking about? ... ..."

"I mean she wasn't like this before. She was very decent. I don't know why she behaves in this way now. And I don't think it's too much. Everyone should be responsible for what they have done. "

"Does it hurt?" while driving, Carlos suddenly leaned his car against the road and asked Michelle.

"Ah, it doesn't hurt anymore." the topic changed so much that Michelle didn't know what to say.

Carlos gently stroked Michelle's swollen cheek. The love in his eyes was like a couple who had been in love for many years. Michelle tilted her head to one side and said at a loss.

"I'm sleepy. Send me back now!"

Carlos withdrew his hand in disappointment. He started the car again.

"Michelle, I have something to deal with in my company, so I will go to France for a week tomorrow. Take good care of yourself when I'm away. "

"You are going on a business trip! Ok-ay." Michelle wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

"What's wrong? Do you have anything to say?" Carlos asked expectantly.

"No, no. I don't want to say anything." Said Michelle, looking out of the window.

Carlos chuckled at Michelle's reaction.

Michelle pretended that she didn't hear him and kept silent all the way.

"Michelle, you are home." Carlos reminded Michelle who was in a daze softly.

"Okay, I see. Bye." Michelle opened the car door and waved goodbye to Carlos.

Carlos didn't leave until Michelle opened the door.

Afraid of disturbing her parents, Michelle gently changed her shoes and was about to go upstairs, but the light in the living room suddenly turned on.

"Michelle, are you back," said Howard sternly.

"Dad." Michelle kept her head down and didn't dare to take a fancy to Howard.

"Why do you keep your head down? Do you know you are wrong?"

"I know. I shouldn't have come back so late."

Michelle apologized honestly.

"Tell me, where did you go today?" Said Howard calmly.

"Carlos has a banquet today. He asked me to go with him. " Michelle said honestly.

"Oh, why didn't you tell me earlier that you went with Carlos?" Said Howard with a smile.

"You have to give me a chance," whispered Michelle.

"What did you say?"

"No, No. Dad, it's too late. I'm too tired today. I'm going to bed. " Michelle became a coward.

"Okay, go to sleep. It's really hard to keep a girl at home!" Said Howard, shaking his head.

"Good night, Dad."

Lowing her head, Michelle was about to leave. She thought, 'it's so good that he didn't notice it.'


Michelle thought to herself, "I'm doomed. I'm discovered."

"What's wrong, dad? I'm so sleepy."

Michelle didn't turn around.

"Turn around and raise your head."

Michelle had no choice but to do as he said.

"What's wrong with your face? Who did it? " Howard pounded the table and stood up.

"Dad, Dad, don't be angry. It's okay. It's just a misunderstanding. It doesn't hurt. " Michelle comforted Howard.

"What happened? Tell me the truth. "

Howard interrupted Michelle to lie.

"Here is the thing..." Michelle said honestly.

"Okay, I see. You can go upstairs first! I will seek justice for you. "


"Well, don't worry about adults. Go to bed!"

"All right. Good night, Dad."

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