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   Chapter 10 The Party (1)

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Michelle trotted all the way back home. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Howard. He shouted "Dad" and ran upstairs with her face covered.

Howard said to Jessica, "it seems that the relationship between Michelle and Carlos is getting closer. Do you see how red Michelle's face is?"

"That's right. As long as Michelle is happy, we have an explanation for Monica." Jessica looked at Howard affectionately.

"Yes." Howard walked to the window and sighed.

Michelle ran back to her room and closed the door. She sat on the bed and asked, "Did Carlos confess his love to me. It was impossible. He had said that he had fallen in love with someone. Forget it. " Maybe it was because she was too tired today that she fell asleep soon.

Ticktock! Ticktock! Ticktock! Ticktock.The clock keeps running.

"Who is it?" Michelle rubbed her sleepy eyes.

"Haven't you got up yet? It was already ten o'clock. I thought about it yesterday that it's your first time to attend such a party. I don't think you have any suitable dress. " Shaking his head, Carlos didn't expect that Michelle was still sleeping.

"What time did you say? Ten o'clock? How can I sleep so well? " Michelle asked in surprise.

"Can you pay attention to the key point... I asked you if you have any party dresses... All of a sudden, Carlos feel that Michelle is so cute.

"I really don't have it. What should I do? I'll buy it later. "

"Well. I'm already downstairs. Come down. I'll take you to buy it."

"Why are you so kind to me? I am not used to it. Do you fall in love with me?" Michelle thought of what happened last night and played tricks on Carlos.

"Don't think too much. I'm just afraid that you won't be able to wear suitable dress and embarrass me. After all, you are my nominal fiancee. You should pay attention to your image. "

"All right. Wait for me a few minutes, I'm gonna hang up. "

Soon Michelle came out. Getting in the car, she asked, "I don't know how to choose dress. Please help me."

"No problem. I don't believe in your taste."

In the dress shop.

"What do you think of this dress?" Michelle held the dress and put it back and forth on her body.

"Beauty, you have a good taste. This is the best dress in our shop. It was designed by the top designer of our company. All handmade. There were only 20 sets in the country. And it only costs eight thousand and eight hundred dollars on our discount activity now. "

"Forget it. I'll take you to another one." Carlos didn't like any dress in this shop.

"Are you hungry? Let's go to eat something? After that, I'll take you to another one to buy dresses. " Carlos looked at his watch and said to Michelle.

"As soon as you mentioned it, I'm so hungry. Let's go to eat something!"

"What do you want to eat? Western food?"

"No, no, No. I'm tired of Western food now." Michelle waved her hand and said.

"Then what do you want to eat?"

"Let's go. I'll take you to a place to eat. It's economic and delicious. " Michelle said mysteriously.

"Okay, it's up to you today." Said Carlos, waving his hand.

"Let's take a taxi today."

After getting on the taxi, Michelle told master the place skillfully.

"Master, please go to Sea Avenue West No. 108."

"Okay. Sit tight. "

"Master, you used to drive racing, didn't you? Can you slow down? We are not in a hurry. " Michelle felt a little dizzy, so she wanted the driver to drive


"I'll drive you out in the future."

"Well, at least I won't feel dizzy in your car."

"I don't think it's appropriate for you to show off your love in front of me!" The driver was chatting with Michelle while driving.

"Well, fifty dollars for the fare."

"Well, I'll give you one hundred. You don't need to give me changes." Carlos generously took out a one hundred dollar bill from his wallet and gave it to the driver.

"Thank you. Your boyfriend is very handsome. " The driver turned to Michelle and teased.

Embarrassed, Michelle quickly changed the topic.

Said Michelle, pointing at a restaurant named "Home Flavor".

"Let's eat here. Although it's not very high-end, it tastes good. Because I often eat here with my friends. I think it's okay. I don't know if it's suitable for you. "

"It doesn't matter. I'm not a picky eater. Let's eat here." Said Carlos, waving his hand.

"By the way, can you eat spicy food?"

"I can eat a little, but don't be too spicy."

"Granny, it's the same rule, but don't put too much spice."

"Oh, it's Michelle. The dishes will be ready soon." Granny looked at Michelle kindly.

"To tell you the truth, the food here is not only delicious, but also Granny gives me the same feeling as my grandmother. So I often eat here with my friends. "

"Well, granny is very kind. I don't know if the dishes match my taste."

"You'll know it when you have a taste." Michelle said mysteriously.

"Come on, fish flavored shredded pork and braised chicken. Mapo Tofu and silk melon egg soup. The dishes are ready. " The granny came up with the dishes and said.

"Carlos, have a taste. How about? " Michelle looked at Carlos expectantly.

"Let me have a taste. It's delicious. Don't you want to eat it?" Carlos looked at Michelle and said seriously.

"I knew you would like it. I have a good taste!" Michelle praised herself in high spirits, which amused Carlos.

"All right, all right. You're the best. Just eat. There's still work to do after this!"


After the meal.

"Carlos, we've done it. What are we going to do later?" Said Michelle, rubbing her belly.

"There are a lot of work to do. After all, you are a rich lady! How could you haven't attended any parties? What do you usually do? " Carlos said with a little disappointment.

"If I'm at home, I can draw comics. If I go out, I can go to the orphanage to play with the children."

Michelle said with grievance.

"I just don't like that kind of environment, where people showed simulated enthusiasm. I don't like it." The more Michelle said, the more aggrieved she became. Then she burst into tears.

Seeing Michelle crying, Carlos became anxious. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that to you. If you don't like it, I won't take you there anymore. Please don't cry. It's not beautiful to cry."

Carlos coaxed Michelle at a loss. It was rare for Michelle to see Carlos who was always arrogant to behave like this. It amused Michelle.

"Don't piss me off again, or I'll cry in front of you.


"Okay, okay. I won't make you angry anymore."

"Let's go."

"Where are we going?"

"Of course I'm taking you to buy dresses! All in previous dress shop are too ugly to match you. I'll take you to a shop. There must be something you like in it. "Said Carlos proudly.

"All right. Let me see how good your taste is! "

Michelle said in unconvinced tone.

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